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  1. The Russian spy tried to get information on progressive groups too, they were wise though and called the FBI, conservatives however decided to embrace her.
  2. I seriously can’t stop laughing at this gif, I’m going to save it for when I have bad days and need a cheer up, thanks! On an aside “Mint Press News”? They really aren’t even trying anymore and the gullible still eat it up.
  3. When Maria Butina was arrested for being an illegal lobbyist for Russia the FBI filed a rather interesting affidavit in the case... I’ll highlight the interesting part, but you can read the full thing if you want. Maybe they should rename the Republican Party as the Russian Party. 31. On October 4, 2016, U.S. Person 1 sent an email to an acquaintance. The email covered a number of topics. Within the email, U.S. Person 1 stated, “Unrelated to specific presidential campaigns, I’ve been involved in securing a VERY private line of communication between the Kremlin and key POLITICAL PARTY 1 leaders through, of all conduits, the [GUN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION].” Based on my training, expertise, and familiarity with this investigation, I believe that this email describes U.S. Person 1’s involvement in BUTINA’s efforts to establish a “back channel” communication for representatives of the Government of Russia.
  4. These people disgust me. Jared Kushner Lawsuit: He Intentionally Exposed Tenants To Carcinogens And Pests So They’d Move Out
  5. Sitting member of congress gets hit next with the NRA scandal.
  6. Take it from someone who is very involved, this is going to be a big scandal. Don't believe me if you choose to, whatever happens is going to happen regardless of what you or I think.
  7. I mean politically. They're going to now face ENORMOUS pressure to give back the NRA donations and in a fundraising quarter where 54 GOP incumbents and 25 open seats had Democrats outraise the Republicans (which is historically speaking almost unheard of in one race, this quarter had 54) those dollars are extremely precious. I've always said the Russian scandal would hit the GOP party too and this is the beginning of the revelations (aka dominoes). As far as policy wise and fealty to Trump I absolutely agree with you.
  8. Scott Walker is the first of soon to be many politicians in the Republican Party having to answer questions about the NRA’s funding and coziness with their campaigns. Add another layer of scandal to the GOP.
  9. I guess it's plausible he did it for that reason. I personally disagree as the president is well-documented to believe made up "facts" and not know the difference between hpv and hiv, but your argument is sound. Until our next battle I bid thee adieu.
  10. The dominoes begin to fall for the Republican party.