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  1. Love it! I'll take a 6th place, first round match up vs the Queen's. Here's mine, spiced a Lil extra homer on there 1. SJ iono, I like Jones and I think they'll do well 2. Nashville, this could really go either way... I think PK and Co thrive though. 3. Chicago is the most pathetic city on the planet (tied with Boston and LA). That's all I have to say... 4. Vancouver Vintage Sedinery ensues. Some kinds step up, either Miller or Marky have vezina seasons 5. Ducks juice kes first round match up... Why not? 6. Blues like them more without Backes. I hated Backes. 7. Stars too good up front... Hammer will do well 8. Winnipeg, good youngsters bound to make leaps 9-14... Iono but LA is pathetic. Calgary Oil still suck. Avs yotes wild out too
  2. And the search continues... Only option Rn seems to be Edler/Tanev + for landeskog or duchene package Then sign Russell
  3. My "best guess" is that bolland crouse vermette and Arizona gm all doing drugs together and in stage 1 of the nhl rehab. This explains EVERYTHING
  4. Wouldn't the isles and hamonic be the best trading partner for them?
  5. We signed arguably the top free agent forward, it's a shame we weren't able to get another asset on board from free agency but still time to go in the off season. I think we've kept up pace decently.... We desperately need one more move though to be a solid playoff team.
  6. Hey man let me live in denial in peace. I know it doesn't say their name on the cup but does it matter if it says John Cenas or the rocks name on the wwe championship? It's as fixed as the scf.
  7. That's not too far off value wise. Tanev surely can fetch kreider + Luca likely has low value right now so I don't know if they would include kreider + for him I'd be all over Tanev for Zibanejad combo too but obviously they wouldn't trade for him and then flip him right away
  8. I think overall it should be good for the team and the game in general. Like you said, hopefully it'll help the twins and Loui build up chemistry. I don't think this'll affect any of their fitness levels for the remainder of the year a negative way. It's not as physical as nhl games, or at least I don't think it will be. Still baffled edler didn't get the nod. Sweden brass makes questionable moves from time to time... Even leaving out hedman in sochi which was a huge wake up call for hedman. Edler though, I don't think will be phased. He'll continue to train in van and seriously why would anyone chose to be in Toronto over Vancouver? In any time of year. I would have preferred if he was on the team though. As for lu and Hansen, it'll just be entertaining to watch them play. I expect good things from both. All in all, should be a good tournament. I'm %100 behind team Sweden, then world, then Canada. Would be nice to see Marky steal the #1 job from Henrik.
  9. Now what do we do? Missed Hudler and him... Mike Richards? Offersheet Nichushkin, rakell, Zemgus, rieder... All 4 I'd love to offer sheet on. Why not get back at Dallas for the hamhuis bs Or go after Russell and trade Tanev?
  10. Sorry but they are
  11. 1 year 2 mill... What a steal! Wish we could have landed a money puck guy this off season :/
  12. Honestly it seems like such a fan task to gm an expansion team... Surprised only one person applied. I think we're all too attached to our own teams Rn. @Captain Woodget please don't draft my captain Luca Sbisa
  13. Yea man, he broke my heart while I was a little boy in elementary school and made me cry that 2001 playoff series. Him and Forsberg. Screw Sakic... Mr burnaby, shoulda came home to play for us.
  14. iono why but I absolutely loled at that... So much awesome randomness. I say Keith Carney - Kelly Hrudey John Garret - Alex Edler Colorado Sell Out Joe - Sopel (just wanted a reason to vent my dislike for that guy that played for avalench, wore 19... Claims to be from burnaby...) In all seriousness it's really tough to predict the pairs... Especially with question marks around tryamkin Pedan and Larsen. Haven't seen them play enough... Edler Tanev Luca Guddy Hutt ???? I wouldn't be against splitting edler and Tanev, one to Hutton's pair and then let the other guys fight out for the top spot with edler. There's potential for any of the 3 to make a good pair with edler
  15. Well said. That being said why would they sell out to win a cup? I'm sure ether know, like I do, that they are the 2011 cup Champs. Let's say a cup contender wants them and we have no choice but to move them, I'd make a deal like this. Also, any borderline playoff team, add the twins = cup contender imo. To avs sedins and 50% retained for 1 year For Nathan mackinnon and 3 1st rounders To Tampa sedins and 50% retained for 3 first rounders + Johnson To pens Sedins and 50% retained for Bonino and 3 first rounders... To nyr sedins 50% retained for zibanejad, + 4 first rounders My asking price is high. I'm a fan. Also, you trade the sedins and whoever team they go to, I automatically become a die hard fan of. Thought luongo to Florida would make me a huge fan but I kinda stopped caring about Florida... This would be something else though. As good as luongo was, he'll never be the sedins.