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  1. I was just thinking about this and my idea is that the Rangers are benefiting from the hard nosed defensive style Torts taught them. So they have that tool to use, but now they are flourishing under a more free defensive system that allows for more offense. AV is probably a sweet relief to those guys who if you ask me, were cowering from fear of pissing off agro Torts. So they understand disciplined defense but now are free to score too. I don't think this scenario works both ways though. He is also benefiting from a moslty healthy team with 4 lines he roll. I watched game seven last night vs the Pens and he was rolling every 15 seconds. I don't believe though that the Canuck's of 2011 were less talented though. I think they were more talented. AV had to go, just like Torts had to leave the Rangers. It like when you stopped listening to what your mother was telling you. Sometimes you just gotta move out and get your own place. ANYBODY ELSE PRAYING FOR AV TO FACE BOSTON NEXT!