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  1. I'd give him another year with a new coach, or even AHL and see how he does. If not, trade him for something next year before we lost his rights.
  2. Let's wait and see. This is an exciting time again with the Canucks.
  3. do you people live near the teams? how do you know so much about all these players?
  4. I'd like this quite alot. If we could get to Boston level of skill I'd be all for that, without the douchey identity.
  5. He's a big kid, I'm happy about him being here. He should be able to make a contribution.
  6. I know It's great to see him get the lower picks correctly, scouting and potential accounts for lots with our team.
  7. I like the sounds of this kid lately. He's been scoring and being a leader, after being a fourth round pick that's good. I'm a big fan of Hansen so if he turns out like him Gradin does it again.
  8. We're playing 1 goal games, we don't score much. It's not that great but we're doing alright.
  9. Needs to be in a tougher league, IMO.
  10. I'm really interested on what he will be, looks like has good skill as a 17 year old.
  11. You can put on size to that body. No problem. I'm glad we got a D-man, but wish got one earlier.
  12. I think every one here has proved that he's not as overrated as you say.
  13. Yeah i built that mini ramp like fort knox. nail gunned the frame together the nail gunned 2 layers of ply and finally screwed masonite down for the top sheet. it was 4 ft tall with a 5ft extension with pool coping. we also had lots of granite ledges but those were not left behind

  14. No man, I haven't gotten to it much. I've been in carpentry school as of lately, and here rains so much I don't get a chance too.

    I'm hoping to get a new board soon. And really? That sounds amazing but what did you do when they evicted you? Left everything there?

  15. Hey Dude, Been skating much lately? I opened up a skatepark here in NY with an awesome 40ft wide mini but the landlord evicted us :(