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  1. Benning on Vancouver 1040

    OK that is definitely a biased opinion, Johansen is a 1C type player that is so rare to come by
  2. [PGT] Canucks 3, Wild 2

    haha true that 
  3. Who gets moved once everyone is healthy?

    read the last line in the post lol
  4. Who gets moved once everyone is healthy?

    100% trade Vrbata, put Burrows with Sedins, and adjust lines accordingly:  Sedin Sedin Burrows  Baertchi McCann Virtanen  Higgins Horvat Hansen  Prust Sutter Dorsett  (Lines aren't really in order.. honestly just care about Vrbata being gone to make sure Baertschi is never scratched again)
  5. Agree with your suggestions
  6. Jim Benning on TSN 1040 (May 4)

  7. Hard to Emotionally Invest In This League

    Was gonna read if there was no mention of the referees. But there was, so I just thought I would chime in about how pathetic this makes Canucks fans look: Ottawa lost their series because of a blown call. Everybody knows that. Move on! Everyone makes mistakes. Has anyone ever said "oh the officiating was really good tonight" no and you know why it's because there will always be someone not happy with it, whether its your team the other team or both! They're only human, and honestly this "blaming the referees" mentality needs to stop
  8. It really is a game of inches sometimes, especially considering that in this series, home ice pretty much held its course except for game 1, where they scored with 30 seconds left.. so there's an example right there of puck luck in a sense
  9. PGT Canucks Vs Flames FLAMES ADVANCE

    I wonder what Canucks fans are like on the Calgary boards. Probably something like this: "I can't wait until Bennett is 19 then I don't have to hear them talking about an 18 year old, instead I will hear them talking about a 19 year old" "The refs were totally on your side" "Bob Hartley, you know like, is a good, you know like, coach that, you know like, gets a lot out of his players" .. and then other things that are much more rude and ill minded than mine, I was just making jokes. But in all honesty, congrats to your team got a bright future
  10. Fallen - Canucks' 2014 - 15 Season Tribute

    Looking back on the year I definitely think everyone can agree that we exceeded expectations - I mean we made the playoffs and the LA Kings didn't
  11. Do you play hockey yourself? Sometimes playing hockey yourself makes things a lot better, because things are in your control. Watching the Canucks play, you legitimately have no influence on the outcome, and it makes you feel helpless in a sense. However, if you play hockey, you are the one actually involved in the game and that sense of control will make things less depressing. That is only applicable if you play though, perhaps if you have another sport or something
  12. What was with WD?

    I think next season will be an opportunity for him to have a better feel for the team, considering this was his first year not only coaching this team but coaching in the NHL as well
  13. Trust me, build from within... Youth Youth Youth

    ^ man you broke my streak of being the last poster on all the threads haha
  14. Todd McLellan as New Head Coach?

    ... of a team not named the Vancouver Canucks. Man you made this thread before the Canucks had even lost this series - I was watching Bob Hartley's interview after the Flames game about how their team was still behind them even though they were down 3-0 in that game 10 minutes in.. and here we have one of our very own Canucks' fans making a thread about firing our coach.... before the series is even finished!