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  1. gotta love Elias Pettersson being chosen by John "the biggest Vancouver homer of all time" Garrett in a 4-0 loss
  2. wish me luck then.. I'll be at the game in Toronto in Feb
  3. There’s a few of us sane fans here.. firing green would be an awful move right now and I’m glad our management group doesn’t react the way our fan base does
  4. The world we live in is waaaaay too sensitive. I got an immigrant background and want to say I can't believe how this was so blown out of proportion.. but combine the fact that Canadian media loves to over-exaggerate stories, with how fragile our society is.. definitely makes sense that this was portrayed the way it was. I have no problem with what he said. As above posters have said, his time was coming close to an end.. if not overdue. But it's unfortunate it had to end on this note. Only positive out of this is if Brian Burke takes his spot
  5. when exactly does the rebuild stop then? Do we trade Pettersson next season because.. wait for it.. "contract expires can't *re-sign?"
  6. See that's the mindset that I'll never really understand.. are you a low key Oilers fan? Because the Canucks are playing so well.. why would you trade huge pieces to our current success? Can't be rebuilding forever. With your logic, the Bruins should trade their entire first line since their value will never be higher.
  7. Beauty post. +1. But when Roussel comes back? Now that's looking pretty dangerous.. looking forward to it!
  8. That is the argument I use with everyone who questions that trade. Honestly, the player that we would pick with that 1st rounder would likely be JT Miller calibur.. we just get that player 9 years later which is exactly what we need right now.