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  1. Kris Gudlevskis or Andrei Vasilevskiy

    Yeah then let's trade Demko for a 7th
  2. Do you think Virtanen and Baertschi have what it takes to be first liners?

    Love that CDC optimism!
  3. [Signing] Vey --> Canucks

    Drastic overpayment, sound the alarms. Linden Vey's going to tank this team. Trade him for a 7th immediately.
  4. [Trade] Sven Baertschi to Canucks

    The guy went 13th overall 3.5 years ago, let's hope he pans out.
  5. What to do with Luca Sbisa

    Easily one of our worst performing defensemen this season, wouldn't mind him being traded for a pick at the deadline and having a RHD take his spot.
  6. Will Sedins and Vrbata reach 80 points?

    Will Staal2Staal make another stupid thread by the end of the season? Discuss.
  7. [signing] CAR signs Bertuzzi to 1 year contract

    Probably trying to get as far away from the Seattle courtroom as possible
  8. Canucks close to signing Iginla (report)

    First in line to get an Iginla jersey!!!
  9. Status of Rodin and Sweatt

  10. [Confirmed] Salary Cap Set At 69 Mill

    What an absolute joke of a lockout. Half a season lost just to see the cap hit just where it was again and rising exponentially??? If this doesn't get that clown Bettman fired I don't know what else would.
  11. Which prospect is most likely to fall out of top 5?

    Edmonton would be the stupidest team alive to pass on Bennett...soooooo looks like we got a shot.
  12. Canucks not out yet

    doesn't have to be a regulation win, it can come in OT or SO
  13. Canucks not out yet

    Actually, if Phoenix beats Dallas we've still got a chance and they lose all their other games, we're in if we win out.
  14. Zalewski is here wearing #40

    So....... Burrows - Sedin - Jensen Higgins - Matthias - Hansen Booth - Zalewski - Kassian Sestito - Richardson - Dalpe Does this mean Schroeder gets slotted out? Edit: Kidding, after some research it turns out he's a left winger. Burrows - Sedin - Jensen Higgins - Matthias - Hansen Booth - Schroeder - Kassian Sestito - Richardson - Dalpe Zalewski???
  15. Thanks for viewing my profile!