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  1. I know all that info already and box office presale info on sat. Ticket prices hasn't been released yet. I'm only assuming based on previous concerts here and ticket prices that just went on sale in the UK right now.
  2. I need to seriously see the foo fighters once before I die so I'm definitely getting tickets! Any idea how much for floor tickets? I'm guessing $80 to $100+? I'm very tempted to line up at the Rog on Saturday to buy tickets so I can snag a pair juuust in case if I fail miserably when the tickets get released online. Anyone lined up before to snag presale tickets to see major artists and how crazy can the lineups get? I'm a huge concert goer but I usually see small bands at the commodore or at the vogue so buying tickets is never a worry.
  3. I bought this book a few days ago and I'm 3/4's there. I'm at chapter 15 reading about the whole luongo trade fiasco and it's not a bad read so far. Very informative with some insider info that I didn't know about. I agree with what Dowbiggin wrote so far up to this point with everything that happened with the team and it was a nice trip down memory lane with all the good and bad that happened. Looking forward to wrapping this book up!
  4. Well said RE: Kovalchuk contract. Brutal mistake. The length is ridiculous.

  5. GO FIN! In clutch situations...just think...what would Trevor Linden do? ;D