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  1. He's wearing the "A" tonight, so yeah...
  2. In an off-topic note, should I get this game? I am tired of all of my games now. The only thing holding me back is the fact that my friend got totally addicted and wouldn't leave his house(besides school) for almost two months after the release. But I need an opinion if it is worth it or not?
  3. The guy under Caboose thinks this status is suggestive and creepy.

  4. same happend to me. Joined my friends session on highrise and all of a sudden I instantly have everything including hacked leader boards:/
  5. I'm really interested in purchasing a blackberry but I'm not sure about a couple o things. The data plan. How many megabytes of space do you need. Whether to go with a new bold/curve or a older model (with ball navigation) pearl for $200 cheaper. Also which networks are you on and good/bad experiences. I Currently with fido and have nothing too bad to say about them. I am not interested in a 3 year term. Much thanks in advance!
  6. Banned for worshipping Bert.
  7. Don't buy it. The maps arn't that great.