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  1. [Report] Jack Eichel named Sabres captain

  2. Can Benning nail the pick?

    There is no way Virtanen will be the best player in that draft class
  3. I agree with you on that, having a player like McDavid, Kane/Toews, etc kinda handcuffs a team in the cap era
  4. CDC Playoff Bracket Challenge

    choked I missed this!!!!
  5. Vegas and Chicago

    I've got some time off, and am planning on going to the games in Vegas and Chicago (and possibly also Dallas) this upcoming week/weekend (20th, 22nd, 24th). I have a group of people in Vegas that I'll be going with, but just thought I'd post to see if anyone from CDC will be attending any of these games, as I've never watched a game live on my own before and am reaching out to see if anyone is going/would be willing to join! Obviously the games are quite meaningless from a Canucks standpoint, but I've always loved checking out other teams arenas and since I have the time, thought it would be a cool thing to do. Let me know!
  6. [PGT] Arizona Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks

    publication bias is a real thing
  7. Scr*w the Whiners and the Bandwagoners

    this is the best post I have read in a long time, +1 to you sir
  8. [PGT] New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    that game was leipsick
  9. We got Holm and Vanek for free. We traded them for guys who may pan out, may not. Either way, didn't really lose anything today..
  10. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Murray Baron tho
  11. 4-2 Canucks 3 goals 3 assists 24 shots
  12. [PGT] Los Angeles Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks

    you mean "too much man"
  13. 6 is perfect, that's his number too haha