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  1. Lol I totally forgot that human trash made the SCF. Sorry but I can give about 0% respect to any players on that 2011 bruins team who had rules of hockey changed to win the cup T_T But yea silly of me to forget that hahah
  2. As a result of successfully claiming Patrick nemeth, the Sens would like to waive Mark Borowiecki and send him to our minor league team.
  3. Hmmm seeing these two plugs that never even made a SCF, won scoring championship or even won back to back president trophies reminds me... I never understood what that "weird broke back mountain thing is that these two guys got going on"... I mean it's really weird what these guys got going on in Dallas. Their words not mine Not that there's anything wrong with that in my books. Power to them for coming out of the closet. I support their decision. I'll pray for them. Luckily I'm not a classless pig like Jamie and Tyler.... running my mouth about two iconic legends who these two plugs will never measure up to. So I'm just gonna be supportive unlike the trash human Tyler is with 0 morals and class... Jamie isn't much better himself tbh https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thescore.com/nhl/news/698242/amp /rant
  4. Senators claim Patrick Nemeth If claim successful, we would like to waive Mark Borowiecki and send him to our minor league team
  5. Senators call up... Never mind! No cap
  6. Ottawa Senators call up Colin White
  7. Robin Salo for Ottawa missed pick please! Paying homage to Slammin Sami Salo who retired on my team in 5.0!
  8. Ottawa Senators release Chris Kelly
  9. Nikita A. Popugayev @Master Mind
  10. You know how they say there's no jail time for white collar crimes? Well Jim Benning is lucky he committed a white collar crime. This might be the biggest rob job in the history of sports. Long live JT THRILLER!
  11. Ottawa Releases Tom Pyatt and Mike Kostka
  12. Let me fix that for u Also crap RIP my playoff run... Gave Tampa a good run for their money but came up short
  13. Michael Del Zotto has been summoned in the nations capital. Hope my homerism doesn't nuke my playoff run... Cody Ceci will be taking a seat. We're in a tight battle out in the east with all the Canadian teams... oh Canada! The Del-Zaw-toe-yan One will be entering the team on a pair with Dion "The Truculent one" Phaneuf. MDZ Will be on the PP - he will be on the PP on crutches if he has to! He'll be there!