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  1. Miller > Luongo. Forever and always. MILLER TIME
  2. Miller > Luongo. Forever and always. MILLER TIME
  3. LONG LIVE KING HENRIK A new phenom is born... SBEEZUS
  4. I'm literally crying. Slightly. Greatest athlete ever. Of all time.
  5. Got a chuckle on 1 out of the 5 nicknames... %20... not bad. If only we could match that PP% Or better yet, if only I could land %20 of the girls I spoke too!
  6. Love it. Megna is a beaut. Miller... words can't describe what a legend he is. Luongo still sucks. I'll continue to hate him until 10pm tonight Luongo AKA quitter, AKA too much of a chicken to poison Torts AKA prefers to live in a dumpster Florida... AKA would never drop the gloves for Troy AKA...
  7. One team is destined to go on a cup run. The isles are going no where... Perhaps Cal Clutterbuck + Strome for Gudranson? GETIRRRRRRRRDUNN!!!
  8. Tonight... Luongo is peasant trash. Miller is 10x the man (this applies in general not just tonight). LETS GO MILLSY!
  9. Much better idea. Sorry for my stupidity of suggesting Earth!
  10. I change my mind. They shouldn't rename a street/blvd. They should rename Canada to Sedin. Or better yet the planet earth to Sedin.
  11. My asking price for Burr to MTL is Galchenyuk + + Price + Weber (50% retained) for Burrows, Gudbranson + 7th round pick + Tips from Jimbo on how to negotiate contracts poorly!
  12. Didn't know that rule change... My bad!
  13. I think Sakic would be crazy to trade Landeskog in the first place... especially at 5.71AAV long term. If we wanted to stay away from concussions then Loui wasn't a wise choice. That being said, if god forbid, he gets a 3rd one and has to retire, we're off the hook for the 6 mill AAV. Again... I said god forbid... the last thing I'd wish on anyone not named Doughty, Methot or Keith is a concussion. Assuming we can't get Landy, I think Duchene is the perfect fit and his value is relatively low right now. I can see why he'd be inconsistent on a team run by Colorado Joe that's made poor decision after poor decision. If those two aren't on the table, who would your ideal return be for one of the 4 dman we've been talking about?
  14. Well that's embarrassing, I just teared up reading the " “The biggest thing Hank’s ever done for me was come up to me when I was in that huge slump,” Horvat said. “It kind of calmed me down and right after that my season took off. I’ll remember that for the rest of my career, the rest of my life. For a veteran guy, a captain, to come up to me like that, come out of his way to talk to me, it was pretty special. " ... LOCK HIM UP ALREADY!!!! 8 years 36 mill! - 4.5AAV .... now hear me out Front load Year 1: 10 mill **Over extend buy vancouver real estate Year 2: 10 mill **Over extend buy vancouver real estate Year 3: 10 mill **Over extend buy vancouver real estate Minimizing his taxes as he's losing $$ Year 4: 3 mill 5: 0.750k 6: 0.750k 7: 0.750k 8: 0.750k By end of year 8 his 36 mill should be worth 60 mill at least. Now Jimbo doesn't know anything about math and contracts... if only we had MG to convince him on a deal like this.
  15. Edler won't waive his NTC, he's settled in Vancouver... but who knows maybe he'll have a change of heart?. Tanev is locked up to an incredible value contract if you ask me... I'd move Tanev for a Landeskog or Duchene in a heartbeat. Gudbranson is an RFA looking for a raise + based on Jimbo's recent deals, I have a feeling it'll be 6x6 I'm open to trading any 3... even Sbisa if we can get a good forward in return. Out of the 4, I feel like the avs would only want Gud or Tanev if they were to deal Duchene