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  1. You’re actually counting on “franchise cornerstone” (GMJB-speak) Brandon Sutter to be healthy enough to make a contribution and/or finish the season as a Canuck? Yikes! That’s setting the bar pretty low, bud. And, you really see Gaudette centering the 3rd line next year? You’re sure this is a playoff team if he is? I’m not.
  2. What proof do you have that it was Subban-as-locker-room-risk that ultimately drove GMJB in another direction? You don’t think cap hit had anything to do with that? Especially since they’re already overpaying Tanev and just re-upped with Edler. And, exactly what Kesler-like ship-jumping skills has Subban ever displayed? His refusal to sign an offer sheet with another squad while he was with MTL wasn’t sincere?
  3. If Miller's going to be at LW, I hope that means Baertschi is on his way out then. Otherwise, they've got no balance at C, with 3 lefties and 1 RH on the 4th line. Assuming Gaudette is in the press box or traded, of course.
  4. Let's count the number of armchair hockey scouts in this forum who swear it happened because of Subban's "locker room presence" and "big personality" or whatever else they can come up with.
  5. Subban's not "hard working" enough for you? If he's "a potential distraction", doesn't that actually say far more about the mindset and focus of whoever allows themselves to be distracted by him than it does about him? And, when you can name me who amongst the current crop of Canucks defencemen that is "good/established enough" at his level, you be sure to get back to me. Your mentality is exactly why this franchise and, in part, its fanbase (CDC'rs) will never win a Stanley Cup: too busy and concerned with filling out the roster with good little boys whom you can bring home to meet the grandparents. Anyone who is outside of that is considered "a potential distraction" whom CDC'rs hope lands elsewhere if/when said player becomes available. But, hey, have fun rooting for Tanev again next season in between the inevitable IR stints. Maybe Hutton will toss your kid a stick, too.
  6. Doubt it. If GMJB supposedly wasn't all-in on acquiring him from MTL if it meant having to part with Tanev, I can't see that having changed now. Would've been sweet to have him paired with Hughes, though.
  7. But, I'm not too impressed with him actually playing defence, though.
  8. I would'nt be so quick on moving Gaudette. I think there's a lot of ceiling there. Particularly when I'm not so sure Nashville needs a player like him nearly as much as VAN could use a Subban, as much as I'd love to see him paired with Hughes.
  9. Agreed. I really don't quite see what the attraction is there. Never been impressed with him.
  10. 3) Acquiring Subban and re-signing Schenn would fix that. I'd feel a lot more confident with the RHD core with Stecher at #2 between those other two. 4) As it pertains to your previous point, it's likely too late for GMJB to really acquire anything of Subban's talent in exchange for Tanev, who I feel should've been moved 2-3 years ago and replaced by a legitimate #1RHD. But, I'm not in favour of moving Gaudette in order to achieve that.