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  1. from my perspective most kds are happy and enthused to be playing junior. Their juices are flowing and they generally over play many situations.... one of the reasons for the fights you get or used to get in the CHL, they're as tight as a fiddle string Generally you have to try and get their feet back on earth. I don't think it's normal for a youngster to be too laid back. Frankly JB looked concerned when discussing this deficiency
  2. Yeah that surprised me too. Pretty explicit in his comments about Brisebois. That's a tough thing to remedy IMO ...intensity. If the kid has played a soft game all these years it's tough to correct ....most don't
  3. Absolutely, especially for the player that wins the competition. By the end of camp it should be obvious to a blind man who the better players is
  4. There is no doubt that Biega is a better, more skilled defenseman than Pedan ....but here's the .... but .... he bring no "special skills" to the roster ... Pedan does. The 7th/8th guy needs to offer some thing that the roster needs and Pedan ticks that box IMO. Both have to clear waivers ...I think you'd get Biega through but some one will pick up Pedan ....nad he's a player you certainly don't want the opposition to ice against you Mind you I thought to get down to the roster last year you had a better chance of getting Cracknell through waivers than Corrado ... but hey what the heck do I know Frankly if Biega is picked up good for him but this year we're not short of call ups
  5. Biega IMO will be the first choice to send down. Good player but little future upside
  6. Yeah Pedan brings a unique skill set which is not exactly abundant on the team. As Naslund used to say about Wade Brookbank ... he make's every player on the bench 6" taller
  7. Yeah unfortunate for Subban this is now a Strecher or Subban competiton. From all reports Strecher might be edging ahead after a relatively short time. Really it's up to Subban .....this is the task and are you up to it
  8. I tried to find management/coaches/scouts but had to resort to google it. I was happy with the old site and can't see any improvement, just a little more confusion
  9. IMO. Benning needed to address a number concerns ...more so than just bringing in top line players. First of all top line players one, no one gives those players away. If they have some star talent they keep that star talent. So the top end talent will come from the draft and that's a slow process. But apart from that JB also understand and many fans do not seem to under stand your bottom 6 forwards have to be strong too. hence the continuous search for the likes of Gaunce, Zalewski, Etem, Granlund type players, ditto the D you still need a bottom 3 pairing that can hold it's own. So JB has tried to strengthen his bottom 6 and bottom pairing and IMO has done a reasonable job of that. Those type players are there and it's just a matter of giving them a chance, having sufficient of them to have competition. The bottom end players has a surplus and you'd like to think maybe one has the ability to break into the top 6. But for me that's his plan and it will take a little time to come into full fruition. For a quicker solution JB has to hang his hat on Baertschi and Rodin to become meaningful top 6 roster players. He hopefully has Boeser coming through next year and maybe Juolevi and Strecher (?)
  10. That's the sunny side of the street....the other viewthat could be equally argued is Cassels reach his zenith in his hockey career in the Memorial Cup. He still failed to perform in any way other than modest come the end of his his last AHL season, making little of no progress. I liked what I watched in his junior games but frankly he never progressed in any measurable way in Utica. This season he HAS to come out with a bang. He was on equal footing at the young prospects and didn't exactly shine. He'll be on equal footing come the full training camp lets hope he shows more. This is his year he has to shine in Utica or his career might be lost to another candidate
  11. I think I'd like to see a real battle for a spot on D...Larsen, Pedan, Stecher The forwards ..I'm interested how close Rodin is. It would be nice if as the season progresses we see Markstrom legitably take over the #1 spot
  12. Every thing I've read ( and I know that's not a lot and shouldn't have much weight given to it ) but the kids a gamer at every level he's played. He's been a winner ( Jnr A and NCAA ) and has character to over come any size disadvantage for his position. Much like Subban they have an inner toughness to get to where they are. The catch is I don't think Vcr can carry both of them. Many teams do have an under sized D on their roster.... a puck mover and PP type but generally that's only one per roster. The question is does JB deal the
  13. Hey remember those players are not all on one team !! and as usual we tend as a group to over rate the opposition and look down at our own roster. ( grass is always greener on the other side ) Years of inadequacy has brought the Oilers some riches ( top end picks in the draft) but they're still far from being a team. How can that be ?..... with all that talent they still struggle ... maybe over hyped