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  1. 660 grad from the AHL, over how many years ie 66 per year for 10 years? Lets take Utica, there are players on the down side of their careers ( Beartschi ) who end up in the AHL, there are players sent down for conditioning ( Roussel ), there are players called up to cover for injuries ( MacEwen type) Lets look at the Utica roster there are 37 players listed on the roster, if the 83% success was true we'd expect approx. 25 of them to play in the NHL, I call BS on that. During the lockout there were literally hundred of NHL players playing in the AHL. This is a promotional article from the AHL and should be treated as such ….. me thinks
  2. Frankly the concept that I must prove any thing it not true. I made the statement you need to disprove it. There was just as much hope for Boucher when he was 21 as there is for Lind when he's 21. In fact Boucher had already been promoted to the NHL with New Jersey. He currently looks like a tweener ( still leads the entire AHL in points) but in todays game it looks like he doesn't have the speed. We have no idea if the current Mr Lind will progress further or maybe he's reached his plateau. If you have a crystal ball that can read the future ….. tell me what are the winning lottery tickets for the next draw
  3. Here's another prospects up date
  4. Your correct in many ways. What really changed my view of hockey was coaching kids ( Bantam Rep) . You were no longer looking on as a fan but looking for flaws for opponents and your own roster. You owed that to the players and your team. I then went onto delving deeper when I scouted, you're making a commitment when u offer a scholarship. You have to rationalise your views with others of your own people. I just can't fall prey to emotions. I still cheer when the Canucks score though
  5. Well Goldobin has 14 goals and he's apparently aged out he's now 23, Boucher is old at 25 He played and put up stats when he 21, Bailey past it at 24. Lind of course is still young at 21. Talk about splitting hairs. You want to drop a bundle of money on his likelihood of playing NHL, no one can stop you but my money will stay in my pocket
  6. That brings up a good point with the Canucks on recess I wonder if management will be heading to Utica to see the team live
  7. I'd prefer to reserve judgement. I see the book makers odds and I'm not willing to mortgage my house of Lind's likelihood of success in the NHL. They're long odds at this time. I've never seen him play regularly and I'd be foolish to think other wise IMO
  8. The good news for Kesler is he came through the NCAA ( Ohio state if I recall ) IMO there's not a long list of players coming from Utica to Vcr. The best prospect chnace we have are likely Rathbone, Rafferty, Hoglander and Podkolzn. We should be hopeful of Lind but if we're brutally honest the odds are stacked against him. Tryamkin avoided the AHL for good reason. By the way Bouchard & Bailey weren't always 26 & 24 once they too were 21once upon a time. Bouchard has been waring Utica colours since 2016 and Bailey has already played for 2 NHL teams and played 63 games. It's fingers crossed time and again if we're honest Lind has a ways to go
  9. Frankly I get fed up with posters who see ( in this case Lind ) put up a few points in the AHL and suddenly fans go full Monty on his future in the NHL. I offer Boucher and Bailey as players who have looked good but can't take the next step. Percentage wise that is likely projectory. The AHL is full of players on the cusp, actually graduated few and far between
  10. Man that's an insightful well worded response. He's shown some improvement, which is good, but is a long way from a call up
  11. Why both put up good number which is what most fans judge a players ability on but can't take the next step. They're tweeners. Lind has not reached the dizzy heights of Bouchard or even Bailey Bailey who has played 63 NHL games and scored 5+4. Lind has certainly shown improvement according to Utica Cory. But is still has a way to go
  12. To me coaches grade players differently to fans. Coaches tend to measure by the number of mistakes ...NOT made. Edler makes few hence the coach and if polled most coaches would grade in that manner. Edler is reliable game after game shift after shift ( he has the best +/- on the team LOL ) Coaches feel comfortable seeing him out there. I wish we had more Edler like player at the back end
  13. Law of averages that one pops through. I still maintain that we get better success with development in the NCAA. IMO Lind still has to get better, true he is pulling away from the pack, but then again so to is Bailey …. again …. but can't quite make the NHL ( can we say Boucher )
  14. Interesting he and Chatfield are like the forgotten men in Vcrs plans. The couple of times I saw Brisebois he didn't look strong on the puck and could be stripped of it by a stronger NHL player
  15. I don't have a problem with +/- as long as it's for a long stech, time/#games eliminates much of the failure of the stats. This is similar to rating Tryamkin in the KHL when some one like Linden Vey is 5th highest points produced in that league. Tough to project how they'll do in the NHL. But Rafferty is sort of dominating in the AHL which looks good. Plus he's the only prospect to find himself in that enviable position in the various leagues our prospects are playing in.