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  1. Sell tickets... raise morale... spread some goal scoring love? I'll go 5-3 Canucks, LEIPSIC THE PHENOM
  2. Why am I watching this... This is really bad hockey. Boys were super entertaining before Xmas. This is just painful. I wish they would call up Megna and waive Gagner. Sam is setting a terrible example for the kids.
  3. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Just finished fast lane... I hate shane. He's sabatoging the good Canadian boys. Don't like it one bit.
  4. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    Give him 8 years at 6.5 million aav and call it a day. Hank led the team to back to back league championships, won a scoring race and the hart trophy. That got him his 7AAV
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    The pain... The misery. I should stop watching g for rest of the year. This is depressing.
  6. Notley is threatening to cut off BC from AB oil

    This makes no sense... as you said, this would hurt Alberta more than BC. Childish.
  7. https://www.hockey-reference.com/players/k/kingja01/gamelog/2004 Have a look at Kings 2004 Game log. He never had a stretch of 6 points in 4 games. This kid is no Jason King or Steve Kariya... Sure he might not be a Naslund... I do like to over exaggerate sometimes but he'll be an NHLer for a long time to come. I genuinely do think there's a small 25% chance that he does actually become a high octane offensive dynamite clocking in 60 points over a full season. Benning got a steal. Wow... you nailed it. End of that convo hahaha
  8. Should I add a sub poll question? What icon does Leipsic compare to best? with options... - Ghandi - Gretzky - Jordan ... Jokes aside, I think we have a star on our hands. Thank you Jimbo!!!!
  9. Hope you're right! I haven't seen Dahlen play yet... I really hope he makes the squad next season. Imagine both Elias and Dahlen take the reigns from the Sedins after the twins re-sign for 2 years at 1 mill a year each (Aquaman makes $20million dollar donation to the Sedin Family Foundation as soon as Sedins retire at end of the 2 year deal... but this has to be kept under the table and not spoken of) ... Canucks go on to win back to back cups in the Twins final year.... WOW
  10. Are u kidding? Mr Overtime... 2003-2004 canucks were %100 cup Champs had the league not stole Todd Bertuzzi from us... WCE is arguably the best offensive line we ever had. They had very little back up. At their peak, they were gunning like the sedins and Burr in their MVP years I agree it's far too early and it's only 4 games. But I'm down on the team and wanted to bring up something positive! BELIEVE! Leipsic is honestly a steal. Solid solid... Solid acquisition.
  11. Man.... this is why I love Sweden. I should go visit one day... 7 of the 15 are life long Canucks. Assuming Elias doesn't get traded... The list is dominated by the Canucks.
  12. Hello CDC... I was just thinking about the Leipsic trade and trying to find a similar trade that the organization has made over the years... would love to hear everyone's thoughts. Personally I think Jim made his best trade since acquiring McCann, Big Game Bonino and Sbeezus all for just Kesler. Which should go down as one of the most underrated moves of all time considering Ryan only had a 2 or 3 team trade list. First we have to gauge Brendan's value... Kid's got 6 points in 4 games since being acquired for Holm. He's been all over the ice and is a former 120 point guy for the Portland Winterhawks in just 68 games. As an 18 year old if I'm not mistaking... also coached by Travis I think. Potential Parallels: 1. Markus Naslund for Stojanov 1996-Mar-20 Markus Naslund was traded from Pittsburgh Penguins to Vancouver Canucks for Alek Stojanov If this is the best parallel 10 years down the road, then we've really lucked out. I think it's possible... I'm not positive that Brendan will get his number retired like Markus... but I still think the sense or "Robbery" is still similar to the Leipsic / Holm trade. 2. Cam Neely... this time we were on the other end of the trade and losing it. Perhaps 32 years... the hockey gods are paying us back? 1986-Jun-06 Cam Neely was traded from Vancouver Canucks with round 1 pick in the 1987 draft (Glen Wesley) to Boston Bruins for Barry Pederson 3. Ok so this one isn't a Canuck related one ... but it's related to the man that traded away the diminutive phenom Brendan LEIP-SICK!!!!!! Martin Erat for Fillip Forsberg... Could george McPhee have once away gifted another franchise a Forsberg? I think so. 4. Or could it be like a Hodgson / Kassian trade in which neither player did much positive for their team? Nope. Brendan is the real deal. Both players also wear #9 5. Parallels to the Brendan Morrison trade even? 2000-Mar-14 Brendan "Too Freaking Clutch" Morrison... AKA the King of Over Time ... AKA super good looking... was traded from New Jersey Devils with Denis Pederson to Vancouver Canucks for Alexander Mogilny Just felt this belonged here but not much of a parallel since it's a multi player deal. My vote goes to #1 or #3 EDIT: Due to incredibly high demand, a second poll question was added
  13. Just wondering, does this count? Or do I have to stick to my loss prediction? I was pretty down after a deflating loss... so my mind wasn't straight. Woke up today and realized that we're still the greatest sporting franchise of all time.
  14. Yea... it boggles my mind... especially when it's lower end guys that have very little affect on our cap.... like the bulldog 2 year signing... I heard 1040 or 650 guys complaining... Who cares?! Hell give the bulldog 1mill... extra 150k for his family... raise his morale, make him feel his worth. I understand people getting upset about the big ticket guys but when a guy is making under 1 million, there's absolutely nothing to criticize. Those contracts can always be burried with no penalty... just salary that makes 0 difference in Aquamans life. Loui will definitely have more trade value after we give him his 6 mill signing bonus this July. I believe it's paid in July right? Any team that takes him would only have to pay him 1 million salary for that year 18/19. Then 5, 4 and 4 for the remaining 3 years. Which brings his average $ paid from said team to 3.5 million for the remaining 4 years in real salary... which would be great for a budget team. Yet still giving them the 6 mill cap hit to reach the floor?
  15. Something tells me Kane will sign for higher than 6 million. I'd give him 6 mill all day.