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  1. He is a 6'2" 200+ lbs teenager who is a good skater and can score goals. What's not to like?
  2. Im curious, why do you think Kassian has a poor work ethic?
  3. I am really happy Gillis drafted him. He has everything we want, speed,size and skill. He won't make the team though. I am looking forward to watching him at the World Juniors!
  4. Wow...I didn't realize how good Archibald is. Wicked wrist shot, drives hard to the net, soft hands for a big kid. I can't wait to see him in camp this year! Thanks for the vid.
  5. I am really happy Gillis drafted Jensen. He has size and skill. If he has the work ethic of Hansen he will be a stud in the future.
  6. Both these guys can finish. I can't wait to see them play!!!