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  1. That's a fair point. But in Horvat's case he takes too many defensive end draws. The facts is contrary to most beliefs Horvat is not that great defensively and it shows. It's one the reason Green likes it when Beagle and Sutter are in the line up, IMO
  2. Just like +/- are these good scouts Oh, I understand the argument. The classic example of a poor stat was when Gradin won a draw in his end, absolutely clean. Lindgren was the D picked it up pivoted and rather than slam it around the back wall fired it directly into his own net. Gradin is a given a minus 1 on that play. But here's a fact the larger the numbers the better it offers value. Especially when you look at players on the same team ie OJ versus Rafferty. One is doing better than the other.
  3. I understand that position/argument, but a bad line chnage can impact on many stats not just +/-. Here's the thing the pro & cons of the +/- tends to level out if there's adequate numbers ie 900 players and hundreds of games played. All the players are judged by the same parameters so the rules that apply to OJ also apply to Rafferty/Teves.
  4. Yeah I hope so, of the 900+ AHL players stats are collected for, Rafferty is #30 O/A, which to my mind is far better than # 883. This is Rafferty's 1st Pro season. Josh Teves is a +9. These kids were developed in the NCAA
  5. Proves my other theory, cheer leaders don't like to be upset with facts ps. I guess Rafferty's +/- of +10 is useless too
  6. I'm not keeping up. I didn't know the KHL was now playing on NHL size ice, thks
  7. Who knows really, but, when he left he could hold his own and there's no reason to think he'll be worse. He's played for 2 different coaches, likely more confident now. Although he plays at a lessor league level, he does play on a larger ice surface which I tend to believe would help a D. The bad side of the big ice is ( I've been told) the corners are further away and bigger, so D in Europe don't attack the corners like the NHL D do
  8. Exactly for what ever warts some see ( and I'm not disagreeing ) he is a genuine NHL defenseman and we know what we get. Others in Utica/CHL/NCAA are all assumptions. To tell you the truth I like his lateral mobility, for a man as big as him that's a major plus, just ask the left wingers who had to pass down his side. Those take outs really got my attention
  9. The good thing about Tryamkin is the obvious. We've all seen him, we can judge, and he hopefully a batter player than last time. Very little to lose. He is a NHL defenceman and has a jump on all the wanna bees
  10. I'm OK with the stat I offered if you want more I recommend you look at the AHL stats yourself. But which ever way you dice it, it ain't going to hide the facts, try as you might
  11. Try and keep in mind of the 950+ players in the AHL, Juolevi ranks 883 for his +/- Now I understand the frailties of the +/- ranking stat but in the broadest of terms being 883 is not some thing to boast about. Opposing coaches must relish the thought of getting their top line out against OJ. If he's that far down the list in the AHL where would he rank if he played in the NHL?
  12. Bieska and Westgarth are close friends, hence Bieska stepped in between Laine and Westgarth, they wouldn't fight each other. But Laine didn't want to miss his chnace
  13. There is a restraint on the number of star players you can have on a roster, it's called the Salary Cap! The likes of EP, QH will consume approx. 30% of the entire Cap, maybe more. The there's BH,TD, AG, BB, amongst others getting good coin. As we speak we're maxed out on our Cap. The players leaving will not be enough to off set the big signings IMO
  14. I understand we focus our attention on Vcr prospects but there's a number of similar players all pretty close and most of them are either F or So age. I don't honestly believe they will all go on to stellar careers in the NHL, lets hope Madden is the one that does. Gaudette was a Hobey Baker winner and he''s OK but not setting the league on fire.