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  1. (PGT)Canucks 4 - Pens 5

    love it
  2. Sutter returns , now what?

    Love that lineup
  3. What do we have in 29 yo Edler?

  4. [PGT] Past, Present, Future: Canucks 3, Panthers 2

    it's on the first page somewhere 
  5. [PGT] Canes 2-3 Canucks

    Beauty game by Bo 
  6. Boycott The Province

    my goodness I could not agree more. I absolutely cannot stand that guy.
  7. it's posts like the one you just made that make me love coming onto this message board. Well also the intellectual discussion between knowledgable hockey fans, but that was an excellent chirp, love it
  8. hahaha nice. Would love to see McCann there 
  9. Are you jumping off the Band Wagon? (Discussion)

    oh man I rarely post on these threads but I love seeing this because I myself cannot stand bandwagon fans. Yes I don't watch games as much anymore but part of that is because of school - however I still watch the highlights after and keep up with the team, it just pisses me off that when the Canucks become competitive again all the bandwagoners will jump back on and I feel that they don't deserve to bathe in the glory that is the success of the team! When it gets there of course haha 
  10. Officials

    wow after all that I lost sight that this "Heffy" wanted to petition to assault the refs during games, hahahahaha
  11. Officials

  12. Officials

    Most people on this thread that are blaming the refs are just plain morons. One said that because the puck wasn't covered on a breakaway means it shouldn't be a penalty shot. Another said that Burrows was bleeding after the cross check - he clearly wasn't. We legitimately have the MOST PP's in the league, yet there are fans that are STILL complaining. If we had a PP that could score, guess what? Teams wouldn't take penalties on us! It has nothing to do with the officiating, or this so called conspiracy theory that many fans choose to live by. Like I've said many times, I have a hard time being proud sometimes as a Canucks fans when the reputation is based on the idiots that still complain when - dare I say it again - WE HAVE THE MOST PP's IN THE LEAGUE. Just yesterday, we had a 2 minute 5 on 3! Unbelievable. 
  13. Officials

    well said.