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  1. Maybe... but in my day dreams I had them rejuvenating their careers and hitting 60+ points en route to the stanley cup this year. That's what I want damnit! I want a story book ending.
  2. How many years has it been since either Daniel or Henrik played under 13 minutes a game? (Not games they've left with injuries) Daniel 12:29 Henrik 12:48 I certainly don't recall any other time... I went through Daniel's #'s 2016 - Lowest Nov 5th @ Tor 14:20 TOI 2015 - Dec 15th @ MIN both Sedins around 12 minutes combined for 3 points in a 6-2 loss 2014 - Feb 5th vs SJ in 5-1 loss around 12:39 All in loses... not during wins like last night. Times are changing
  3. His value solely depends on what contract his agent is asking for. At 4 years 4.5 million, I'd bite and make an offer. Any more it's too risky. My friends have seen him out drinking lots this and last summer... seen him once myself. Not sure he's got character like Bo or anything.
  4. Hmmm I think it will have some affect. But then again, those Chinese/Foreign buyers do have their kids or other relatives living here as "residents"... so surely they'll find a way around it? But good nonetheless. It will help to some extent. The main problem IMO still is the fact that developers only build luxury units.
  5. LOL... gotta enjoy it while it lasts. Not sure how much longer he'll be #1 on their D in scoring and how much longer VGK will lead the west
  6. Hmmm... was thinking about a possible trade back to Boston? So he can go back to where he recently scored 30 goals? Belesky has 3 years remaining at 3.8 Million Loui has 5 years remaining at 6 million... You can certainly say Loui is the better player overall. Perhaps a deal could be worked here after this season when Vancouver has paid his 8 million dollar years? We could retain some cap in his final 2 years which Belesky would be off the books for? Loui's NMC ends this year... so if he doesn't want to chose to waive his NTC, then we can just waive him and have him play in Utica until he agrees? (I think he would agree at that point regardless and hopefully it doesn't get to that)
  7. Burrows was making 483K annually on a 3 year deal at the time "clutch" made his thread... who was a clearly a troll. You're making this thread with 5 years left on a 6AAV deal... this hurts a lot more lol
  8. Aaaaaa... I'm such a novice. Obviously shoulda predicted the Nilsson shutout. 3-1 Canucks tomorrow. Also what a joke I guessed 8 points... should have guessed 10! CUP OR BUST!
  9. Honestly, I hate to say it but Nia really doesn't fit in. First of all, it makes 0 sense for her not to win every single match due to her size... second of all, it's becoming a joke to see her lose the same way, over an over again. I'm contemplating cancelling my WWE network subscription now that the NHL is back on. There's just too much programming and I don't have time for that + hockey. Will keep watching Raw and SD though.
  10. I'm ok with expansion to 32 teams... would even up all the divisions with 8 teams. My only problem would be with Jimbo picking our expansion list again. Hopefully he's fired or has no say in it come the 32nd team expansion. Of the 30 teams, considering we finished 2nd last place, it's embarrassing that Jimbo gave them their 2nd best player. Neal being the 1st and Sbisa being the 2nd.
  11. Did hockeygod77 change his name?
  12. With 4 points, Luca leads all Vegas defense in points. Vegas sits 1st in the Western Conference. Therefore Luca is better than Keith, Doughty, etc who aren't pushing their team to #1 in the West. Big shoutout to Jimbo for letting him go... T_______________________________________T FFS I have a cat named after him... and he plays for Vegas now?!
  13. Carrie Underwood sat down with Nashville Predators forward Sidney Crosby earlier this morning... Carrie: Thomas Vanek got his 700th point last night... what do you think that does for your team? Sidney: Well... to do it in the fashion he did... slapper on a breakaway is just something else. Probably the most impressive 700th point in NHL history. I wet myself a little tbh. Carrie: What are your thoughts on the early success of Jared McCann? Sidney: Well... he learned from better men than I did in my first year. So he should be having more success. I wish I got to play a year with the Sedins. Perhaps I would be better for it. Man those Swedish Twins are good looking. Carrie: Luca "The Franchise" Sbisa currently leads Nashville in FPts and FP/G by a wide margin. Thoughts? Sidney: This doesn't surprise me or any of our teammates. He was clearly our #1 D-Man going forward after Edler was injured. You know, don't get me wrong, we've got other good defense man as well, but Luca is something else. Could be the best d-man I've played with in my entire career. If you haven't noticed, aside from leading our D in FPts... Luca has more assist than all our other d-man combined. Carrie: The absence of Alex Edler; how does it affect the team? Sidney: Listen Carrie... *bursts into tears* ... five minutes later
  14. Is Kallisto also related to Eddie?
  15. It's a little early to tell... Lots of goalies do well in their first games of the season. Wouldn't surprise me if he's our starting goalie come playoffs. YEA BABY! WE TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFS!