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  1. This is sarcasm right? Pronger was a famous a-hole. Demanded a trade out of Edmonton. Went to the Ducks and won the Cup. There are lots of examples of players who simply are not happy where they are at the moment, for whatever reason and then get traded only to shine on a new team... The Hamilton trade for Calgary may be one of the best trades they ever made. They have a young top pairing D-man to anchor their team for years to come and have him on a good contract for the next 6 years...
  2. When a player asks to be traded, this is not good times for an organization. Long history of this. I heard the Oilers had a very similar offer on the table for picks and more. Whatever the reason it is certainly to Calgary's benefit. Calgary has a top D core now. If they sign Franson it will be arguably one of the best in the NHL.
  3. Hamilton signed for 5.75 million cap hit for six years...
  5. Bennett is the highest draft pick in Flames history at 4th overall. The Flames in all of franchise history including the Atlanta years have never drafted in the top 3. Fell in the draft due to the pull-up thing. He tried to hide the injury. Sat out the year, had surgery and is ready to go now. Played most of his draft year injured and was originally slotted to go as high as 2nd overall. Fell in ranking due to the pull-up. Total steal at 4th overall...
  6. I like this thread - perfect jinx material
  7. Anyways Flames up 1-0. If Van doesn't at least take a split back to Calgary they are in trouble.
  8. I came on here extremely upset about this and let the words flow... Was immediately banned for pointing out that using a industrial laser was worth a criminal charge on that Canuck fan.
  9. If they don't win and the Flames come home up 2-0 - well good luck with that...
  10. In America it really doesn't matter who wins anymore, the flag changed a few decades ago...
  11. ? Is there really a problem in Canada when it comes to guns ?
  12. I often post links for what I say and make pretty neutral observations in what is already hostile ground.
  13. Yep - systematically listing facts to illustrate your lack of them...