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  1. Were there actually 10,000 bobble heads given out? From what I saw walking around I'd say there was less. Maybe like 5000? Arrived at 6:35 thru gate 8 and there was none left. So sad =(
  2. Wow we now have a burrows reaction?! Yes! Round of Burrrrrrrs for everyone! Long live the dragon slayer! The French phenom! The better looking and taller version of Tom cruise aka the dooer of the impossible! BURRRRRRRR Also forgot to mention, love the way Alex pronounces his "H" words. Cracks me up! Such a beauty. #14 will live Forever
  3. The dragon slayer... The Goat... The king of kings... The French phenom... I could go on and on... Going to the game. Center ice nosebleeds. Can't wait! Better get me a bobble head! Cup or bust!
  4. The time out should have come at 6-5... It was obvious the MO had shifted. Was yelling at my TV JT doesn't hit the post, it's 7-3 and game over... This is a tough pill to swallow but at least we were entertained?
  5. Looks like they are starting Jarry... Good move. Would have been 4 quick goals on Murray and a first period pull. We're still gonna light up Jarry though. Get him pulled half way thru the game I reckon.
  6. Absolute no show VS Philly... I expect one of our best games of the year VS Crapsburgh.
  7. Terrible effort. Chalk it up to one too many Philly cheese steaks pre game or the night before?
  8. Yea the more I see him play the more I come to believe this. There's nothing wrong with it or anything... In fact that's probably how he plays his best hockey. When he's focused on just that and not the rough stuff. When Brock got rocked in the caps game, it wasnt Myers even mixing it up after, it was Pearson. I would love to see some more toughness from Tyler but if he isn't gonna do it, then he'll still be an effective player
  9. Can we get a Roussel update guys? I'm getting worried, it's been too long since our last one Jokes aside, can't wait to have him back. I love beags too but I think he Rous was our prize from that free agency. He had career highs last season and hopefully he can build on it this year!
  10. iMac asks some pretty terrible questions... Starts it off "you've been inured a lot the past few years..." Shutup iMac Edler is far more respectful than I would be. I'd give him a throat punch Glad Eddie isn't hurt. I have him in all 4 of my fantasy leagues this year and he's absolutely crushing it. Rank 21 one league, rank 18 another... Outscoring that chump Crosby on my fantrax team too. Hand him the Norris already. John Carlsson is a liability and doesn't deserve it
  11. I'm completely OK with them not disclosing injuries to fans and the public. We're fans not doctors. Let's keep all injury info as discrete as possible. There's too many dirty players in the league trying to expose it.
  12. Surprised there wasn't some AV content in the GDT, was scrolling and scrolling... Great stuff as usual though. Also I don't think AV needs recognition at this point - he's one of the top 3 coaches in the history of sports after everything he accomplished here. Now let's hand him that L! Get the Dubya!
  13. Where is the truth to this rumour? Multiple guys close to the situation have said its absolute dog crap yet everyone still brings it up So sick of hearing this rumour that has absolutely 0 truth to it... I'm not commenting on whether or not Ryan cheated on his own wife - whether he did or not, is none of my business. But Ryan was all about the team and winning for a DECADE... why on earth would you think he would chose to cheat on his wife with Cory Schneiders GF?!!?! The same GF Cory ended up getting married to?! If Ryan wanted, he could hit up Yaletown at the time and he'd have 10s flocking at his disposal. Please stop this terrible factless rumor. RYAN NEVER DID ANYTHING WITH CORY'S WIFE Ryan was one of the guys that ALWAYS stood up for his teammates... minus maybe his final season here.