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  1. I understand not being a Kim fan, since I'm not one, but its amazing and unbelievable to see the level of hate they get. People saying that she should have been shot or other gross things. I understand not being a fan, but to wish things like that on someone is messed up. Can someone please explain what she has even done to be so hated? Like has she killed someone, assaulted someone, made racist comments etc? Also, Why would Kim do this for publicity? Kim can post a picture to instagram and she'll get more publicity than most other celebrities. She released Taylor Swifts phone call on freakin snapchat and the internet blew up, so why would she conspire something like violent robbery to get attention? Anyway celebrity or not, any person would be terrified in that situation and hopefully she's ok
  2. An Open Secret A documentary about pedophilia in Hollywood. I know Hollywood is trash but still so heartbreaking and unbelievable to see how organized and out in the open pedophilia is and no one does anything about it.
  3. Suicide Squad I liked it but I was very disappointed. The movie starts off good and there are awesome parts but at some point the movie is a hot mess especially towards the end. It was funny at parts and some good one liners and some of the action was great. Editing was weird and pace was off. I thought most of characters were good and interesting especially Deadshot, Harley, Amanda Waller. Everyone else didn't really get a lot of time spent on their story but i still liked the chemistry within the squad. The squad itself was such an interesting group but they just needed a more interesting mission and stronger story. Only character I disliked was the villain. Such a crappy villain and final fight. I was kinda surprised how lame it was. I liked the Joker, was really creepy. He's barely in the movie so can't really judge Leto's performance in comparison to other Jokers imo. But I really want to see more of this Joker.
  4. Captain America Civil War Loved it. Right now, I cannot think of a single thing that I hated about this movie. It was badass and there is so much asskicking in this film, every fight sequence was amazing. That airport scene from the trailer had me smiling the whole time. And there was a fight that had me on the edge of my seat it was terrific. I was worried it would be an Avengers movie rather than a Captain America movie. For me, even with all the other characters it was still Captain America focused which was awesome. Every character was great, and had their own stand out moment. The new superheros, Black Panther and Spiderman, were introduced perfectly. Black Panther really stood out for me, he was a significant character without overshadowing the others. The movie did a great job explaining why everyone takes the side for or against the government plan, it makes sense why each character chose to be on the side that they are on.
  5. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Overall I liked this movie. I can understand why people didn't love it tho. There were problems with the film however the things I liked still made it overall a good watch for me. For me the main problem was that the execution of things wasn't great; there was a lot that this movie needed to do and I think they didn't have enough time to fit everything in. Some things should have been given more time to play out rather than rush other things.The editing was weird at times, there wasn't great transition from scene to scene so it felt like we were getting sharp cuts especially in the beginning half of the movie. There were some decisions that I wasn't a fan of. Makes me wonder if Snyder will be kept on to do both Justice League movies? I think Part 1 starts in a few weeks so he'll do that but I wonder if they'll keep him for Part 2. I think Batman was awesome, Ben did a great job. The fight sequences were awesome. Loved Batman's fighting style. thought it was way better than what we got in the Dark Knight trilogy. I really liked Wonder Woman too, her fight scene was great too. Also they used Gal well, she didn't overshadow nor did she ruin the film like some people were saying when she was cast. Superman was alright, I think he wasn't handled that great. Cavill did well with what he was given but I think they could have done more with Superman. Lex was whatever, I didn't mind him altho the weird jumpy thing he kept doing while talking was a bit too much imo. I think the Batman stuff was my favorite part along with Wonderwoman so that saved the film for me. And overall, I'm still excited to see where these movies go in the future so it didn't ruin my interest in the universe they are creating. Spoliers :
  6. I'm excited too! Hopefully don't come across any spoilers till then
  7. yah i'm not sure if I buy that either, seems like it would take more than that to make them as angry as they were but Hank did say "it's something we hear a lot of" so maybe
  8. According to Botchford (, this is what might have been said:
  9. Elliotte Friedman ‏@FriedgeHNIC 5m5 minutes ago NHL/NHLPA announce Zack Kassian placed on Stage 2 of Substance Abuse program. Suspended without pay until cleared by doctors Hopefully he gets the help he needs and can turn his career/life around
  10. Met Mason Raymond twice, saw him a third time. really nice guy, even kinda remembered us the second time Met Cory Schneider, he was nice and funny, even did his Hansen impression for us Seen Burrows 3 times and Kesler once
  11. I haven't gotten tired of superhero movies yet so I'm excited for both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad
  12. If you haven't mailed the completed ballot yet, you can drop it off at services offices
  13. And suddenly I'm much more interested in the Suicide Squad movie

  14. Would not recommend eating vomit and rotten egg flavored jelly beans

    1. Watermelon


      I wonder what they taste like

    2. believe in blue forever

      believe in blue forever

      eh i got curious, needless to say won't try it again was fun tho

  15. I wanna see that new batman v. superman teaser trailer!!!