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  1. [PGT] Canucks 2, Stars 3

    I put a period after niemi showed up big. Thats the end of that sentence. Both goalies played great.  Niemi showed up big considering he was garbage the previous game he played.  Miller let in one bad goal but made lots of key saves.  Shots? Shot counts don't mean anything usually. It's the quality of shots and there was no shortage of great scoring chances vs Miller and he came up huge.  Niemi got more saves on the scoreboard... Quality scoring chances, especially considering the OT, I think Miller actually made a few more monster saves.  Both goalies played great but just because niemi stopped more shots doesn't mean jack. Shot quality > quantity. Miller was slightly the better goalie  Edit : higgy hit the post, 1cm to the side and it's game over and you're not praising their shooters. We have more goal scorers than Dallas in total. I'll take higgy, vrby, Bo, prust, dors over eaves, hemsky, eakin, sceviour, all day. Every day. 
  2. [Signing] Ducks extend Juice

    1. Whatever you guys say, I'll support bieksa regardless of anything  2. So what if ducks fans think something? They're ducks fans. They know 0 about hockey  3. Bieksa is the greatest athlete to play for that sorry franchise that constantly gets help from the officials =)   4. Juice is the MAN!  5. DUCKS SUCK! 
  3. If it Quacks like a Duck: WT?

    What garbage officiating... Let em fight ffs. Absolute garbage. I don't get this... You got two guys collectively making close to 18 million a year, why not let them fight?    Lolz at the blown lead by the ducks last night 
  4. [Signing] Ducks extend Juice

    Lol I assume everyone bashing juice is just looking at the stats.  This guy is logging #1 dman minutes and he's one of the few reasons this sad team isn't last in the nhl. They get absolute garbage efforts from 80% of their team night in, night out. At least juice is man enough and stands up for his team mates.  I can't imagine a single guy on the ducks roster respecting Perry or kesler. That team must hate each other. 
  5. Daniel & Henrick

    They're the best athletes in the history of sports imo. 
  6. [PGT] Canucks 2, Stars 3

    7 OT Losses - that's a garbage record 1-7...  I'm shocked they don't call the too many men against Dallas or when edler got hauled down 3-3 and gave the stars a partial 2-0 before our penalty. Seems like every OT the refs always make the call against us.  3 on 3 is a circus, it's entertaining and I wouldn't complain if we won some probably...  Oh well, got the one point at least... 0-7-1 after trailing into the 3rd.  Niemi showed up big. Miller really saved the day with some monster saves, he earned the one point.  Sedins, no need to comment on. The sky is blue and they are the greatest athletes in the history of sports.  God I hate that scum Taylor and Benn. I can't believe Benn is such a garbage pos... After he put hamhuis head into the boards, he just played possum and acted like he was hurt. The NHL should suspend him for such garbage diving behaviour. Not to mention the sharp dive when Daniel took the penalty - that I'm sure will get a fine for diving. It's a disgrace to watch players dive. 
  7. [GDT] VAN @ DAL | 830e/530p

    Jaime bun and Taylor sequineddress are just weird... And pathetic. Super pathetic and weird.  Hopefully the refs don't fix this one too.  As in, if Vancouver has the lead, it doesn't mean it's open season on our players until we're tied again. 
  8. Hamhuis and his place on this team

    If he takes 2.9 shutup and take my money... I have a feeling his agent is gonna laugh at that offer though =/  Trade... Would have to make sense. Depends what's coming back.  I don't want draft picks. 
  9. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

      Radiates eliteness... I like that. I'll have to use it soon  
  10. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

    The only thing Tarasenko will be doing in a canucks blues series is getting on his knees and paying respect to Daniel and Henriks greatness. Oh and getting rocked by the freight train!  And on a side note, you do realize hiller was a flame last year and the ducks still won the division? The ducks number #1 MVP last year and the year before was the NHL and it's refs... Not hiller! 
  11. [Waivers] Avs place Dennis everberg on waivers

    LOL! I see what u did there... Post of the week.  Torts rant just wanted to take some jabs at Weber... I wouldn't have been surprised had he posted that in the ortio thread 
  12. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

    Trust me, you'll wish was injured after his record setting -20 performance next Tuesday Fantasy hockey is super important to me but I'd finish last in all 3 leagues I'm in if it meant the Canucks scored even 1 more goal all season. Nothing compares to the high of watching the greatest franchise ever succeed.  That said, I'm a lock for the cup this year. Expecting 24 games played by vrby and lui with a combined 800 fpts Will I get any extra points for sbisa winning the conn smythe? 
  13. CDC Puck 2015/2016 (1 GM Position)

    If any of you have these magical powers, then please feel free to target doughty too... I don't mind taking a fantasy hit as long as Canucks benefit in real life =D
  14. This is why Vrbata is captain of the Nashville Predators in CDC PUCK.  I don't think vrbys comments will put any negative pressure on mccann. He said it well and also from what Jared is saying, seems like they both like playing on the same line. 
  15. [PGT] Canucks 3, Wild 2

    So for the first time in history, Dallas Cowboys fans witnessed greatness? Must be the only time EVER, that so many phenoms stepped into that arena.   Damn the people of Dallas are lucky to witness such greatness.  On a side note, glad Sven iis back. A)  keep Jake under 39 games, or was it 49 for the extra year of RFA?  Jake hasn't been very good. He'll be amazing eventually but give him as many games off as possible.