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  1. He's a big kid, I'm happy about him being here. He should be able to make a contribution.
  2. I know It's great to see him get the lower picks correctly, scouting and potential accounts for lots with our team.
  3. I like the sounds of this kid lately. He's been scoring and being a leader, after being a fourth round pick that's good. I'm a big fan of Hansen so if he turns out like him Gradin does it again.
  4. We're playing 1 goal games, we don't score much. It's not that great but we're doing alright.
  5. Needs to be in a tougher league, IMO.
  6. I'm really interested on what he will be, looks like has good skill as a 17 year old.
  7. You can put on size to that body. No problem. I'm glad we got a D-man, but wish got one earlier.
  8. They all look good now. We'll see what happens, glad he's a local kid.
  9. I think every one here has proved that he's not as overrated as you say.
  10. Yeah i built that mini ramp like fort knox. nail gunned the frame together the nail gunned 2 layers of ply and finally screwed masonite down for the top sheet. it was 4 ft tall with a 5ft extension with pool coping. we also had lots of granite ledges but those were not left behind

  11. No man, I haven't gotten to it much. I've been in carpentry school as of lately, and here rains so much I don't get a chance too.

    I'm hoping to get a new board soon. And really? That sounds amazing but what did you do when they evicted you? Left everything there?

  12. Hey Dude, Been skating much lately? I opened up a skatepark here in NY with an awesome 40ft wide mini but the landlord evicted us :(

  13. If he could, would be fantastic for us.
  14. Hansens turned it around a bit, scored a goal, had a few chances last night. We're getting better, stop being so critical.