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  1. Numbers aren't everything, you have to watch their play. Ballard actually boxes out the player in front of our goalie and when a shots coming and he knows he can't block it or if the goalie can save it easily, he gets out of the way and lets the goalie take it.
  2. But... but... he's not from Sweden
  3. Hyosung. Good taste my friend. :)

  4. Great job with these man, but under shutouts, Cory doesn't have an E xD
  5. With Kassian, 1 2-0 over Blues With Kassian and Gragnani 1 2-0 over blues. we're 1-3-1 with kassian them.
  6. Hodgson has made more scoring chance plays then Kassian has. Kassian is a physical type of player if he isn't hitting he isn't doing his job.
  7. Ehhh, no. We have many Kassian like players in our farm and in the OHL.
  8. The great Dane to the rescue!
  9. Sundin made Kesler and the Sedins what they are today.
  10. Cody Hodgson is the next hockey god. He's nicknamed "Godson" for a reason.
  11. Changed display name from Rezolve to DreamHerO

  12. 23 Penalty minutes in 7 games... thats more then a penalty per game... for a d-man not so good
  13. Rodin-Hodgson-Jensen, holy frack that sounds scary, that's like the freaken Naslund-Morrsion-Bertuzzi line O_o
  14. I hope that he isn't the type of D-bag player marchand is though