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  1. He's wearing the "A" tonight, so yeah...
  2. The guy under Caboose thinks this status is suggestive and creepy.

  3. I just came across an old program with Tyler Bozak,Kyle Turris and Casey piero- zabotel. Neat!
  4. same happend to me. Joined my friends session on highrise and all of a sudden I instantly have everything including hacked leader boards:/
  5. I'm really interested in purchasing a blackberry but I'm not sure about a couple o things. The data plan. How many megabytes of space do you need. Whether to go with a new bold/curve or a older model (with ball navigation) pearl for $200 cheaper. Also which networks are you on and good/bad experiences. I Currently with fido and have nothing too bad to say about them. I am not interested in a 3 year term. Much thanks in advance!
  6. Banned for worshipping Bert.
  7. Don't buy it. The maps arn't that great.