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  1. Without a doubt best 1st line LW in the league and also best 4th line RW.
  2. I'd say that's a very solid signing... Great cap hit. He did pretty well in LA after the trade... Surprised they didn't keep him.
  3. Wizardry is an insult. They are the world's greatest beings
  4. What is a 19 year old doing at a bar? Isn't the age 21 in USA?
  5. Agreed... But it's the perfect time to buy at an all time low and fix him up. It's a great fit. Kane 1.75mill retained for remainder of contract for 7th round pick. Why not? Depending on how bad the situation is, that might get the deal done. They'll save 3.5 mill cap over 2 years and get rid of their cancer.
  6. He hasn't been proven guilty... Yes he's a dbag but chances are these 2 women are blowing things out of proportion to get some money out of him. I'd still take a chance on him. Henrik and Daniel can help clean up his act.
  7. Fire gm JB. Should have landed this guy. If only we still had prime trading chips the likes of may ray n Ballard =/
  8. You really can't take a small joke can u... :| Be a little more chill
  9. Hmmmm... I've got him locked up for two more years at 4aav in CDCP... not sure if I want him to go to europe so I can open up an extra cap or if hope he signs with a competitor and rebounds at the 4mill for two years. I think I'll be ok either way... probably leaning towards him going to europe so I get the extra cap though =/ Gonna need that extra cap so I can lock up the Bone Show long term and continue pounding @oldnews @Baer. in the division
  10. He's a Swiss army knife. Can play whatever the heck he wants. Regardless of anything, he should always be on the first PP unit. He's the only one on the team that can provide a screen
  11. Sens got wrecked... Oh well. My favourite non Canuck goes to the team coached by my favourite coach... Guess I'm slightly a bigger nyr fan today. Would have absolutely loved Mika to be a canuck
  12. - Sbisa is gonna light it up this year. Holla Holla! Rumour is, Nashville will be naming a new captain with the departure of Radim The Dream down to the minors. Many fans want the franchise... Luca sbisa. If that happens, Nashville will NEVER BE THE SAME! You betta belieeevvvee dat playa
  13. 2 week break? What... No. They shouldn't take breaks, they have a fun easy job.
  14. Weak. I don't like BC boys that don't come home. I would. He can join the Sakic, Niedermyer, Stevie Y, etc club of players I'll never like. Yes my reason is shallow, just because they didn't come home and play for the prolific vancouver franchise.