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  1. So some will care, some won’t but I may have to leave the Internet at least temporarily until this doxxing situation in which I’m going to have to involve the police with is over with. It’s been fun debating, laughing and posting with you guys. I wish you all the best.
  2. I’m not even going to get into it. I hope Senator McCain and his family enjoy the final days together and wish them strength to recover well after he passes. Regardless of politics or opinion, McCain was a hero to America and now is not the time to discuss the former, but to remember the latter.
  3. The longer the probe’s gone on the more support it has gotten except for the already indoctrinated. I would be VERY curious to see the ratings after the Manafort convictions by a jury.
  4. He got something golden alright, but it’s not quite what you think...
  5. So the president committed a felony, white nationalists are being supported by an advisor to the president Larry Kudlow, another sitting congress member has been indicted by the fbi, the president’s campaign manager is going to jail for a very long time and it’s Tuesday. I don’t give a %^*# how you feel about her, anyone who says Hillary would’ve been worse then this is delusional.
  6. She is who I want representing me as a citizen. I hope she keeps this resolve to make the world a better place. We need more Maddie's in this world.
  7. Blame the parents of the transgender child and not those actually threatening her. We've got a long ways to go in Canada for being such a tolerant country.
  8. Since we're on the topic of if Trump is racist, does anyone other then RobZepp still believe he isn't?
  9. Most Russia developments that are viewed as bombshells don't really match up to the hype, however I can say with certainty this one is a BFD. McGahn was there for all the key events and since Trump believed he was his personal lawyer (big mistake) McGahn has a great picture of "intent" which is key to any obstruction of justice charge. History repeats itself, John Dean style.
  10. So why did Trump hire her in the first place? Wouldn’t you say that reflects badly on his judgement?
  11. Cuz he puts “those damn SJW libtards in their place”. That’s the whole rationale of his presidency: undo everything Obama did and piss off the left. Well it’s worked, but I don’t think he’s going to like the consequences from doing so.
  12. Very true. I wish those days were still here, but alas they are a time forgotten.
  13. In the least surprising news ever Trump is a racist. Lordy, there are tapes.
  14. Because that’s where my beliefs belong: paying more to help others less fortunate, investing in the future by spending on education, jobs training programs that take into account the new robotic/ai world soon to be replacing workers, arts and theater programs being funded and rewarded, looking at a universal benefit income, making sure no one gets left behind, protecting our environment, working to better people’s lives and an equal and just world that treats everyone the same. Those are not conservative ideals, those are progressive ideas. I want us to move forward together so that we all succeed in life.