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  1. Is this a serious thread? Virtanen wasn't even a "playoff guy" in juniors.
  2. Friedman's pre-expansion 30 Thoughts

    lol can Florida please retire Luongo due to "allergies" to shrinking piles of cash before recapture kicks in too
  3. How to approach Edler about waiving his NTC

    For a second there I thought this was a white noise thread.
  4. Nikita Kucherov Shootout Goal

    lol Lehner hasn't stopped a single shootout attempt this year.
  5. #JordanSubbansLifeMatters

    This is one of the dumbest things I've ever read on CDC. Like, Merci or BuretoMogilny level of stupid.
  6. Clearly didn't grab him, unfortunately the ref didn't see it.
  7. It's not really the willingness to give up on a prospect rather than just a critique on the value. Johnson is a 28 year old RH shot that has averaged 34 points a season while playing in all situations. Based on that and the market for RH shots, Johnson would easily fetch a prospect like Boeser any day of the week. That's all I'm saying.
  8. Top-4 RH shots have a lot of value. The Canucks traded McCann and a 2nd for Gudbranson alone and the Oil swapped a former 1st overall pick in Hall for a guy like Larsson, who is similar to Johnson and yet somehow Johnson and a 2nd don't get any of those unproven players? And Scherbak is not even in the same tier as Sergachev, he is very much in line with a guy like McCann who the Canucks had to ADD to in order to get a fringe top-4 guy. The Sergachev move won't happen because the Habs already have Weber and Petry and they need a guy like Serg in the future to replace an aging Markov.
  9. They would be paying us to take a RH shot 2nd pairing D man for just a prospect and somehow that's a bad deal?
  10. lol that feeling when you live in the building just behind that Petro Canada gas station and see the GDT
  11. [PGT] Canucks @ Hurricanes

    When you miss the 3rd and check the box score after the game.
  12. [Extension] NYI Extend Clutterbuck - $3.5 x 5

    Even Benning wouldn't give that contract out.
  13. Which team is getting screwed the most...

    Tampa's gotta make a tough choice between Namestnikov(cheap cap hit and younger) and Johnson(more talented and proven).
  14. [PGT] Blackhawks @ Canucks

    Most miserable performance by Edler since 2014.
  15. [PGT] Coyotes @ Canucks

    Doan be like: