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  1. Jordan Schroeder

    I'd give him another year with a new coach, or even AHL and see how he does. If not, trade him for something next year before we lost his rights.
  2. [Report] Alberts: Career might be over

    I feel bad for the guy, I was wondering why he never suited up and we were always calling up players. But, now I know and I feel bad for this guy.
  3. Let's wait and see. This is an exciting time again with the Canucks.
  4. Draft Virtanen!

    do you people live near the teams? how do you know so much about all these players?
  5. Here's What Shinkaruk did on One Hip

    He looks excited every time he steps on the ice, he'll be the player that will make sure he's effective night and night and I can't wait to see his
  6. What to do with the Sedins going forward.

    Keep them and just watch them be better and come back stronger.
  7. Gilman's Future

    Would be a stupid stupid idea to get rid of this guy.
  8. Do You See Edler Bouncing Back?

    Yes. That's all that needs to be said, we as fans of the Canucks should know he's better than this, most seasons past.
  9. [Confirmed] Jim Benning signs as new Canucks GM

    I'd like this quite alot. If we could get to Boston level of skill I'd be all for that, without the douchey identity.
  10. Dave Lowry- Dark horse coaching candidate

    I'm going with the Travis Green wagon first, but he could come over to learn with Green too.
  11. [Article] Jensen Takes His Best Shot

    I sure hope he can come back even stronger and maintain some consistancy
  12. How good can Jordan Subban be?

    He so far looks like a good pick for us in the later rounds. He's a bit smaller than a team would like but he's offensive from all I've read and PK always said Jordan can be better than him so let's see.
  13. No Trade Clauses? No Problem.

    This is so dumb. He played quite well offensively in basically every other season besides this and can still continue his upward movement. The whole team had a shitty season.
  14. Should Canucks attempt to Tradeup for Sam Reinhart?

    Not worth it for this draft. Next year is the draft up season and you probably should do quite a bit for it.
  15. Sestito has untapped potential

    Volpatti was better defensively and fighter/hitter than Sestito. I'd take Volpatti over him any day.