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  1. There is unlikely to be an AHL this coming season so it's going to be tough Juolevi might end up with TPS, Where Rathbone ends up who knows
  2. That's the question, on the LHD side Rathbone or Juolevi, who ever it is I hope it's made on merit rather than politics. Woo frankly seemed to regress in Calgary
  3. Woo I doubt will be ready for a while, he wasn't even invited to the WJC try out's. Mean time we thankfully we have RHD Rafferty who put up great stats last year in Utica, looks to me like he's more advanced then Woo. On the LHD side I tend to think Rathbone will get a long look he seems to have a complete game at Harvard
  4. Markstrom came to NA in the 2010/11 season with Rochester. He played his first season of NHL #1 status in 2017/18, he played 60 games, he was 27 years old. When Markstrom was injured, Demko stepped in as the #1 and frankly did not shine. He's 25 now and in my mind you can't judge him by his play-off performance because it was short and does not replicate and actual season as a true #1 goalie. If the team expects to do well next season IMO they will need a true #1 and that is Markstrom, if however they are willing to use next season grooming Demko that's OK just don't expect to much. Will a lessor goalie impact the confidence of a young over all team ?? What's the plan Benning ????
  5. First Brackett and now Malhotra, who's next?
  6. I'd like to put a word in for Tyler Kleven. He's listed in FC hockey as ranked 79th O/A so he's in our wheelhouse. Defence — shoots LeftBorn January 10th, 2002 — Fargo, North DakotaHeight 6’4″ — Weight 200 lbs [193 cm/91 kg] Skating Kleven is an excellent skater for his size. His forward speed is decent as is his acceleration. However, he is even better at moving backwards. His agility and edgework are also very good. This allows him to maintain gap control and keep attackers in front of him. He also has smooth pivots, allowing him to switch from offence to defence quickly and vice-versa. Kleven has a powerful lower-body. This gives him very good balance. He is strong on the puck, winning battles in the corners. He is also able to use his balance and strength to help keep the front of the net clear. Offensive Game Kleven plays a very simple game at the offensive end of the ice. He has a bomb of a shot from the point. He can get his slapshot off as a one-timer as well. His agility allows him to walk the line and open up shooting lanes and get his shot on net. Kleven also has a powerful wrist shot and snapshot. Kleven is more of a shooter than a playmaker though. He doesn’t have a lot of poise and creativity with the puck. Once he gets it, he’s either looking to move it quickly to a teammate, take a shot on net, or dump it into a safe area. Kleven helps the transition game by getting back quickly and retrieving loose pucks. He moves it up the ice with a good first pass. However, Kleven is very much a stay-at-home style of defender. He is unlikely to carry the puck through the neutral zone or to join the rush as a trailer. Defensive Game Kleven’s bread and butter is his work in his own end of the ice. He makes good use of his size, playing an extremely physical game. He battles hard along the boards and does a good job of keeping the front of the net clean. If an attacker comes down his side of the ice with his head down, he can expect to be plastered into the boards. Kleven is willing to put his body on the line to block shots. He keeps good gap control against the rush and pushes forwards to the outside, taking them away from prime scoring areas. Kleven retrieves dump-ins quickly and can make a good first pass, starting the transition game and limiting the time spent in his end of the ice. He is also good at using his long stick to cut down passing lanes. He is especially effective on the penalty kill. Projection and Comparison Kleven does not have the offensive skills necessary to be a number one defender in the NHL. However, he potentially could become an important shutdown defender playing big even strength and penalty kill minutes in the top four. He is also a relatively safe pick, in that his chances of making the NHL are very high, even if it is as a bottom pair defensive defenceman. Kleven will spend at least a couple of years playing in the NCAA and should spend that time working on his puck skills and continuing to add muscle to his frame. While he is already strong for his age, he could add more strength, like most teenage prospects. Kleven’s game is reminiscent of Marc Methot, however, this is a stylistic comparison only and not one based on skill or ability.
