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  1. What is your team and your role?

    Oh god... August 18th... Boston franchise player. For the record, if I made the NHL ever I'd demand Boston to trade me before ever playing a game.
  2. I don't like when this stuff goes public. Players should be pros and keep it a quiet matter until they are moved... Kesler, Duchene, Drouin... All garbage tactics. That said... The teams that traded the above 3 players all got great returns anyways. So who am I to speak?
  3. Can we do Eichel (%50 retained) + Kane for Brock? Brock is the better American vs Eichel. Wooh!!! Keep on drinkin my cool aid!
  4. Searching for Matt Johnson

    I just had a look at it myself too... it really was similar. The only difference is that a a bunch of players didn't jump on top and pile up and pressure his neck to get severely injured. Such a sad story...
  5. [Report] Ryan Nugent-Hopkins out 5-6 weeks

    Damn... that's too bad. Likable guy. I was surprised by your playoff comment... so I looked at the sttandings... LOL! Oilers have only 1 more point than us with all that talent? As always when a player gets injured... to bad it wasn't Duncan Keith!
  6. Happy Birthday, Thomas Vanek!

    Happy Birthday Vanek! I think unless we're getting a 1st rounder for him, or maybe a 2nd + 3rd, there's no point trading him. Him and Brock have good chemistry and he was a solid mentor to Brock over the summer and throughout this season.
  7. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Wow for once I'll be happy when the old buys club pulls in a favor and only slaps him on the wrist. He deserves a career ending suspension tbh and I haven't even looked at the clip
  8. CDC Puck 2017/18

    Man... I just googled him and read he has alcohol issues... I've recently learned drinking problems are really no joke. I hope he can recover. I feel for the guy... I've recently had someone very close to me develop this issue too and it's been incredibly hard to watch and very difficult to get help. The clinics just give you referrals and there's very little follow up with the patient. It's almost impossible to fix this when you're deep into it. Hopefully he has people around him that care about him and can help. I'm literally in the middle of trying to save this person in my life right now for the past few weeks and it's just terrible. I swear I got mocked by someone for giving Martin up for Sbeezus a season or two ago! Boom!
  9. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Mark Wahlberg makes quite a lot of sense... the way this guy transitions his body seriously can't be natural
  10. Ok i got it... they need Goalies... Lets do MDZ + Markstrom for Toews @ 50% retained duration of deal
  11. Hmmm we'll see... if I'm Bowman, I go after Ryan Miller. But then again his wife probably wouldn't let him go to Chicago
  12. I'm with you man! BUILD A WIN STREAK! 5-2 Canucks! Cup or bust!
  13. The BC Real Estate Discussion Thread

    In other words... "BC's the gateway for money to be laundered in Canada and I'm not gonna do anything about it"
  14. Fixed that for ya good feel story...