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  1. I am surprised they did not do this sooner, I know divorce in the states have been chomping at the bit to make more money. Glad to see them joining the rest of the world
  2. Agreed, the person driving should not be allowed to drive unless they get trained properly. Notice i did not say retrained?
  3. Very sad to hear. Thoughts and prayers to the Family. Rest in peace Pat!
  4. Kiss the Girl - The Little Mermaid - Kiss de Girl - Lyrics
  5. It was a solid season.
  6. If we were to put all the logo's we had one jersey, they would not fit. Lets stick to one and build it to be great!
  7. Top 5, but I am a homer.
  8. Not a good call last night. Caps had a lot of chances, if they put a few of them in this would not have been an issue.
  9. We are doing ok right now and still people need to find something to complain about. I know I have seen hundreds of threads about songs, did we really need a new one? See what I did there?
  10. Wow! I was always a believer! Thanks for showing the truth!