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  1. I tend to think of hockey more as a business rather than an adoration society. Much like the draft, it's rare that GM's go off the board with a first round selection, they scout and compile a lot, a lot, of information/facts before they make selection. I tend to believe that OJ will play but he can't be a 1st round pick
  2. Fact OJ has done nothing to prove he's an NHL player. Fact OJ is an injury prone athlete Fact good teams don't waste a 5th O/A pick on a OJ when better picks were available ( ditto JV/ McCann ) Fact JB is drafting ( in a higher slot ) at a rate of 50% for 1st round picks, we wait to see VP. Good picks EP, BB and QH, below par JV, OJ, and McC There is no point of setting yourself for failure when there is no need, unless you have a short memory
  3. Here's the thing. Just stick to facts rather than fill the forum with speculation and wild dreams. Right now OJ sucks despite being a high high pick. Good teams can't afford to have bad picks
  4. It's that time of the year when all those fans that have lived in some parallel universe must face reality and understand this team is not much like the fantasy they convinced themselves of all summer long
  5. No excuse for Utica this season!!
  6. Frankly I question why I buy tickets at all if I'm forced to watch the "B" quality players after the skilled players like Boeser, Pettersson and Beartschi are forced out of the line up with head injuries. The NHL is not a cheap ticket
  7. The game against the Oilers was the best game I've seen Brisebois play. He looked relaxed and in control
  8. Of all the prospects on show Jasek is the one that shows the most. All the attention is on the likes of Lind/Gadjovich, try looking past them and keep your eyes on Jasek. He was playing the half wall on the PP and set himself up for a seeing eye wrist shot through big traffic
  9. They are also keen of chewing tobacco
  10. According to JB he's the best show at this years camp. What I saw of him last season he has the all important "cool" that a D needs and a high IQ, in short IMO this kid has "it"
  11. To me the difference this season is they have Myers, Hughes and Edler for the point. And the biggest difference is Hughes can walk the line which makes covering off passing lanes more difficult. I'm not sure if Myers can do this, Edler not so. As a result I tend to believe Beoser will get better passes with better shooting opportunities and remember EP plays the other wall
  12. The suggestion was Boeser to Minny for Zucker plus a 1st round pick. Zucker is 27 and has 3 more years at $5.5 and scored 22, 33 and 21 in the last 3 seasons. I have no idea if that would be feasible, as u sai just hypothetical
  13. A good review in Canuck Way looking at the impact of the BB contract will have on EP & QH. A number of posters are thinking maybe BB is moved if they can't come to a agreement soon.
  14. Dubas is the gambler, Gilman helped clean up the mess. But next summer they have Ceci. Muzzin and Barrie UFA. The good news is Clarkson and Horton are UFA … adios and a plus $11 million. They have a cap surplus of $15 m next summer
  15. No the rules of expansion, which, I might add was the largest fee ever demanded for a new franchise, was made at the expansion board and the new owner meetings. Putting it in to leagalize as done by Gilman. TO needed to fix a disaster of a Cap problem and the brought in Gilman to find a solution. Sadly I'm not sure if the Vcr front office has the same Houdini