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  1. hey, wanted to sign up for the sim league, can you tell me how to sign up??

  2. wished he was the third sedin.
  3. banned for not being a real Moose star.
  4. banned for being a girl
  5. is a she...
  6. Banned beacause you're dumb.
  7. should stfu cause he has a crush on Death The Kid.
  8. banned because you don't now much...
  9. Great Sim League were in year two. Leafs,Blues,Coyotes,RedWings,Stars,Sharks, are all open Make sure to Join. When you sign up make sure you put Ryan Kesler in your referal.
  10. Banned for playing this game and for banning others.
  11. Gttyffahrfmantoresthiuasdh8230tsrweruhweijfhnsdfheruitgh48u489568523734rfsdgbrkn cnruofjawowkrf5rsethnt5rdtg4ed5r
  12. <P>Banned becase i am cool.</P>
  13. Banned beasue i don't care he can go to stealthnucki shouldn't be baned for soemthing like that.
  14. is nice to woman...
  15. banned beacuse i don't give two craps