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  1. I wonder if someone can shoot it high enough to get Shannahans throat too hahaha
  2. I just hope the preferential treatment is only off the ice tonight. Who am I kidding though? I predict a few burrows disallowed goals and many garbage penalties. I usually say get the W at all costs, but all I want to see is a blood bath tonight. Crush these worthless pos's... Even go after Babcock... He gave Kadri and Martin the green light. Larsen should wind up a slapper and aim it right for Babcocks face.
  3. Bert's cheap shot wasn't as dangerous as Moore's head hunt on the leagues reigning MVP. Not to mention far less dangerous than Keith's head hunt on Daniel when he was the leagues reigning MVP. The nhl is a joke and it antagonizes the canucks every damn year.
  4. +1 but to be fair it wasn't bert. It was the pile up of 10 players that broke his neck
  5. Benning is clearly the better drafter and scout. No doubt. He should be our head of scouting.
  6. He was doing incredible for us on every line he was put on. Had like 8 GWGs and set up 5 as well. He was a big reason why we made the playoffs and was instrumental in the pens cup. No Bonino and they don't win a cup. Trade would have made sense had their contracts n more importantly cap hits been reversed.
  7. Not at all hahah... He's a dead beat. Like I always say... They hate us cuz they ain't us.
  8. Kadri and Martin need to pay. Call me classless but I'd love to see both taken off the ice on a stretcher Steve Moore (minus the career ending injury caused by 10 players jumping on the pile... I'll just take season ending injuries) Good move by Willie going with Miller. Give marky the next game for sure.
  9. How about we give them back Sutter and take back the Bone show? Sutter + Tanev + 1st for Gino and Bonino... God I hate that Bonino trade more and more everyday.
  10. Oh I'm not doubting that Willie thinks that. I'm talking about what myself and many other posters would agree should be our second line based on quality of talent on said lines. Willie is not utilizing his assets. I think the sutter experiment on the top line is failing too... FFS he couldn't win a single faceoff last night.
  11. Honestly this is my problem... When sportsnet was regional, you turn on the news and you get canucks coverage first... now I have to sit through Raptos, Jays, Leafs, etc etc... The worst is home town hockey on sundays... they don't even talk about the canucks game going on during the intermissions. Also regular nights, there's barely any post game or pregame coverage. I just really miss actually having sportsnet pacific be controlled locally.
  12. Agreed. There's only one person that fingers can be pointed at... Willie. He's completely out of his element... he has to go. Also, in my books Bo's line is the 2nd line. As I'm sure many would agree.
  13. Agreed. But Sportsnet is just as much of a joke and they are extremely relevant. It's sad times to be anything but a Toronto fan sports media wise. Really miss the regional coverage... Don Taylor
  14. This team is working hard... It's not gonna be easy... we lost a crucial game and instead of 2 points back of the ducks, we're now 6. We gotta look ahead and win one game at a time. Leafs, Devils, Bolts, Cats... all games we can win. Gotta start making up ground. Really not liking Willies decisions. It's gonna be tough to make the playoffs with him in charge. It's possible though. Gibson played well... we played decent considering all the injuries. We really need scoring from the bottom 6 lines. It just hasn't been there but it's expected with Hansen, Dorss out...
  15. Yo... Is sutter or jb your cousin?