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  1. It'll keep Burrows relatively cheap on his next contract soon since him Bieksa and Kesler are unseperatable.
  2. The Sedins want to go back to Sweden. Kesler wants to go to Detroit. Hodgson wants out of the team too. Let's just tear it all down cause people here are mind readers and see how all our players want to leave the team.
  3. In the end, Detroit was reported to have zero interest in Ehrhoff. It was only the media that initially assumed they needed a Rafalski replacement, and both Bieksa and Ehrhoff was mentioned. Bieksa signed first so they shifted to Ehrhoff.
  4. It's progress from last year. Lessons to be learned from losing still.

  5. Could it be... Will it hit -1000 on the exact same day we could see something we've never seen before in Vancouver....
  6. Sweet seeing this thread where it belongs again.
  7. Reviewed for what? It's a non-reviewable play. No high stick, puck crossed goal line, play was never whistled down.
  8. Burrows BUMP! And someone was looking for this picture in another thread.
  9. Bieksa is in the middle of a move. So, spending his cash and got a stable place to stay.... Contract signed and done?
  10. This needs a bump
  11. I guess we'll see a History Will be Made video done up by tomorrow? History Follows the Puck? History Gets the Bounces? History Stands Still?
  13. Noooo this got unpinned!
  14. I love how people keep responding as if the OP saw games 2.5 years into the future when he made this post.