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  1. I must say this is likely the most thoughtful point made about FA options ( Stralman+Connoly )
  2. When throwing around salaries and term it's imperative you don't look at the team as a here and now plan. In a couple of years if management is not careful just like TO Vcr will have Cap problems. Pettersson and Hughes are going to need huge salaries. So when you're simply talking FA signing IMO it's better to indulge some of the youngsters now and blood them in their role now so we have some less expensive options in the future. We can't keep going season by season
  3. Count your lucky stars if Zegras is there at #10
  4. They're not plugs. They may not be NHL players of the future but they're young men who have worked extremely hard to become what they have and deserve our respect
  5. I hope there's going to be a few large banners " The Lottery sucks" or "The Lottery is rigged"
  6. No problem, it had a benefit in as much as I searched for a KHL site that has transfer reports, all's well that ends well
  7. Well, I have to say the "joke" alluded me, Part of my problem and I'm not sure it's just me but many posts I just glance without reading. Maybe you know all the KHL teams, frankly I couldn't name any
  8. Not really, this being a hockey forum one would expect we're talking hockey. It's similar to say a Canuck player is playing in Phoenix ... but failing to mention he was playing golf. Why even mention it on a Canuck forum intrigues me. I'm not the only one mislead
  9. I looked here which lists all the KHL signings and transfers etc and couldn't find any reference
  10. Thanks Lock. I never intended any insult. Too much of the "I have the right to be insulted" when none was intended. Maybe the unintended consequence of Political Correctness.
  11. I tend to think that signing Jake Kielly had something to do with Ian Clarke. Originally Kielly had chosen as an NCAA FA to sign with another club but when it hit difficulties Kielly actually called JB to ask if they were still interested. You have to think why would he do that and I'm thinking the thought of being guided by a coach of the stature of Clarke had to be an important factor. Kielly has barely had high-level coaching so far so his chance to make the NHL really depends on him getting the best help he can get and it seems like Clarke rather than Vcr was his reasoning
  12. Your reading of my post is not what was intended. I just get a tad frustrated with fans suggesting the player is on his way to a Conn Smythe award before he's even played a game in the NHL. To me that's incredible
  13. One advantage is he'll enjoy the development from a different coach
  14. Sunshine first he comes to camp and then trys to make the Comets ( Bachman & Kielly) may have something to say about that. After that in a couple of years, he hopes to make the NHL. Please no more talk about Conn Smythe
  15. Tryamkin is a player that has already played in the NHL so he jumps ahead of players such as Woo. He basically comes to the club free ie you don't have to give anything up and I doubt he comes here with an unreasonable salary demand. He adds another dimension to the blue line. What seems to be missing from a fan's perspective is the lack of management engagement attempting to bring him here. However, that's an assumption and JB may well be working like a beaver behind the scenes. I'd like to see the kid suit up in September. His agent or TRyamkin himself seems to like to play hardball but I think that's wise from their perspective