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  1. Personally, I would think that AV should have better judgment regarding who is playing well and who isn't than I. He's not only more experienced in all facets of the game, but is also in a better position to judge who's playing well than I am just because he has more exposure to the players. As for sending Shroeder down earlier, as has been stated several dozen times in many places, that had nothing to do with his play. He was the only person on the team who could be sent down without going through waivers; so it only made sense so send him down, especially as it was at the time when everyone was finalizing rosters and so all the teams were watching the waiver wire. As for Kassian. He's played well and been getting consistently high minutes. He may have been placed on the Sedin line because other players were tired, but he has stayed there because of his play. AV does not give rookies almost 20 minutes a night unless they are playing well.