  7. True and you can add Mr Jacobs suspended Rome for the longest ever SC play offs. Edlers broken finger and Erhoff/Keslers seperated shoulder didn't help either. Hodgson back injury which eventually took him out of the game altogether and in all honesty Kassian is just what this club needs how ever sniffer had other ideas. I'm glad Kassian was able get his life back together
  8. This likely Markstroms last kick at the cat. It'll be retirement after this next contract. He has a family to support for the next 50 years, his agent will not get a further commission from Markstrom. Every thing points towards maximizing not only salary but term. I'd be shocked at a short term home town discount or no NTC
  9. Consistency is the ability to read and react at the right moment and time and work diligently at it. Most watch the game on TV and the TV camera follows the puck. I attend the games and Virtanen is often found to be lacking with the back check. He's lazy or dumb make your choice, Green try's to be more political and calls it consistency. I'd bench a PeeWee for that lack of effort. He just doesn't get it. The odd flash and that's his night. Most nights Jake doesn't need a shower, quicker to get off to the clubs in town. For his sake I hope he does get traded it may be the shock to reignite his career. I was surprised Benning actually used the words he did ..... that's frustration on Benning's part
  10. I recall Marcus Nasland saying Wade Brookbank made every one on the bench 6" taller
  11. I guess it depend if you're sitting in the seating area or on the ice
  12. Worthy of note, Matt Martins is an UFA this summer. If you want to settle Reeves down, this is the guy to do it. He really enjoys hitting :-)
  13. Read this article about Tampa Drafting and notice this part
  14. Yeah I'd agree. Jasek has been through a lot getting where he is now ( screwed around in Czech Rep. ) and I want to believe amongst many he's a forgotten man, but he was being groomed last season in Utica to play centre, that's a plus IMO
  15. A couple of things I took away from the draft. When it came to Madden was Benning was ignorant about which school he was going to ie he wasn't a-tuned to Madden and the other point is it was clear others at the table referred to Brackett for decissions ( it's up to Judd spoken right in front of Benning ). Brackett posed the question, goalie, ( a what if question ) to be sure they were in sync. Listen to the language and it's revealing IMO. The other thing I thought was funny was when Brackett joked across the table " brain food, do you need some ?? LOL,
  16. Yeah Benning definitely leaning towards the kid
  17. Obviously towards the end of the tape !
  18. Virtanen's identity has been established already poor IQ and lazy to boot
  19. There ain't going to be home town discounts for Hughes, he's future all-star and his agents commission depends on a top end salary :-)
  20. We need to move on from Sutter, Beagle and Rousell to make way for youth and prepare the Cap for Pettersson and Hughes, both likely due around $10 mill each. Eriksson comes off the Cap in the end of 2022, Pettersson and Hughes get their new contract in 2021.
  21. You have to wonder what the Ducks were thinking when the let this guy go. It's moves such as this that makes you realize that winning is not an accident
  22. To my way of thinking this not good. You don't want to use an average team to grade Stecher by, you want to compare him with a quality or better team, not an average team. On a better team Stecher is a bottom 6. The idea is to get better not remain static
  23. Both Virtanen and Motte are RFA keeping mind all the factors including salary which would you keep ? I believe both are tradeable players
  24. I know one thing, these low round picks are scouts picks. The scouts late round picks sorted out from a list of likely hundreds. When it came time to choose a player likely 3rd round of beyond no GM has the time to scout that many youngsters, so the scouts get the tip of the hat for the job they've done with late picks. Never mind their huge influence for the 1st and 2nd round selections. Vcr is very fortunate to grab diamonds in late round
  25. They want reliable, good management, trustworthy, value. They want their other business to judged fairly, they want their assets to hold their value. In short they want to be judged by banks who payroll most of their business to think they're dealing with reliability. Business is a lot more complex than you believe. Disney didn't stay long in the NHL, most owners in the NHL have a larger than necessary high risk business. You don't see the likes of the English Premier League, MLB of the NFL act like clown shows. The NHL takes which ever owners they can find( think Phoenix, Florida and Senators )