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  1. You turned a topic that could've had real merit into garbage. Congratulations.
  2. Yeah then let's trade Demko for a 7th
  3. Love that CDC optimism!
  4. Drastic overpayment, sound the alarms. Linden Vey's going to tank this team. Trade him for a 7th immediately.
  5. The guy went 13th overall 3.5 years ago, let's hope he pans out.
  6. Easily one of our worst performing defensemen this season, wouldn't mind him being traded for a pick at the deadline and having a RHD take his spot.
  7. doesn't have to be a regulation win, it can come in OT or SO
  8. Actually, if Phoenix beats Dallas we've still got a chance and they lose all their other games, we're in if we win out.
  9. Thanks for viewing my profile!

  10. mitchel video plz :D

  11. do san jose and nashville even have a forum?

  12. posting on ur profile cus i feel like it