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  1. Going to this one... first game I'm going to this year. Please just win. 6-3 Canucks Thanks... I'll be collecting my 3 points now. It'll be 5-3 and then Loui Eriksson with the empty netter to complete his Hat-trick.
  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Ottawa should send Burr to play in Olympics during his suspension. I know it won't happen but that would be awesome.
  3. CDC Puck 2017/18

    LOL! If I had to guess I'd say Brad Marchnose. Or is Daryll Sutter done coaching and gonna lace it up for CBJ?!
  4. Something tells me Phillip is gonna be a stud. He will be on the top 6 D of the 2020 Cup Champs.
  5. Further re: Is it just me or do gagner and Zotto hate one another? Or were they joke chirping?
  6. PREACH JOHN GARRET! The fix was in last night!
  7. Yea.... lol. What's even more shocking is his final year here... he posted an 0.892 Save % and only played 13 games as Auld had taken over. This was 2 weeks after he had traded for Luongo too. How on earth Nonuts got a 33rd overall is beyond me... So Gillis got 9th overall for Cory... and Nonis got 33rd overall for Cloutier...
  8. I wonder if the coaching of Cloutier has anything to do with it... It's nice and all to bring back former players... but Dan was not the greatest goalie out there... Then again he's not working with a Luongo / Cory ... but still. I find it hard not to blame Dan to some extent. I still can't believe Nonis got a 2nd for him... I believe the pick was Tyler Ellington 33rd overall. 2006-Jul-05 Traded from Vancouver Canucks to Los Angeles Kings for round 2 pick in the 2007 draft and conditional pick in the 2009 draft
  9. I'll go with 5 minors.... I should really start predicting losses if I want to get points but w.e! 4-2 CANUCKS WIN!
  10. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Teaming with Shane would make sense... I'd hate to see 3 of my favourites go against each other. If Zayn KO and Y2J created a stable... Canadian related that would be awesome. They should hold all titles too! Is Y2J actually not Canadian? On wiki it says he's born in the US but billed from Manitoba?
  11. Not liking Vey only getting 11 min of ice or lappy getting 15... PLAY THEM 60 MINUTES!
  12. [PGT] Florida Panthers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    So nhl changed rule of double minor high sticking? Or were the refs hotboxing their locker room with bc bud? Not that it matters... Guess I'll take the better draft odds. Even though we are bound to drop 3 spots, it will still help!
  13. I got a good feeling about this one... The city will Luuuuuuu all night! Heres to a Eriksson hat trick tonight!
  14. Damn... that's gonna make it much less exciting The scary part is that he's not even a backup... he's the 3rd string. We're even worse against the 3rd stringers..... So dreamy... he can Brock my world all night long