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  1. NFL thread

  2. NFL thread

  3. NFL thread

    Like I said over a month ago ^^. The Jaguars were the biggest threat to the Patriots. Made quite a bit of money on them yesterday on the moneyline.
  4. NFL thread

    That hurt. So similar to San Francisco 2011.
  5. (Article)Nintendo to Release original 'mini' Console

    nice! is it difficult to do?
  6. (Article)Nintendo to Release original 'mini' Console

    Picked up the SNES today. Happened to go into Eb games just before their shipment today. Perfect timing. Played so much back in the 90s. Going to be fun!
  7. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Nice Bullet Club reunion last night. Would like to see Balor, Gallows and Anderson stay together.
  8. NFL thread

    lol Marvin Lewis is back
  9. NFL thread

    McVay going to rest starters this week. Rams will likely drop to 4th seed. Someone wants the Eagles in round 2.
  10. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Ambrose will be out for most of 2018 anyways. He'll probably return as a face. Heel turn wont happen anytime soon.
  11. CDC Dynasty League/Other Fantasy League Talk

    So if i win this week do i get #1?
  12. Based off of the trades Edmonton has made, something like this is believable. The rumors regarding Draisaitl/Nurse are probably true.
  13. NFL thread

    Can’t believe I’m actually saying it... The Jaguars might be the biggest threat. That D is dominant. If they just run the ball with Fournette and limit Bortles mistakes they are probably the biggest threat in the AFC.
  14. NFL thread

    Wow. Cheap shot there JuJu