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  1. Couldn't agree more. Add the way he's firing his canon on PP - funny how I now expect someone to get hurt on every PP shot, after how many casualties he's had (unfortunately some of our folks too).
  2. Please glance over post #633, "Melbourne Canuck" has hit key points with surgical precision Give Garrison more PP chances, the more he uses that canon, the more accurate it will get. Pair him up with a fast setup guy (setup + defend against breakthroughs) not with freakin' Edler If Salo was here and injured, you have felt very strongly that we should have made a move Edler needs to go now, while we might still be able to trade him. Personally, I am having trouble thinking of a GM who would want him, especially at $5M cap hit starting next year until freakin' 2019. It makes me sick to my stomach when I count the bad contracts we currently have.