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  1. I love how you changed your sig. :P

  2. sup my ppls ...i should have gone to sleep like 3 hours ago but stayed up listening to and downloading music !!!1
  3. Puck bunny?
  4. Worst thread ever. He looks the same..the only difference is he relaxed in one pic and LIFTING WEIGHTS in the other... *massive facepalm*
  5. all that radiation going into the ocean and blowing over to north America...all going into the food chain then straight to our supermarkets. no bull. but what can ya really do.
  6. I'm sorry man, Ehrhoff had a great run here and will be missed (provided he doesn't sign back here and we just traded his rights to rip off the Islanders).

  7. Question for those of you who have watched Rodin a bit...what current NHL player is he comparable to?
  8. the magnitude of this disaster is being underplayed a lot...most people have no idea how much radiation will make it into our food supply here in north america.
  9. ...yeah....and Kesler was nothing more than a checker at one point... a big guy with hands and can skate? with polish and fine-tuning he will be a top 6 forward imo
  10. The truth about Fukishima
  11. Mike Gillis: "I'm very excited about our recent signing Darren Archibald" ...i bet
  13. EPA to raise limits for radiation exposure while Canada turns off fallout detectors Learn more: