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  1. Wow I just searched him up and looks like he had a hell of a career in MTL... 9th round pick... 262nd overall... what a steal. 62 points career high in his last year with MTL 2007-08... I've been following our Canucks since 2000-01 and never seen a dman put up 62 points... unless I'm wrong and I somehow missed one doing it.
  2. The "something" they did was a) 15% foreign tax which as a realtor, I'm sure you know it's very easy for them to side step b ) offer the mortgage assist for homes under 750k, which has just made homes under 750k even more unaffordable. Most money launderers in the city have 2+ children... and all of them got a mortgage themselves and made the prices on Condos under 750k sky rocket even more. Not nearly enough. Also, I haven't heard anything from the NDP doing anything... Perhaps Christy & the liberals had better intentions with B... but all it did is make it even more expensive for those who actually work here and want to buy. It's mainly just helped that guy that has 2+ kids and wants to buy condo's for them interest free for 5 years. I know plenty of people around me that have done this... all immigrants that don't pay taxes here, don't pay $75/month for health, and just take advantage of everything by claiming 0 income.
  3. Man I've been waiting for 2 years now... It's just gotten worse and worse. I hope the bubble bursts and prices fall 50% but I'm dreaming. Probably just gonna keep going up and I'll have to move.
  4. I never like using my minus but Sedins on your third line warrants a minus. Have some respect for the Kings that made Vancouver the city that it is today.
  5. Could this be comparable to Bo's contract?
  6. Shady for sure. The loonie has to affect. All these Chinese, Asian, American, European buyers coming in are getting more bang for their buck when 1.4 CAD = 1 USD... right now 1.25 CAD = 1 USD... so this should cool their offers down a little Hoping we see a stable 1.20CAD = 1 USD...
  7. Man I wish we tried to trade for him... but I guess we didn't have a piece like Brassard. Not sure what's taking so long for Bo to sign...
  8. It's up there with Rogers. At least considering their size and # of customers they "service" "screw"
  9. This is as true as it gets. Yet a guy busting his ass at 25 who only has 7 years experience and pays taxes has less of a discount. Yet the immigrants come in, take free health care, use our roads, claim 0 income and launder in 6-8 figures annually. It's not just China though... all the immigrant countries. Korea, Japan, India, Iran, all have horrible drivers.
  10. Wait... no one is complaining about the unfair monopoly ICBC has? Yet we're bashing the drivers and the truckers? This monopoly is a joke. ICBC is Canada's most crooked and corrupt organization. No where else in Canada are rates this high.
  11. LOL. Anyways... I meant they catch fire this year 2017-2018 season and each get like 50-70 points and then take us to the promise land and win a cup this year which would be the 2018 cup. Then after that production, we can't retain them and they all sign with other teams in free agency for 4aav +
  12. Honestly I think they could even be a good 4th line. All young guys with all summer to train. Short show me deals for both... What if they catch fire and all sign as UFAs for 4+ mill? Could they be the 4th line to lead us to the cup in 2018?!
  13. Term is 4 years longer than PKs? What's the big deal though? Weber will develop a skin allergy and is forced to retire by 39 years old. Meanwhile he's finished his 14 and 12 million dollar years. Kudos to his agent for finding him that offer sheet... Or maybe he'll cross the border with painkillers and have his contract terminated?
  14. - Kurt / Jordan segment is horrible... come on. Please come up with better segments... the lead up to it for weeks was horrible too. Terrible let down - Flag match was atrocious... I'll be sure not to watch the next "flag" match. Like the speed they walk when they have the flags... just not for me. Kinda glad Cena won - Poor Randy... I actually like Jinder as a wrestler but he hasn't won a single match fair and square. Tough to like the guy. I would have much rather seen him win fair and square. - Very happy that KO continued his legacy as the NEW FACE OF AMERICA! Loool... man that's hilarious. I love KO.
  15. How easy is it for a Canadian citizen to move to Vegas? I've been contemplating it but the visa process seems very difficult, especially if you're not a "skilled" worker.