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  1. Accountability

    I agree but I don't think players like Miller or Vrbata are the Hugging types
  2. Accountability

    So if the players choose to ignore the first step of awareness, what do you do to try and rectify that? They are professionals making millions of dollars playing under management. The are one part of a whole team that needs to be held accountable to one another. Clearly these players are not and the reason for that is simple, its because their jobs are guaranteed at the moment. The suggestion of benching them is not only a way to try and wake up the player but also to show other players on the same team there are consequences if you are not accountable as part of the team. Im sure you have played some type of organized sports in a team at some point in time. If your teammates starts making mistakes, its fine at first, but as a teammate, if you see mistake continue to happen and nothing changes then you realize that you don't have to be accountable either and soon you start making mistakes without worrying about consequences. You don't think everytime, Hamhuis or Edler gives away the puck, our goalie is standing their wondering how the heck could they could have made that play. It becomes distracting and without any type of 'disciplinary' action, it just tells everyone on the team that go ahead and play poor, its fine because there are no consequence to poor play and that in effect is whats happening to the team at the moment compared to the early part of the season when they were playing well. Is it really a surprise that players playing well at the moment are rookies like markstrom and mccann who wants to proof they belong here or that Dorset has completely disappeared after signing that big contract over the summer?
  3. Accountability

    This is the one thing I don't understand, why are we not holding players accountable? Benched them, sit them out for one game, point them out in the media, do something to hold these players accountable for their jobs!!!!!!!!!!! Edler/Hamhuis - bad giveaways after bad giveaways, send them a message, bench them, sit them, do something to remind them that they are being paid 4 and 5 million dollars to play a game! Its looks to me like their job is so secure, its their right no matter how bad they play! Prust - My opinion only, what he said on the radio sucks, is he being a team guy saying the young kids needs to stick up for themselves? or just using it as an excuse as to why he didn't have their backs in the Anaheim game. He's paid over 2 million, I thought he was brought in to make the environment safe for the kids to play. I guess he rather give away pucks and make fancy plays to try and score goals. Horvat - Another player Willie trust but if your not playing well, why keep playing him without sending any messages? Your worried he will lose confidence? Your sure not going to motivate the player much when he knows that whatever mistake he makes, his job is safe and I'm sure Bo knows Baertschi - Have we had enough of him already? I didn't think he could be worse than Vey but it sure looks like it. Guaranteed roster spot, why would Baertschi think he would be held accountable? Bartkowski, Weber, Miller, the list goes on and on....when you don't have to be held accountable and your job is almost guaranteed, the result is this years version of the Vancouver Canucks
  4. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    No arguement here, I agree a lot of the canucks problems right now is no puck support, the players are just not moving their feet. But Edler's issues are different, his miscues have nothing to do with others not in the right position, however, because I dont have any means in this forum to support my arguement, there is no point continuing. If I did have past video, I'll show you time and time again, even if Edler is not under pressure, he fumbles the puck or passes it right to the opposition
  5. I Think Alex Edler is a Liability

    Anyone notice that Edler can't skate? Espesciallly his ability to turn going backwards to forwards, thats why so many players walk right by him. Problem is as the no 1 D on our team, he's giving away the puck way too often, this in itself alot of times will distract a team member or two wondering how he could give up the puck like that. Playing with Tanev mask his deficiencies and at best he's playing llike a 5th or 6th D men and having him on the no.1 PP is basically the foundation of our power play issues
  6. Solving the defence

    Our problem is pretty simple, Edler who's used as a number 1 is terrible. He can pass and shoot some, but his skating and his turning is horrendous. He's too slow for todays game and is basically wasting Tanev who has to cover up for his mistakes. The problem is, he's signed long term and they just keep playing him.
  7. Ben Hutton Talk

