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  1. You don't think that is just as applicable to Ben Hutton, though? He's not exactly a future Norris finalist, either.
  2. Yeah, you missed something. Nowhere have I ever implied, privately nor publicly, that "Hutton plays good D". And, is Jordan a "hotdogger"? Or, just more instinctive and effective on offence? And, as offensive defencemen I don't think they're quite "the same" at all.
  3. No doubt. But, he's a desperate man trying to save his bacon rather than a decisive man of action. Big difference. He's at least wise enough to know that if they don't hoist that Cup again soon, he's gone, too. Would make sense, seeing as that he's already banished "the problem" Subban and the out of touch Therrien. Again. He's even got a healthy goalie this time. So, yeah, he's desperate. Which makes me all the more more curious now about Muller's long term status as it relates to Bergevin's confidence in him as a bench boss.
  4. It would've certainly been talked about around the league if Hansen had, but, he would've been totally justified in doing so. Maybe not so much the poking bit, but, no one would begrudge the guy for standing up for himself here.
  5. Therrien and Bergevin apparently were under the impression that Subban - who came exactly as advertised from the minors - was the first high risk offencive defenceman in NHL history then. Weber made a difference for sure, but, now that the ship is sinking again - with Price in the lineup - maybe 76 was more convenient scapegoat than actual "problem". That said, Bergevin strikes me more as a guy who deserves to be lampooned for acts of desperation rather than a guy to be championed for being "gutsy". If nothing else, I think in turning to the 1 NHL head coach he knows best, he's hoping for a bit of the magic that came with Dean Lombardi doing the same thing to save his own bacon in 2011-2012.
  6. Imagine the league wide snickering that would've been involved had the Canucks players made a similar request when Torts was here.
  7. As awful as this looks - and, as awful as Edler played that year - I would've loved to see some pushback from either of them that year. Just to at least send Torts the message that he's just as invested as he is and actually isn't nearly as passive as he appears (aka: GTFOH, dude). The game looks and feels a full 180 degrees different from the bench from on the ice, and, it wouldn't have been totally without merit for Hansen - obviously not even listening - to remind Torts of that rather than let the guy chastise him as if he were still at pee-wee level.
  8. Yeah, God forbid a head coach should show some emotion or passion!
  9. Free gift certificate for The Keg
  10. I'm not so much a fan of his today - and, I'm not really sold on GMJB's "cornerstone" comment - but, Sutter will prove useful at 3C 2 years from now when 33 is gone and Horvat and "someone else" of a similar age (Galchenyuk, please) are this team's top-2 centres. They'll need someone experienced and older (Sutter will be 29-30) to rely on to anchor that third line and bottom-6. There might be "plenty of players in the system" to supplant Sutter eventually, but, for that particular secondary support role I've described, I'd take Sutter over all of 'em. Besides, 20 + 8 for 93 is ultimately just insane. He's not THAT good.
  11. You'd prefer him over, say, Galchenyuk, for example?
  12. Much rather pay $6M to Galchenyuk than LE or the 'Nuge. Just saying.
  13. Then, for me, the question is, has it passed because his game doesn't translate to the NHL? Or, is it because he's seen as part of the organisation's old guard (pre-Willie/Benning) that are passed over for players the post-Torts/Gillis regime bring in and are more familiar with? Again, I've been saying it for 2 years that Gaunce is favoured over Archibald only because he's younger and wasn't part of the Torts/Gillis debacle. But, during that time, which of the 2 has looked more well-suited for what the Canucks are lacking in a LW4? If nothing else, Archibald couldn't possibly have fared any worse as a bottom-6 forward than Brandon Prust. If there's going to be a revolving cast of characters auditioning for the job, he - even as a career minor leaguer at only age 27 - is still worth a decent-sized look.