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  1. To everyone feeling bad about Luongo's situation, if you've ever bashed him, feel free to take a part of the blame. Sad day in Canuck's history...

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    2. JustJokinen!


      @BertuzziBabe I think it has an effect, yeah. But if you believe the hyperbole here today, Gillis is taking orders from CDC and 1040 callers.

    3. questforthecup


      When did I say Gillis was taking orders from the fans? It's not easy to thrive in such a hostile environment as Vancouver is and it doesn't take a neurosurgeon to realize that Luongo has been affected by the fans negativity.

    4. JustJokinen!


      Fair enough, that's not what you said. I was lumping you in with a bunch of other posters. This place is crazy today.

  2. Win one game 4 times

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    2. GodzillaDeuce


      win 2 games 8 times?

    3. Grapefruits
    4. Redacted


      Win all teh gaems all the times. You all have loser mentalities!

  3. Canucks Memes

    Oh hahaha I'm like, what's a strudel doing under Luongo?
  4. Haha...yeah when I started it I was hoping I wouldn't have to take it down prematurely. I'm glad it's going the distance!

  5. Been passively following your win counter (i.e. I would see it in your sig under your posts). Still remember when we were 1 down 15 to go -- can't wait until they're all crossed out!!

  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    wow...-818 for a thread created over 2 and a half years ago... I feel like the OP should really just say he was an idiot and take it back or at least make a rebuttal or something. He's probably created a new profile by now though Burrows all the way!
  7. can't....resist....

  8. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Yeah, Burrows got the most goals in the season for the Canucks, but what has he done in the playoffs? It was time for some line shifting and I'm glad Vigneault figured it out before it was too late. It payed off. Burrows needs to bury a goal and pick up his confidence again. I don't think he's owning the space in front of the net like he used to. He needs to park himself in front of Quick and screen him/pick up rebounds because everybody knows Quick is giving some pretty juicy rebounds that the Canucks haven't been able to jump on. We need more presence in front of Quick. Burrows will bounce back.