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  1. Can some one give me the link, I've searched all over for the listen live 650 and can't find if ??
  2. Roberto Luongo and the cap recapture penalty

    If Luo hadn't managed to get into a tad trouble the night before game 7 we might have won. He let the team down and team mates a lot from what I've been told
  3. 2017-18 Season Tickets Thread

    The Canucks I have learned re graded my same seats which means that after a deplorable last season and little to look forward the club has actually increased the price of my season tickets. Now that's nerve IMO. I might add the chap I've sold 14 tickets to since Noah was a boy has decided against buying this season. I believe the deposit is non refundable. In a tough place.
  4. I tried that route the previous time I had a Forsling post locked. I didn't get any response ..... hence
  5. jump to the 37.53 minute mark
  6. Wow how long did it take you to study the subject and come up with this gem of a response Come on we're just discussing the merits of a management decision ...some good... and some not so good
  7. Thks I was on the road yesterday driving in from Wyoming
  8. Wow you actually believe that. A decision that may have a sizeable impact on the teams future is not open to discussion. Seems narrow sighted to me
  9. Well IMO as much as most fans like to constantly heap unwarranted praise .... to me it stands to reason that while gloating on the good things we should balance that with some of the failings....... any harm in that. Life would be boring if we all had to constantly praise each and every aspect of the Canucks
  10. Too much to ask for independence when commenting rather than the need to toe some imaginary line ...oh well back to the salt mines
  11. I don't know who runs this board. But it sure has heck seems to be directed by Vcr management either directly or by rules laid out by management. twice I've tried to make comments about Vcr trading away Forsling and twice it's been locked. I'm thinking number 3 will be coming up. Pointless making comments if they all have to be team positive
  12. Pierre Mcguire said ....

    Did you ever watch him in the WJC ?? I did. That guy was made for the PP. All this bragging by JB about Larsen being able to walk the line...yeah well so too could Forsling. He ran the PP for the Swedish WJC team. His coach had him out in the last minute of every period/game ie he was the go to guy in the coaches eyes
  13. Pierre Mcguire said ....

    He's already made Chi roster