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  1. Sorry about him being +10 more than crybaby Crosby Not to mention his countless blocks. I'm talking 2015 2016. Not last year. Bonino single handedly won that 1st cup. GOATINO
  2. Lol w0t m8? Bonino was the MVP of last year's team. Look at his stats and plus minus... This year's team he wasn't as valuable on, but still top 5. Nick Gotino
  3. The wild have a decent chance at a cup too imo. Pens certainly won't be the same without Bonino. Not a chance they can win another cup next year when a clutch performer like Nick departs... Not to mention Kuny. Bonino = Big Game
  4. I think any guy that starts loosing his hair just looks awful when they try to keep it and hide it. Luke Harper too... honestly, I think he's actually a great wrestler but A) his balding spot is really annoying, I hate his wardrobe... I can smell the stink from the tv Both pretty talented in the ring though.
  5. I think Corbin sucks. Something about his character... I know he's a "bad guy" and you're not supposed to like him... but he just sucks IMO.
  6. You know what... I prefer that too. I'll take it
  7. I hope Boeser wins the hart trophy. That'd be nice.
  8. Wouldn't that just make our $10 subway footlong cost $20... trickling down to everything we buy... I think the main problem is housing affordability. If they can get min wage to ~13 in the next 4 years and improve housing affordability, it should be fine.
  9. Voting haula and nominating Kassian again!
  10. I think guys that retire on top lose love for the game. Using Lidstrom as an example, he just wasn't %100 committed anymore. Cullen loves the game and is still %100 committed to it... Playing in his home town is a no brainer. He's got lots left in the tank. Guys like Brandon Pirri can't get spots in the nhl because there's better players like Cullen out there.
  11. I see no reason to retire from something you love doing. I don't think it's necessarily the money. Why stop playing the game you love? He's also from Minni.
  12. Less than I thought it would be... not bad.
  13. Lol... I was full on day dream mode for a few hours today
  14. ummm I hope these are just predictions and u didn't just ruin summer slam for me
  15. Can we sign some please? A free potential Tanev would be nice. I'm sure playing in the city is a huge plus for anyone that likes a good quality of life... not to mention, we're a pretty easy roster to crack. MG was a genius... In before someone says Jimbo is a genius for bringing in Troy and then me replying that he wanted to play in Van anyways since he's from here lol