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  1. Join the club! Sigh...
  2. Speculation: Baseball sucks.
  3. Speculation: Benning has 0 business suave and has 0 clue how to manage his assets.
  4. Is the show tonight what they showed on tv Tuesday or what they will show next Tuesday? As in should I watch last Tuesdays show? =S
  5. He should have made his phone calls in the morning... =/
  6. Oh boy... So what though? No one was drafting him top 5. Benning sewered another pick. If he wanted him, he should have traded down to 7th at the very least and got another asset. This is by far the worst asset manager in Canucks history.
  7. Can we throw 300k at Bob Mackenzie and see if he'll take the job? I assume that's more than he gets at tsn.
  8. He must be very high on him if he passed on Vatanen.
  9. These tickets held for: 02:41 Sec 109Row 17, Seats 4-6 $20.00 ea yup... they're corner. All my friends hate wrestling so think I'll just buy some floor seats from Craiglists and go alone edit: nevermind, I decided not to buy 2 and just get 1 for myself... ticketmaster had 1 floor seat left! My friends are into UFC... T_T SEC FLR-A ROW 1 SEAT 38
  10. I get a major lol out of Ellsworth every time he's on... just the fact that he's paired with Carmella... terrible ending to the match though. Definitely agree. Hope to one day see him no chin music Vince McMahon They've really grown on me... great comedy.
  11. Still haven't got my tickets... will those $20 seats suck? Not much left on ticketmaster and I gotta pay for my friend too
  12. Had to check their roster but they seem very well off... Jenner, Wennberg, Dubinsky... not to mention the legend of Zac Dalpe
  13. Well... iono I'd be a little bitter if I was him... they did after all trade him away once. All's well that ends well though... he's got his big money contract and back to Chicago so it can't be hard to stop being bitter.