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  1. Bought NXT Takeover Toronto tickets this morning!
  2. It's an okay deal. Not much money. He just hasn't panned out and won't get much more after this. I doubt the Isles keep him after this contract. It's a last chance deal to prove any worth.
  3. SD is more enjoyable than RAW. It just seems easier to watch. I PVR the shows weekly and watch em after or the next day so I can skip commercials. I've been watching a lot more SD than RAW. Been fast forwarding through a lot of RAW. So dull.
  4. Yup Alexa was looking fantastic at Backlash
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if Goff starts in the next couple of weeks. Keenum has been awful.
  6. That's why Antonio Brown gets all the love. Best WR in the league.
  7. Ah man Sundays don't work for me. I can't draft Sundays.
  8. Take that right away. Easy win for you.
  9. Daniel Bryan's moment at WM30 wasn't his first World title in WWE. He can still have that moment in the future. Didn't Bryan cash in on someone and turn heel quite a few years ago?
  10. Well according to him he is a Wide Receiver.
  11. Nashville last in division. Lol.
  12. CM Punk's UFC debut is tonight.
  13. Football is finally back! Yes !
  14. RAW and SD were awful this week. Gotta love the WWE build for Ambrose Styles. They're taking turns hitting each other in the privates.
  15. SURVIVOR LEAGUE username: 13091 password: football Final chance to join... They should really make these leagues a click and your in. Seems hard to get people to join when they have to type in the password and username.