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  1. no way there will be fans in the stands for at least another year. sucks but i just cannot see fans being able to attend a game for a very long time
  2. i love the island, moved to Nanaimo a couple years ago and decided recently I'll be staying here long term. Awesome spot and I still go back every 2-3 weeks
  3. How’s Sunday evening perhaps around 9?
  4. just joined the club and down to play sometime soon!
  5. I've agreed with a lot of your points today, and am also on the Island, but that's a pretty flawed way to say things are as bad as they can get. 4/5 deaths are in LTC facilities.. what would you expect with a disease like this? That makes it sound way worse than it is when you say it with that sort of context. It would definitely be expected for deaths to be higher in the most susceptible patient population, and with a death rate already so low, this type of reporting is how things get blown even more out of proportion.
  6. I really don't understand what's going on here. this is absolutely ridiculous. people are following the media frenzy and this is getting a bit out of hand. is cancelling the NBA season going to stop the spread of the virus? No, it's a virus, it's going to spread anyways. I don't think putting life on pause because of a virus makes any sense - people who are more susceptible can make that decision for themselves, but to me this just shows how people will just follow whatever information they head in the news and absolutely lose their minds. I can see why limiting the spread of the virus is something that people should be doing, for all diseases, but for this to be overblown to the point of actually cancelling major sports leagues and to the point where the stock market is taking a huge hit and toilet paper is comically in demand.. I'm just having a hard time understanding how the majority of our society today is responding to this the way that they are.
  7. Not sure why someone gave you a confirmed emoji there but totally agree with you
  8. Hello! I will be in Montreal to watch the Canucks vs Canadiens (doing the whole Eastern trip MTL/OTT/TOR) and unfortunately my friend that I was going to go to the game with in MTL has cancelled on me. Thought I'd go out on a limb here and see if there's anyone who may be a Canucks fan in MTL that doesn't have anyone to go to the game with that may be interested in joining. I've posted on here before and have mentioned my life goal of seeing the Canucks play in every arena (after this trip I will be at 15!) and figured that at some point along the way I'd go to a game on my own/with someone I've never met before, and so if this ends up being the case what better place than the Bell Centre. Feel free to send a PM or comment on here, I've already got tickets and am committed to this game (flights booked and everything) so fingers crossed there's someone willing to join!
  9. Would love to watch a game with you knucklehead - wish more fans had the outlook you do. Even the best teams in the league are bound to lose 20-30 games per year.. last season’s St. Louis blues record was 45-28-9.. meaning they lost 37 games last season.. can’t win em all
  10. it's interesting when people complain about the reffing.. not like the power play would have made any difference.. although the play on pettersson from a "protecting the players" standpoint was defs a bit questionable
  11. It is so beautiful to hear someone say what you just said. Playoff experience is worth so much more than potential assets recouped by trading such players. I also feel that a first round exit is worth a few picks lower (with the trade off of playoff experience) than tanking and getting a higher pick
  12. gotta love Elias Pettersson being chosen by John "the biggest Vancouver homer of all time" Garrett in a 4-0 loss
  13. wish me luck then.. I'll be at the game in Toronto in Feb