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  1. Can anyone explain to me why Nakamura talks like he does? I can't tell if it's a part of his gig or if he's got some speech disability (not meaning to offend him, I'm just confused... I never watched NXT)
  2. Vancouver is a much nicer place than that dumpster Chicago. Aquaman has the money to back up a potential 5 year 50 mill deal so I see no reason why we couldn't have him if he was available. Same as the Babcock deal.
  3. Always loved him. He had some major clutch goals so I chose him as an extra attacker if the goalie was pulled! MATT COOKE! CASHING IN...... 5.7 seconds to go... and they're still alive! Best memory from my elementary school years... get chills everytime
  4. Talking "all man" ... guts and glory type of guys... guys that are man enough to stand up for their team mates no matter what. Miller proved that and then some in his 3 years here. If I was doing an all star canucks team it would probably be below Daniel - Henrik - Bure Ohlund - JovoCop Luongo (Naslund/Cooker extra attacker... goalie pulled!)
  5. That's what I'd say... If Miller wants north of 4.5 and more than 1-2 years, then let him walk and use Bachman as the backup. As much as I respect Miller, IMO part of the ALL MAN team in Canucks history... we shouldn't commit to anything more than that. FYI - here's my All Man team. Luongo, although without a doubt, he is one of the top 5 greatest goalies of all time (Hasek, Roy, Brodeur, Lundqvist), he's no man that Miller proved to be. Line 1: Alex Burrows Trevor Linden Todd Bertuzzi Sami Salo - Kevin Bieksa Ryan Miller
  6. Poor personalities on 1040? At least they have guys that know something about BC and Vancouver in general. I'll probably never tune it to this toronto garbage. At least we had Donny, Pratt, Rintoul, Price... all guys that actually know something about the city... whether you like what they say or not...
  7. Wait... what? Who in their right mind would say no to making 7 figures living here? http://dailyhive.com/vancouver/most-livable-city I think this falls on Jimbo and Trevor. IF Green doesn't succeed, both Jim and TL must go.
  8. What a god damn joke... the two years we suck, they change the rules and make it harder for us to win... SIGH.
  9. BIG GAME BONINO! Still can't believe he got robbed of the Conn Smythe... but hey, I guess Crosby's 1 more point made up for the fact that he was -2 and BBB was +9... not to mention he blocked shots like a truck. Guess I shouldn't complain though... the whiner is on my team! I'll feel a little better if @somethingvery goes on to win the cup... always best to lose to the Champ. ----- Disclaimer: The above comments are not a representation of GM Apollo's. I am Apollo and I love my player Sidney Crosby - 10/10 Guy. Crosby > Bonino ----- Comments from GM Apollo in the exit conference "I take full responsibility for this first round exit... I made countless questionable moves that threw us in the 8th seed and lead to our demise. However, you live and you learn... The pressure got to me near the TDL and I sewered two first round picks only to be kicked out in the first round. Hoping to re-sign Chris Kunitz and Polak will be a solid asset moving forward for us... Will be bring on an Assistant GM or perhaps new GM this off season. I have a couple interviews for those spots and will tackle them shortly with ownership... Current candidates and interviews we have set up are with the Legendary John Garrett, Don Taylor, Gary Too Good Looking Valk, and a mystery man not to be named... we'll make our decision shortly."
  10. Bergevin really failed at the TDL. This trade, I think it's safe to say Weber was the better player THIS year... Who knows which guy will be better in the future. One would think Bergevins job should be on the line though
  11. Wonder how he'll do... Hope he's as entertaining to watch as he used to be. How about NJD re-signs him, 2 years 6AAV Then we trade him for Loui? One can dream... Sigh lol
  12. Coilers got a good team... Tough to go against the good Canadian team led by the enigma... The beauty of all beauties.... The man of many beards... Zack Kassian. Then again, on the other hand you have the greatest dman to ever set foot in that pathetic state of California... Will have to watch the games and decide on the fly who I'm cheering for. Regardless, good to know either juice or Kass will be in the west final!
  13. Tough to cheer against the GOAT... Nick... Big game BONINO... but my hate for malkin and Crosby trumps my love for the bone show. Let's go caps in 7!
  14. Nope... Jumped off the ship. He's scum in my books. After all we did for him and made him into the player he turned too... He turns his backs on us?