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  1. Could be, the problem is Breezer is LH and not a replacement for Stecher. There aren't many player that like to play the puck on their back hand in the D zone. Trymkin seems comfortable and so of course did Lumme.
  2. I don't listen a lot to either 650 or 1040. Quite recently I can't download 1040. I've tried reinstalling, I tried clearing cookies, it simply never works. Any one else have that problem on 1040 ?
  3. Because for every one good scout there's ten bad scouts. Any one can call themselves a scout. If that's your criteria for who the Canucks employ I hope it's not prevalent with management
  4. Don't loose sight of the White = Erhoff. and of course White was acquired in 2007 under the Nonis era, just in case we loose perspective
  5. Rafferty is the chnace to bring in a lower Cap hit and the team certainly knows that
  6. Sid is me, that the best summary I've read and very plausible. Very similar from another publication :- I suspect details will filter out eventually and then we'll see. Here's the gamble by Benning if we can't find the diamonds in the rough that Brackett has found, especally late in the draft then his management is in jepordy, I hope you sure Jimbo
  7. I could be wrong but I tend to think Woo may have regressed. Twice he failed to make the Cdn WJC roster, that's not inspiring, heck I think Focht came closer to making the team. We can all hope that maybe the pro game may suit him better.
  8. Not the current scouts. Different time different era. It's like suggesting the Leafs won the cup in the last century will some how make it better for the current team sad to say there are fans that believe that
  9. Conversely how can it not be perceived that Brackett sees error/holes and either wishes to eliminate them or not want part of it. It would sully his good name. Benning knew Brackets contract was coming to and end and traded away this years first round pick. Miller is a good acquisition for sure but Vcr is not ready for a good Cup run, heck they're only just scraping in as it is never mind win the whole thing. Vcr will take a run at the Cup when EP & QH have matured and upped their game, I'm confident of that and I'm sure Benning is too. Personally I'd have preferred to keep the draft pick simply because the team is not ready, it will be, but not yet. IMO
  10. Scouts = future of the franchise Fiirst line centres = trade acquisition Where would this team be without Petttersson, Hughes, Boeser and maybe Podkolzin, all draft picks selected by the scouts and all upgrades on Vertanin, McCann and Juolevi
  11. I suppose no one on the outside will know for sure. Pure speculation, I think Brackett saw errors and wanted to be able to either correct it or have no part of it. I see Weisbrod as the benefactor but also the conductor of this chnage. Sadly I see the guy that will eventually be condemned by the move as Benning himself, it may well be the hill he dies on. However I must sat Benning's timing is superb. We don't have a 1st or a 2nd in this years draft which defers judgement until the 2021 draft and by then Vcr will likely be drafting in the lower half of the draft. If there was a good time to get a pest out of your scouting Dept this was it
  12. Sorry but I call BS on that, comments on the not being able to believe any thing Burke writes and other Tweets ( Taj ?? )that were downgraded to unbelievable by many. I guess some just don't have the character to admit fault. It's easy. Lots of weasel word
  13. If there is a humourous side to this story it's that all of those posters who constantly down graded this story as it developed as fake news from fake journalists. Well …. apparently not !! Seems like the accused fake journalists through their sources were actually on to some thing. Many who fostered pre conceived beliefs now have red faces
  14. I thought Teves became the forgotten man in Utica and I believe some one mentioned that he didn't look quite right after his return from injury