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  1. Philly worries me most. They have a lot of depth plus Pronger. Coming back from 0-3 only happens once every 35 years. It JUST happened, so I dont think it is going to happen twice in the same playoff. San Jose gave everything they had in game 3 and they still lost. The only way the Hawks lose the series is if they start to relax which they WILL not do.

  2. Yeah I am just worried about the Cup Finals though

  3. If avery elbowed kane, I would NOT support Byfuglien slamming his head to the ice. I dont support retaliation like. It needs to be a fight or something.

  4. @ Ukrainian I KNOW YOU ARE RIGHT.. I had one come into work and I nearly fainted. (work at chocolate store) So we get people from other countries and this women OMG.. Romanian women are fun too. Very strong hearts

  5. @ vanfan Yup hopefully hawks can win on home ice

  6. @ vanfan

    yeah i know that movie rocks! especlly the dark haired lady who is also on that 70's show.. 1st time seeing the film!

  7. I am so friggin bored

  8. aha... where would you want a tat? which body part/where on body?

  9. lol well Thats what happens when you get bored sometimes and have passion for certain things

  10. I have no problem with people pickin the sharks. The problem I have is when people keep saying sharks in 4 or 5 or saying that the hawks will be dominated.. Seems like some people are still bitter

  11. Meh, I just like hockey. I wouldnt say I have wasted my time

  12. Ahh yes.. I dont know why I did that. This thing sorta looks like a facebook though so maybe it tricked me into putting my photo up?

  13. yea lol I was bored that day.. Why you ask? I should just change it to a hawks logo or somethin

  14. what kind of movies are "your movies"?

  15. Wellwood was your guys best player in the playoffs it seemed like

  16. Well only see 2012 if its for free. I got in to the movie for free but If I would have payed, I would have felt extremely disappointed. Its just a cheese fest. So many moments when I was like "CHEEEESY"

  17. Hey, I thought both statements were funny.

    But yeah I kind of wish it was John Cusack because he is a terrible actor (In my opinion) and that 2012 movie SUCKED (In my opinion)

  18. No, she left him because she found out he was a bad actor.

    And thats when I LOL'D

  19. Ok I found the source of this.

    I was looking at that Matt Lauer offtopic thread

    This is what you said

    "Didn't Jennifer Lopez break up with Ben Affleck because he was fooling around with strippers in Vancouver?

    Doesn't seem like a new trend..."

    funny but then someone responded...

    No, she left him because she found...

  20. Well that and I think I was in the "off topic" section earlier as well, I dont remember which topic it was, but I think you said something that was interesting (I cant rememeber) so yeah thats why I clicked on the name.. Once I click on a name once, sometimes I go back to check out their profile again or sometimes my stupid friggin laptop or internet decides it wants to be stupid

  21. Ahh sorry I didnt mean to look at your profile so many times... My computer has been slow lately.

  22. yeah they do. The lead singer is the coolest though. All the others have boyfriends so I dont really hang out with them, but yeah the blonde is the coolest.

    The sad part is that the band broke up a couple years ago. ):

  23. @ Noblesse

    I am just north of chitown like 40 min.. but I go to ton of concerts around chitown