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  1. That was a good Monday night raw. One of the best in a long time. Sasha Banks new champ. Balor over Reigns clean. Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins ? That should be great.
  2. It wasn't that bad of a PPV. I enjoyed most of it to be honest. - Baley got a huge pop. Wonder if it was a one time deal for now or will she be on Raw? - Wyatts actually won a pretty big match for once. - Goddamn Lana looked good last night. Rusev is one lucky bastard. - Owens vs Zayn was fantastic. What a match. - Enzo is fire on the mic. Never make eye contact while eating a banana lol. I think they'll beat New Day for the titles at SummerSlam. - Legit surprised Ambrose kept the title. It was a fun match. I'd say he feuds with Wyatt? AJ/Cena have their 3rd match, Orton vs Lesnar. No one really left for him to face at SummerSlam. Maybe Del Rio but I hear he may be leaving soon. Reigns vs Rollins at SummerSlam for the returning World Title ?
  3. Justified Banshee
  4. 50 days until kickoff
  5. Just to confirm. The $100, is that our total budget for pre season and season as well?
  6. Ill re add Hightower.
  7. I'll drop Eagles D/ST
  8. It'll be competitive if they stay healthy. Doubt they finish bottom five again. Likely competing for a playoff spot.
  9. Central strongest. Some very good teams in that division. Atlantic weakest. Only the Florida teams are any good.
  10. I wish they would. They refuse to buy into a rebuild and are pushing for 7-10th place and a likely first round exit.
  11. They're going to flip him again at the deadline for picks.
  12. I'd be fine with Pirri.
  13. From good lord this is going to be miserable.
  14. Subban > Weber. Weber isn't nearly as good as he once was. Subban entering prime.