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  1. Rodrigo Abols | C

    Just out of interest Abols is 0.9444 pts / game while Dahlen is 1.00 both in the same league and remember Dahlens plays for the top team and as such never plays the toughest schedule. Abols plays for Borfors, third worst team.
  2. Not sure if you've seen this site but I thought I'd bring it to your attention. The best part is it provides top prospect for ALL teams rather than jusy Canuck centria




      Thanks. Yes, I have seen that article before. Linked it in one of the threads, I think during a discussion on college free agents but it was a while back.


      Interesting that Gaudette’s current stats would put him right at the top of that overall chart. His strong play to close out the season has brought him up to 1.65 points per game (basically the same as Aston-Reese) but a year younger and in his junior season versus senior.


      Some interesting names on there for potential targets on this year’s undrafted NCAA free agent list.

  3. " The media plays on (and to) that negativity. Many fans don't seem to be aware that the media is exploiting them, simply validating and feeding their negativity " It's the Russians fault, false news
  4. I don't for the life of me believe that Vcr is any different than any other team. In TO fans were throwing Leaf shirts on the ice, sitting with paper bags over their heads. Ottawa is dying on it's feet as we speak. NY and Philly both recognized as tough on their own team with their booing at will. Florida of course just doesn't care .... the place is empty, ditto Carolina and as for Arizona . Naw people do tend to see their world as the only hockey city and never look around ...believe me it can be worse ... a lot worse. The fact is they're a loosing team and NO ONE likes a loosing team to blame this on the media is delusional. It's amazing to me that Vcr still has any sort of following, management keeps fans like mushrooms the dark and covered in know what. If they were to give the people some thing to invest in it would help
  5. Can some one give me the link, I've searched all over for the listen live 650 and can't find if ??
  6. Roberto Luongo and the cap recapture penalty

    If Luo hadn't managed to get into a tad trouble the night before game 7 we might have won. He let the team down and team mates a lot from what I've been told
  7. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    The Canucks I have learned re graded my same seats which means that after a deplorable last season and little to look forward the club has actually increased the price of my season tickets. Now that's nerve IMO. I might add the chap I've sold 14 tickets to since Noah was a boy has decided against buying this season. I believe the deposit is non refundable. In a tough place.
  8. I tried that route the previous time I had a Forsling post locked. I didn't get any response ..... hence
  9. jump to the 37.53 minute mark
  10. Wow how long did it take you to study the subject and come up with this gem of a response Come on we're just discussing the merits of a management decision ...some good... and some not so good
  11. Thks I was on the road yesterday driving in from Wyoming
  12. Wow you actually believe that. A decision that may have a sizeable impact on the teams future is not open to discussion. Seems narrow sighted to me
  13. Well IMO as much as most fans like to constantly heap unwarranted praise .... to me it stands to reason that while gloating on the good things we should balance that with some of the failings....... any harm in that. Life would be boring if we all had to constantly praise each and every aspect of the Canucks