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  1. Why bother him for no reason and leave stupid msgs. If he gets 100s of msgs he might not read the ones that matter and he would respond to.. Leave it for a kid who might be sitting in a hospital bed and would feel better if he had a chat with an NHL player. Or a kid who just wants to ask tips about hockey.
  2. He did get banned from IIHF for 4 yrs. I think that's too long.. 1 year would be enough unless repeat offender. Not being allowed in NHL means losing his job. That's ridiculous. About a third of the country would lose their jobs if everyone was tested. 25% of Canadians are abusing drugs. Many many more have experimented with them.. If he's in a position of responsibility for others including minors while at work, yes he should be fired. Example a teacher or police officer. But a hockey player or football player partying on his own time. I couldn't care less.. People watching are paying him for his entertainment services. He's not getting charity. He's just like Hollywood actors or musicians. Getting paid to entertain.
  3. After Lidstrom was drafted he took 2 years to come to NHL. When wings signed him to first contract they were wondering if they even should. Scouts and mgmt watched him play at a game in Sweden and decided obviously they would sign him. Rest is history. JB said before drafting OJ that he reminded JB of Lidstrom. I don't think OJ will be Lidstrom. I think Lidstrom was the best ever. But I think he still has a chance to become a very good NHL Dman. Hopefully he develops into a top pair Dman.
  4. OTT has a boat load of young high end talent. Their rebuild is starting to look good already. They got lucky EK and Duchene didn't want to stay and sign extensions. Got good return. The defenseman Brannstrom they got for Stone from Vegas is a stud. Plus they have 5 picks in first two rounds next year.. They're going to be a very good team in 3 years.
  5. Edm won't give up Khaira to dump Pulju. They can sit on Pulju. No rush to move him. Let him play in Finland if that's what happens. Khaira is a good low cost player. Big body physical guy. Sutter 2 mill retained plus a B prospect for Pulju would get it done. I don't think it's good idea to sell Sutter this low. He's at lowest value in his career right now. Plus we need a good 3C if we want to make playoffs. Gaudette is not ready yet.. Sutter has a good healthy season with Canucks and maybe move him next summer when he has higher value and Gaudette is ready to be 3C. I think Sutter stays relatively healthy and has a 15g 20 asst 35 pts season.
  6. Lol. Is this a joke. This post is exactly what I mean. People are just homers and have no clue. But will attack others who know about out of market teams/players for being haters. Why wouldn't I want BB to get paid? What i want is Canucks to win a Cup or two. And it won't happen if we overpay players a million here a million there. In the cap world a team can't afford to overpay players and win anything. And if you overpay BB you have to overpay EP and Hughes and Horvat next contract. Also all the 2nd tier players. You can't build a winner if you can't control your salary structure..
  7. Always interesting so many posters on here never watch out of market games. They pretend to know who Meier is and how he plays but truthfully have no clue. Anyone who thinks BB is better than Meier is either lying to them selves as a homer or just watches Canucks and has no clue about Timo Meiers game. You have a 200 ft two way power forward with a huge motor. Plays defense and puts up offense. Pretty much what Pod hopefully develops into one day. BB is so far a one dimensional player with a lethal shot. Meier is better at all aspects of hockey except the wrist shot. Meier is only 4 months older than BB but much much more of a complete player.
  8. It's not even close. I was listening to this analytics guy on TSN I think. In some metrics Meier is better than Marner at creating scoring chances. There is no way you pay BB more than Meier on 4 year deal. Meier is a power forward plays a much much better over all game than BB. I wouldn't go as far to trade him. Not yet. But there is no way BB gets 4 years @ 7 mill per. I'd let him sit. And if he's not signed 1 month onto season I let him sit the whole season. Not bring him back late like Nylander when he won't be in gopd enough shape to play against mid season form NHL players. 7 yrs 7 mill max. Or a bit under. Sign or sit.
  9. Ya he's saying pretty much what I quoted him saying. Not sure what your point is. I don't hear him saying Fenton was screaming and yelling at staff. Only same as what I posted earlier.
  10. I was going on what Liepold said himself regarding Fenton not what a reporter said. This is from Liepold. I also read somewhere Liepold saying he would look for an experienced GM as the new hire.
  11. Perplexing. Liepold was saying he wanted an experienced guy for next GM. Apparently he wasn't happy with Fenton's organizational skills. He was good scout and not great at everything else required to run the front office as GM according to Liepold. Maybe Bill Guerin comes on and hits it out the park. He was a good player. Hard working player. Enjoyed watching him play even tho didn't cheer for him much. His mug kinda annoyed me.
  12. Good young player. Will be a bargain in couple of years. With Logan Brown coming in as C White can also play wing if needed.
  13. Posters who tried to temper expectations re Dahlin almost got attacked by fan boys on here a couple of years ago. He was playing in 2nd tier on Sweden. Ppl thought he'd come over and be an instant star in the NHL. Unrealistic expectations.