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  1. Well I'm not mad at Sbisas agent for outsmarting our cap-challenged gm. Neither am I sutters. I think both deals will likely prove solid in the next season or so but there's no denying that there was one clear winner in the Bonino trade and Jim is responsible for giving them the cup. I guarantee u the penguins don't win with sutter over Bonino. Not to mention the cap space they got to slot in fehr initially and what turned into Bonino. As for fantasy, it's hard to prove myself when it's not my full time job like Jim's. If I was a GM and had a million dollar salary and just watched hockey, I'd be far more valuable to the Canucks. It's an old boys club tho. Hahah yea they were both pretty solid. Couldn't think of too good of an argument against those terms! ------- OK back to fantasy for real... Anyone want Marc Staal? He's bound to have a better year than his last year of disappointment and can be had cheap. Willing to do an even cap trade or give or take a million
  2. Luca is a beauty. I forget which game it was exactly but he was hurt, got stitched up and we were winning the game with a decent lead (at least 2 goals) and with a few minutes left, he came back to try and play... and I remember John Garrett saying that his team mates really gained respect. He gained mine then too... Not to mention some bone crushers on jagr, Ehlers and some nice gwgs. He's played over 100 games as a Canuck... Not to mention I met him once and been man crushing hard since. B sutta had some nice moments but still hasn't done enough, mainly due to the injury to earn my full on homerness. If he earns it, he'll get it. It didn't help his case that we let go of bone show who I already had as one of my favourite canucks in only 1 season of play. It's not sutters fault, it's bennings. The pens won that trade and they can partly thank JBs ineptitude of salary cap understanding for their cup. Let's just hope from here on in, the trade benefits us. Also come on... Lui and Bones are on my team. Gives me some extra love for them! Edit: btw those weren't my words... Barts %100. You can see the clip on tsn tonight... I do agree with his words though
  3. Bart on signing with the pens... "I only came to be reunited with Luca Sbisa. He's Bobby Orr but better if you ask me"
  4. Still baffled we let this guy go after he was producing and getting 20 minutes some nights... But again torts was loco and that explained the minutes but still. Can't believe we let a local boy like him walk, he's a reliable bottom 6 forward
  5. Without a doubt best 1st line LW in the league and also best 4th line RW.
  6. I'd say that's a very solid signing... Great cap hit. He did pretty well in LA after the trade... Surprised they didn't keep him.
  7. Wizardry is an insult. They are the world's greatest beings
  8. What is a 19 year old doing at a bar? Isn't the age 21 in USA?
  9. Agreed... But it's the perfect time to buy at an all time low and fix him up. It's a great fit. Kane 1.75mill retained for remainder of contract for 7th round pick. Why not? Depending on how bad the situation is, that might get the deal done. They'll save 3.5 mill cap over 2 years and get rid of their cancer.
  10. He hasn't been proven guilty... Yes he's a dbag but chances are these 2 women are blowing things out of proportion to get some money out of him. I'd still take a chance on him. Henrik and Daniel can help clean up his act.
  11. Fire gm JB. Should have landed this guy. If only we still had prime trading chips the likes of may ray n Ballard =/
  12. You really can't take a small joke can u... :| Be a little more chill
  13. Hmmmm... I've got him locked up for two more years at 4aav in CDCP... not sure if I want him to go to europe so I can open up an extra cap or if hope he signs with a competitor and rebounds at the 4mill for two years. I think I'll be ok either way... probably leaning towards him going to europe so I get the extra cap though =/ Gonna need that extra cap so I can lock up the Bone Show long term and continue pounding @oldnews @Baer. in the division
  14. He's a Swiss army knife. Can play whatever the heck he wants. Regardless of anything, he should always be on the first PP unit. He's the only one on the team that can provide a screen