    Forget about the AHL, give Hutton big minutes in the NHL, none of our other defencemen measures up, not even close. Either Hutton is gonna be a superstar or our D corp excluding Hutton is crap. He's got the size, skating, skills, and composure. Let him grow up in the NHL and put on 20lbs but his reach and skating will help him out in the meantime.
  8. Jason Garrison potential buyout candidate

    He's actually the reason why we don't have an effective power play. Garrison was brought in for his shot. However his shots keeps missing the net or hitting the shot blocker. Garrison also has next to no creativity with puck possession either passing it or carrying it inside the offensive zone. When he gets rushed, he just gets rids of it on both ends of the ice. He's decent but not worth the big contract or the no trade clause
  9. Niederreiter's hit on Burrows

    What we all don't realize is that the NHL has their own forum with the topic 'Burrows-do we really need him'. Players like Weber and Neiderwhatever are probably getting cheques in the mail for taking out Burr. Canucks continue to be a joke to the NHL head office and another reason why the effort is just not there from our own players from time to time. I mean whats the point? They changed the game just so we can't be an elite team anymore!
  10. how bout some conspiracy theories like may Lu was the one who leaked the Kesler trade news or maybe Lu declined a trade to somewhere and pissed off the nucks management. Whatever the reason, the way the Canucks management has handled all this is nothing but awful
  11. stanley cup finals, bill laforge, stanley cup finals, mike keenan, stanley cup finals, and now tort and gillis. The cycle continues... what most amazing is how quickly we fall after each stanley cup finals. I thought this time would be different but really poor management has done us in. the year we missed the playoffs with nonis, he was fired because average was not acceptable to our current owners. Well I would like to know what they call whats happening now. The way the Canucks are being manage with all these soap operas surrounding players is not just unacceptable, its completely embarassing
  12. Opinions on Mike Gillis

    I wouldn't even know where to begin in my critique of one Mr. Mike Gillis. It would be several pages long and wouldn't be very kind. However, Ive been in these boards long enough to know that any topic that contains negative comments about our GM will get locked so I won't waste my breath. But for starters what happened to the Detroit Model that we were suppose to follow? What happened to players development the last several years? What happened to our highly skilled puck possession team? We get within one game of the stanley cup with a highly skilled puck possession team that was decimated with injuries and we decide to tear it apart because we weren't big or tough enough? I don't see Chicago or Detroit changing course like we have. The crap about teams changing their style of defense is plain non sense. I don't see Chicago having too much problem with scoring, have they changed their style too? and....yes I can go on and on but whats the point.
  13. Gillis on Team 1040 February 6

    one thing that has gotten me hearing gillis on the radio is that he keeps saying the team was slow to adapting the new style in the nhl. I for one don't see the blackhawks or the penguins really changing their style and they are still successful. Gillis is stuck thinking the reason why we can't score is that the style of play is the reason why we can't score. This style of collapsing around the net was brought in by Carolina and has been around a long time. We used to be a team that had speed skill and puck possession. We played to agitate with arrogance and a real physical style. Now we don't have any of it. Im also sad to see that Gillis follow instead of innovate. Where would the seahawks be if they followed the typical personnel that plays each position aka russell wilson. I just hope Gillis can clear his head and figure out what a team needs to be in order to win the stanley cup and then go and build it, instead of thinking about how to follow and adapt to whatever successful styles are out there. Gillis has gone back and forth and you can easily see the result in the current edition of the vancouver canucks
  14. The Unofficial CDC Prospect rankings

    Utica might be really stacked if the Canucks keep playing the same way
  15. Province Article - is Daniel Sedin Done...

    scoring problems probably stems from 1. loss of Salo and Erhoff and the poor play of Edler 2. different style of game since 2011, more obstruction and clutch/grab 3. poor chemistry and leadership 4. inability to inject youth, skill, and real toughness into the lineup I feel the Canucks players have forgotten the toughness necessary, its the toughness to play the game, not the toughness to defend themselves. They spend so much time worrying about not getting bullied that they forgot the point is to play and win hockey games