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  1. DeShone Kizer.
  2. Alvin Kamara. @diesel_3
  3. Mens MITB ladder match was great. Everything else... meh.
  4. Mike Williams. @gmen81
  5. Meltzer gave Omega vs Okada II 6.25 stars.
  6. Give me the $100 instead. It's gone either way.
  7. He's around. Ill tell him to check his twitter.
  8. Was a fantastic match. Just finished it.
  9. Great show last night. Bate/Dunne was fantastic. Roode/Itami was solid. Slower pace but good story told. Ladder match was fun. The heel turn was so well done. NXT seems to always deliver a solid show. Hopefully Backlash impresses tonight.
  10. Alexa Bliss is awesome. She has been shredding Bayley on the mic during this feud.
  11. Calvin's Johnson won the 1st overall from 4th slot in the consolation bracket. He jumped you in Rd1 but back to 4th every other round.
  12. NFLs last effort to stop Tom Brady... the madden curse.
  13. They are having double depot credit weekend for the next few days.
  14. I thought Payback was pretty good. House of Horrors was the only really bad thing for me. That triple threat match on RAW tonight was pretty good.