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  1. Anyone else feeling like this is going to be Lu 2.0? I'm starting to feel like it's the owners shutting down deals. How can 2 GM's be saying the same thing? I think the idea of wanting more is coming from up top. It's the owners overvaluing players not the GM. It's time for the owners to let the people they hired do their jobs. I hope I'm wrong but as yet another saga drags on... "I think we know how this story ends"
  2. I'm on board for these trades: Ana - Etem, 10th and 24th Pitt - Pouliot, Bennett, 1st. Chi - Saad, 1st + B rate prospect The idea of a second 1st round pick for us to go along with our 6th combined with 2 x 1st round picks last year compensates for the years of horrible drafting and developing. The future is bright. We won't win right away but I'm excited for the ride.