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  1. Yeah who in their right mind wants to invade the ST L crease Bortuzzo is an animal. Remember when Bruins announced their first NCAA FA this spring, Nick Wolfe 6'4"/225, you think they had the retirement of Chara in mind LOL
  2. One thing that stood out for me in game 5 was the Tanev winning goal. Stalock never saw the shot, why ? well Minny had Spurgeon out trying to clear the crease, a task he just not up to. He's a diminutive D unable to hold his own in the crease ( good offense ) but crap at clearing the crease. That goal is not scored on the ST L defense. Hello Tryamkin,
  3. No, that's not his job to follow already drafted players. Brackett just drafts them and then hands them over to Higgins and Johnson to help and liaise
  4. The "rush" depends primarily on your opponent jumping their D into your zone. If the Canucks open the scoring it opens up the Wild for a "rush" The Boeser goal was all important and having Boeser taken away from the wall and making him the replacement for Tofolli as a net presence was a good move IMO. Boeser had been playing the half wall prior.
  5. Tryamkins value increased after last nights game. Minny goals from D and crowded crease. The Vcr crease should be a no go zone for opponents not a stopping point for a chat
  6. I think the fans see Virtanen for who he is. Some think there's a lot of potential some others not sp much. The bad part IMO is this predrfat meeting, the chat about Virtanen by Benning & CO ..... now that's embarassing
  7. If you say so. Not only have I never heard Giorgio I've never heard of the show either. I'm more of a Masterpiece Theatre or Knowledge Network sort of guy
  8. You got me here. I have no idea who this dude is or what he does, I assume he's not a hockey player
  9. Tongue in cheek. I some times think it's funny how posters get over technical in assessing ( with little in the way of history, knowlege or facts) a player when some times just like any other business it can be a case of favourites
  10. The difference between the two. Juolevi is a Benning first round pick and Rathbone is a 4th round Brackett pick, Politics with a capital P. I don't think skill will over come envy or until it's too painfully obvious.
  11. I tend to think Green is just tired of being Virtanen's baby sitter and or conscience. He tells the team the plan the expectations and relies on their common sense to live an appropriate life and prepare. Then he has to tell Jake in small words all over again. He's not a child, he's one of the adults in the room but doesn't act that way. He may never get it Alex Burrows summarized it when he said, “As for Jake, he’ll get it one day – hopefully sooner than later.”
  12. Hughes didn't have much trouble coming out of the NCAA and come to think of it neither did Stecher or Tanev. Raffery seems to be OK and I'd think Rathbone will make a quick transition. The NCAA does not have any 16 year old (CHA ) in it to run up your stats on.
  13. Hard to believe but some folks simply don't get it. Covid19 is a life or death situation. They're now talking about in addition to permanent respiratory damage it may well damage the heart in later life. Add some greed to the equation and you have an almighty mess. Some are willing to risk their life so they can play with their toys on the beach/park, or get drunk for a night in a club. Plus of course these wanna be Einstein will likely blame some one else later in their life. I like the George Carlin skit where he say, "if you think the average American* is stupid that means 50% of the country is worse" * can be any country
  14. Putting Hughes on the right side is a questionable choice. Years back the #1 D fro the Canucks was Dennis Kearns. They didn't have coverage for the Right side and moved Kearns to his off side ( right) the result was they lost a quality LH defender and had a questionable RH defender, over all they lost. Kearns lasted with the experiment for a couple of games before they moved him back. On the other hand Lumme revelled playing his off side. It's an experiment
  15. I don't believe the official fraternity ever forgot the Auger firing, ditto Sutherland being moved from his home base on the Westcoast to be sent to the Eastcoast official roster