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  1. I've admitted the Eriksson contract was a mistake. Vey gave us what 70% of those picked in his spot do not achieve. You're arguing a what if hypothetical that has an extremely low chance of happening. Vey gave us 100 games that were admittedly not great. Most 2nd round picks do not give any kind of performance in 100 games as they DO NOT REACH 100 GAMES PLAYED. I don't understand how you're missing this basic concept, but I guess you'd pick what's behind door number 3 after picking door number 1 and finding $10,000 because what if right? You run a hockey team like that and you will be in the bottom of the NHL permanently. I'm done with this conversation though, it's obviously a waste of time if you can't admit such a basic statistic.
  2. People are having a hard time with this because you're using hindsight to revise what "should've been obvious" in your mind back on draft day using heaps of evidence that has occurred after to base your BPA on. BPA on draft day and BPA 3 years later are not the same. Also every GM's BPA may be different then one another. This isn't rocket science. Hindsight is called 20/20 for a reason, it makes you have perfect vision. No one has that luxury on the actual draft day.
  3. He can wear a pink dress for all I care. If he gets us a cup that's all that matters. Priorities.
  4. All I'm going to say: So. Much. Winning. That is all.
  5. No you stated quite plainly you won't praise Benning. It's in quotes "I won't praise the guy". You won't give HIM credit for his moves period. Moving on. You need to get it through your head that hockey is an odds game. Odds are you won't find an NHL player in the 2nd round. In fact 70% of your picks won't make it. 30% of 2nd round draft picks get 100 games. Some play well, others just scrape by, but 30% make it to 100. Our record is 12.5%. We've found 1 player since 2000. Now it is you who is putting words in my mouth. I never said he should do it every time. Could he have found a better player with that pick instead? Sure, but the chance is so minuscule it's not worth getting riled up over. The fact is objectively (hard for you to do I know) speaking looking at that trade alone it was a win on the odds for Benning. You know any gambler wishing to trade in winning 100 bucks for a 30% chance of 100 bucks and maybe a 1% chance of hitting 1000? Cause I sure don't. Now you're comparing apples and grapefruits. It's beyond clear to me this conversation has no point in continuing when you don't live in reality, but instead this fake world where no matter what Benning does he's always wrong. You have one-note to play and it needs tuning.
  6. So what words exactly did I put into your mouth? You just confirmed what I said. You stated that was your complaint, I'm not a mind reader of what other made up problems you have with Benning. I replied to your complaint and stated factually we traded a 100 game NHL player for a 30% chance of an NHL player. In fact that trade beat the odds and Benning won it mathematically speaking. It doesn't matter what that player ends up being because factually, statistically and realistically Benning won that trade even though I was never a fan of Vey's play statistics don't lie. Show me all our 2nd round picks in the last 10 years that have played 100 games in the NHL. If you find more then 2 I will be shocked. He beat the odds and got a 100 game player, but your hard on hatred of our GM blinds you and creates alternative facts for you and the hate Benning brigade to latch onto. Though I know it will be pointless these are all the players drafted since 2000 in the 2nd round: Kirill Kotsov, Denis Grot, Marc-Andre Bernier, Mason Raymond, Taylor Ellington, Yann Sauve, Anton Rodin, Alexandre Mallet. So 1 out of 8 guys. 12.5% of our 2nd round picks have hit 100 games yet you complain about us giving up that chance for actually getting a 100 game player? Wow. P.S. I've already stated multiple times Eriksson was a mistake. You need to find another team to "cheer" for if this is how you do it.
  7. Would love for you to point out one post where you have praised Benning. I can't find any.
  8. If all you can complain about is trading a 30% chance of having a player get 100 NHL games for a player who actually accomplished that then Benning's done a pretty damn good job as a GM. I'm sure however you and your cohort will find more things to nitpick though. You will all be proven wrong in time.
  9. You have been the exact opposite of neutral since the beginning. Here, say it with me now, it'll make you feel better: "I hate Benning and will never like anything he ever does". There doesn't that feel better? Embrace your motto and while you're at it get the other half dozen of your cult to join in. I'm sick of people never being able to give Benning credit. I love Benning and fully admit he's made mistakes. You should be able to praise his good moves, but you view everything he does in these dark Benning is bad glasses that makes it hard to see the truth.
  10. Why is it always the same suspects who come into every thread that even remotely praises Benning just to crap all over him every chance they get? Seriously what the hell did Benning ever do to you guys? Your obsession is unhealthy. Benning like all GM's has made mistakes, that doesn't however discount all the right moves he's made. He's filled our prospect cupboard in 3 years taking us from our best prospect being Shinkaruk (career AHL'er projection) to our best prospect being Pettersson (#1 NHL center projection). He's gotten value from nothing with our latest free agent signings and past ones such as Boucher and Stecher. He's gotten players such as Gudbranson, Baertschi and Granlund out of picks and prospects that are struggling to reach the NHL. He's gotten Goldobin and Dahlen for veterans on their way out and yet you still whine and whine and whine about how bad Benning is. Do us all a favor, sit back relax and enjoy the most exciting time to be a Canucks fan in many years and watch the team grow into a Cup contender. Benning is building this team the right way and in a few years time you'll be eating your words, Benning will make sure of it.
  11. Please read my post again and you'll have your answer to that question as I specified the parts you'll be wrong about in quotations. Thanks!
  12. Looks like I ruffled the Trumpists feathers today by showing just how wrong they were, are and will be in the future. Yet we're the snowflakes? Ah well, guess they just don't like culpability for what they say are facts when they are obviously not. They want to be free to create whatever reality suits their beliefs without interference from the libtards. Fear not though trumpsters I'll take my leave now so you can get back to stating lies and believing the sky is green. I'll be back in a few months to bring up the latest posts "only one email chain", "doesn't prove Trump colluded", "Russia is fakenews" that will end up being wrong once again. I for one am excited and can't wait! Until then, chao my friends
  13. This my friends is what we call a lost cause. I'll pray for you my friend.
  14. The only thing I'm waiting for now in this Russia story is if the GOP in congress gets caught up in it. I know where the rest leads: A president who colluded with Russia in order to win an election while simultaneously assisting a hostile foreign power to undermine American democracy. Stick your heads as far in the sand as you want to, the truth is coming and yes you can quote me on it.
  15. Do we really want to go through deja vu again in the next few months after this "only 1 incriminating (it's not possible, it is incriminating period) email string" turns out once again to be false and for your credibility in being objective to be laying in ruins? The story keeps shifting in one direction and you are too blind to see. That's ok, I don't mind bringing this post up later to once again disprove all who think "this is nothing". I don't mind at all, please do go on. P.S. Considering Mueller has the ability to charge anyone with any crime I wouldn't make absolutist statements such as "worst case he gets a pardon".