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  1. Agreed. I like Dave Tomlinson too and IMac is decent, but Paterson and Sekeres and Botchford I have a hard time listening to
  2. How you came up with that in 3 minutes is pretty impressive
  3. I initially proposed a 6 year 31.8M extension for an AAV of 5.3M. However, the more I think about it, the more I think this will end up being a bridge deal. In 2 years, if Horvat is paid 5.3M per year, our highest paid forward will be Loui Eriksson.. and I think in 2 years Horvat will be the better player, and will want to be paid accordingly. I can see a 2 or 3 year deal between 4 and 4.5M per year, followed by 6-8 year extension in the 6-7M range. My guess would be 2 years at 4.25M, and then 6 years at 6.25M after that.
  4. Excellent observation that we didn't draft any of those players. +1 to you
  5. Been a fan since I discovered hockey, probably around '99. Wore #19 in my first season of hockey because of Naslund. Agree with above about knowledgable hockey fans on CDC (for the most part!)
  6. yup! So many people fail to realize that luck plays a huge role - without Johansen and Fiala the Preds still took Pit to 6 games.. just love the parity in the NHL and at the end of the day a lot of time it comes down to the simple fact that anything can happen. When it's your hometown team though, we always try to find reasons such as being out coached, having weak goaltending, not having enough toughness, depth, etc..
  7. I'm a '91, so wasn't really able to comprehend what was going on in '94 - 2011 team was the dream team, reminds me of how dominant the Capitals are during the regular season.. there really isn't a reason other than parity and that anything can happen in the playoffs as to why they can't win it all - same with us in 2011 (injuries played a huge role though).
  8. Haha I did the same thing.. didn't watch it for years.. deleted it about a year ago
  9. Love the thread. But one thing that Canucks fans seem to forget about is this: Anything can happen in the playoffs. Yes, we tried to make some changes after 2011 to try and get tougher (example being Hodgson for Kassian trade.. bad example though since there were other reasons for the deal), but at the end of the day, my point is that anything can happen in the playoffs. Nashville shut out Chicago in the United Centre.. both games. Toronto almost took Washington to game 7.. and OT almost every game. Ottawa almost made the cup finals.. again they took the Pens to OT. Canucks lost Hamhuis, Samuelsson, and Raymond to injury, and Kesler wasn't 100% (but again.. most players aren't.. because anything can happen in the playoffs!). We were terrible on the road in the series vs Boston.. but who could have predicted that? Of course there's 20/20 hindsight that some fans probably had at the beginning of the season, where they probably wanted us to fire AV because we lost to Chicago twice in a row. All I'm saying is that in the NHL, despite what some of us may think, there's so much parity that any team can win on any given night. Same thing in the playoffs. One this is for sure though.. The Avs are going to be brutal this year. Or maybe they'll make the playoffs.. anything can happen!* So moral of the story is that I agree that the Canucks should try to build a team similar to the 2011 team which is looks like we are trying to do. But instead of tanking and trying to get a better pick, I strongly feel that the best way to build the team is to make the playoffs because the young players improve because of that experience. And once making the playoffs it's a toss up. *Except the Avs making the playoffs. Anything can happen, except the Avs making the playoffs.
  10. No way we finish ahead of the Jets IMO
  11. You can actually find footage of them doing the actual lottery on YouTube
  12. 6 years at 5.3M per = 31.8M
  13. Jack Rathbone has got some serious wheels
  14. I think they stay until Petterson makes the team, similar to what Lemieux did with Crosby