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  1. I meant with both of them... Bo is 10x higher on my chart than DiPietro who likely wont play a game. Bo > Sliced Bread Although I hope no scum bag keith doughty are there to tarnish the team. I absolutely hated that Sochi team. They were an all star collection of scum on this planet.
  2. GOAT!??! Nice... I finally have a reason to cheer for team Canada. Kinda wish the Sedins would suit up for Sweden. Last time a Canucks goalie was on team Canada a drunk Babcock benched him for an inferior Carey Price... or should i say Carey 7rice? Luongo shoulda played in Sochi. Price sucks!
  3. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Still one of my least favourite guys on the roster. Never liked the big show either when he was just demolishing everyone... not much entertainment when it's an obvious outcome. He made a joke of the Tag titles too... what's even worse is how stupid all the competitors were in the tag team battle royal not to first all focus on taking him out?
  4. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Scott Steiner?! Duuuuuude where can I watch this? He used to be one of my favourites back when I was much younger and watching All my wrestling sources are WWE Network.
  5. Current Untouchables?

    No chance I would trade Brock for Dahlin. Brock is a generational sniper and is proven far more than any pick in the 2018 draft. Dahlin for all we know could be the next RNH, Yakupov, Daigle, etc Brock is %100 untouchable in my books. Unless a team is willing to pay more than just that 1st overall pick.
  6. Need your help CDC... if my passport expires June 12th 2018, Can i travel to the US May 1st to 4th?


    This link says you need 6 months extra until it expires, but then has Canada as the list of exempt countries? So I should be ok with Canadian passport? 


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    2. Cerridwen


      Last summer I traveled to the US in mid-July with my passport expiring the first week of August. All they did was send me over to another desk to have it personally reviewed and handwritten in my passport when I intended to return to Canada. :)



      Usually it will be up to some fool border guard to determine whether you can enter,if he or she has had a bad day ,who knows.

      I have heard of people being refused flights because their passport was not up to date,over booking excuse mostly.Be careful down there.

    4. combover


      I’ve heard of people being denied if it’s less than 4 months from expiration date. 

      Like others have said your kinda putting your fate in some ones else’s hands if the say no it’s no.


  7. [Waivers] Reid Boucher

    That's too bad... Would like to see Adam play some meaningful games with utica right now
  8. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Yea I thought the same thing... It was obvious they wouldn't let Charlotte lose tho. Maybe they should have had her face off against another diva.
  9. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Love the iiconincs and mella on Smackdown. Annoyed that Asuka had to come ruin it. Hope mella has a long title run, she's great comedy. I miss no chin music... Wish he beat AJ for the title one of those times =( Oh and forgot to mention, Nakamura as heel is terrific. Never really liked big Cass though... Hopefully they develop him well.
  10. Current Untouchables?

    The time has come... Lord Henrik and King Daniel have retired. One could argue they were untouchable ever since Brian "the mastermind" Burke brought them to Vancouver. But with them gone who remains? The obvious two are Brock and Bo. Are there any other players that you would consider untouchable or think they should be? I've got a few Edler - technically an untouchable with his NTC? I'd love the eagle sign for 5 years and retires a Canuck. Goldobin - so much upside... Put him with Mackinnon this year and Goldy gets same amount of points as rantannen (85 if I recall right). He's also extremely well mannered.
  11. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Stuff like this is exactly why I love the Miz. Maryse is amazing too. A LISTERS! They're absolutely hilarious.
  12. Real simple. Bring Ryan back. The ducks clearly don't respect him... He shoulda got 60 games this season + all playoff games. John Gibson couldn't win a single game for them... Yet they stuck with him? Over Ryan? Ryan can't be happy... We saw his face in the handshake line up. Anders just hasn't worked out well in Vancouver. But he had incredible stats vs buffalo and is younger with some upside so Anaheim agrees So I say we do the trade straight up To VAN: Ryan Miller To ANA: Anders Nilsson Win win. Thoughts? Ride Miller 40ish games, Marky 40ish 2018-2018... Potential cup tandem.
  13. Bure vs Boeser

    Boeser all day. Shocked at poll results.
  14. How are these offers? Sven 4 years - 2.95 AAV (NTC) Or short term Sven 2 years - 2.15 AAV Markus 5 years - 2 mill AAV... safe contract like (NTC) or Short term 2 years 1.5 AAV
  15. True... they've been "Fine" ... but it could be noted that the move hasn't led to success. None won a cup after being stripped. Had to double check when Brown lost it... and yup he was captain for both cups. Although it could be argued Vancouver won the cup in 2011 so Lui stepping down in 2010 was a direct factor of having less pressure. Also that was a goalie. TBH not sure where I'm going with this post now... was trying to make a point but then the I remembered we really were the better team in 2011 and had the cup had the Old Boys Club not interfered