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  1. make the playoffs
  2. we draft 7th because canucks
  3. I'm 21, and i'm going to insure a 2013 nissan altima, I was wondering what number im looking at going in, i got my license at 16 and no tickets or violations.
  4. doesn't know that i want to see him angry
  5. does know ima desecrate him tomorrow
  6. Lol thats not boxxy its someone else pretending to be her & Guy above Doesnt know ima celebrate him today
  7. doesn't know that i lost the motivation after
  8. is jealous
  9. doesnt know ima celebrate him today
  10. doesnt know ima celebrate him today
  11. Should youtube boxxy on full volume
  12. Doesnt know im gonna make another boxxy thread later
  13. is a mean girl
  14. has a hilarious sig