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  1. Dane Fox Talk

    Yeah maybe so but before we can bring in the likes of Stewart as a winger maybe Archibald can get it dome in the short term. I don't see any other propsects that can even come close....certainly Cracknell doesn't hit ot bring a rambunctiousness that seens so lacking on the roster. Who know there may be others in the AHL that can play that role
  2. Dane Fox Talk

     if there's a general expectation of player currently in Utica who will move up to the Canucks then they're going to need replacements in Utica so the likes of Fox and Valk may just get their time on the Comets. One player that maybe does deserve another cntract is Archibald. Nothing flashy...a Cracknell type big kid who is willing to drop the golves when pushed, decent wheels if memory serves me correct
  3. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

    Keep this in mind. The KHL is a far inferior league to the NHL Of the top ten scorers in the KHL ( ie try and get a handle on who he's facing every game ) these stars are the go to players Brandon Bochenski, Linus Omark and that none other than Matt Ellison....who ever he is. Now to then  compare him playing against Crosby, Overchkin and Kane...... how would he look then. Lets cool our jets and wait until we see what he can do. It's not what you want to hear, but JB has to be realistic before he ploughs huge wads of money and Cap space into this guy
  4. Mike Williamson Talk

    Here's the catch for the CHL...IMO. In junior you have to combine a time consuming and heavy travel schedule with keeping up with your high school work to graduate which is a tall order and too tall for many who simply can't manage so never graduate from High right there they can't go to a CIS league or enroll in Uni. Plus.... and I just heard this from Ferraro. You have to attend university with 12-18 months after leaveing the CHL. So many kids cominmg out of junior have the chnace to play Pro in Europe and have a life experience thus fail to qualify for a Cdn Uni. If you're serious about education the NCAA seems like a better bet....and then go play in Europe
  5. You betcha There's a sizable sum of money still to be paid out and he's not that far from Mtl and his wife and ......
  6. Benning Talking To Media

    Yeah I always find it amusing how so many who never buy a ticket think about tanking and playing to loose. It's OK if you're sitting watching on the TV, you can always turn to a selection of another 300 channels but for those that have dropped a spectacular amount of money to attend in person, you want to see your team win and do well...or chnaces are they won't be back next season. Remember this the Canucks almost left Vcr. The Pacific Coloseum was only 50% full ( 7000 paying cistomers) and you could fire a cannon in there and not hit any one. Now think about it do you really want to see the Canucks move ?
  7. Mike Zalewski Talk

    I'd agree with you re Larkin, but I get fed up with having how Detroit "develops" it's players in Grand's not a fixed method those that are found to be wanting play in the AHL....and there's a lot of them in Detroits case. A fallacy perpetuated by by many that don't check the Detroit current record and keep harking back to the 90's
  8. Brock Boeser Talk

    Great Program for sure and if I recall correctly Boeser had commited to another team but swapped for a place with UND. Great facilities in Fargo I think I'm sure he'll get great development there
  9. Mike Zalewski Talk

    Detroits drafting in the last 10 years   There first picks some of who were second round picks 05 ................ Kindl....1 st round 06.................Emmerton 2nd round 07.................Smith  1st round 08.................McCollum....1st round 09.................Ferraro  32 nd pick 10.................Sheahan 1st round 11.................Jurco 35th pick 12..................Frk 2nd round 13..................Mantha 1st round 14..................Larkin  1st round a great pick 15..................Svechnikov 1st round   All stars for sure and rather than develop they've fast forwarded Larkin as a 18 year old direct to the big team.
  10. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

    Well in my experience what appears on youtube is a selection of a players best play. Rarely do they make a montage of bad plays
  11. Mike Zalewski Talk

    In the case of Chi look at the high picks they had.....which tells you how bad they were at one time. I see Detroit after some lucky drafting in the later rounds are now fast tracking much for development and frankly after Datysuk and Zettersburg  hang them up not exactly over flowing with great talent. The team to watch the next couple of years is Florida and I've been saying that for  quite a while
  12. Brock Boeser Talk

    lets hope so I wasn't that excited with what I watched in the WJC but it is a 19 year old tourney there again it's along way from the NHL
  13. Brock Boeser Talk

    Any one remember Landon Wilson, first round pick of TO 19th O/A. He's a UND alumina and racked up pretty good numbers 18 + 15 = 33 pts in 35 games. His career in the NHL............   I hope they don't put pressure on this kid to be a star player
  14. Nikita Tryamkin Talk

    May I ask how many times have you watched Tryamkin play to get a good enough handle to propose  he can even make the team. I'd agree it would be nice but unfortunately I've never seen him play
  15. Brock Boeser Talk

    I don't know about NCAA football but I can think of a couple of instances where NCAA hockey players have been disciplined by the NCAA some are higher profile than others  Think of McNally just for one instance. The NCAA when it comes to maybe lessor sports can come and do come down like a load of bricks, it's not like it used to be or some imagine