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  1. Just heard from friend. Sad news. RIP Kobe One of greatest all time.
  2. Why Mumbai..it'll spread no matter where. India is so densely populated..
  3. Wait until this makes it to India and Africa. They'll never be able to do what Chinese are doing as far as a response. 60 million people locked down. Streets empty. China has capabilities of this type of response amd a population who listens and works as a collective. Other parts of the world ppl will riot. 10s of millions will be infected. I read a months old report from John Hopkins University scientist who did simulation. ... said if this virus gets out 65 million will be killed. And now this virus is out.. here's link. https://www.businessinsider.com/scientist-simulated-coronavirus-pandemic-deaths-2020-1
  4. My buddy in vancouver said 6 ppl quarantined in Richmond.. said it was on local news.
  5. Wow this looks bad. Watched some videos looks like a horrific situation. Doctors are havimg nervous breakdowns. Crazy Ppl dropping in streets. Hospitals packed.. wow.
  6. Theyre building a 1000 bed hospital to ne completed in 5 days.. wow. Only in china Theyre doing a great job so far. But yhis isnt easy to control Corontined 35 million people. Thats the population of Canada. Crazy
  7. New rules in KHL make it harder for Tram to come over.. and thats after if his team gets knocked out in 1st round. Which is unlikely. If they release Tram before April 30 they lose his KHL rights. They would have no interest relrasing him He likely comes over in summer starts with team next season.
  8. Told you guys. . even called the price... Lind for Kovy at tdl. . Horvat needs a winger and Kovalchuk is the guy.... Kovy is a captain . Leader in locker room our team making playoffs. Get a guy like Kovy we win cpl rounds. ....
  9. I need a link boys ... minus 40 in Edmonton right now all alone can't go to bar... tòo cold out
  10. I'm sure he's been training hard last 2 plus months to get in game shape. Also his signing is for leadership qualities more than on ice.. He's gotta have known he's going to play half the season so he's been training hard.. nothing like playing in real game though He'll be good to go by the time playoffs come around.
  11. I'd say both. But over the next 2 or 3 years it's Cups. After that team will be on the decline and he'll be within reach of Gretzky if he can put up 40 plus per year.
  12. Right now he's one of the best players in the world.. His play hasn't fallen off at all... elite 2 way C .. puts up 20 goals 70 pts per season. Great player. I watched him get drafted and break in. Huge Caps fan..
  13. Oshie Backstrom Wilson Kuznetsov all signed 5 to 6 years.. Carlson 7 yrs. Orlov 4 yrs. Looks like they'll all be retiring together... They have 2 more Cup runs with current team.. Samsonov is only 22yrs old and a superstar in the making.. best young goalie in NHL...Holtby likely leaves as ufa in summer and Samsonov takes over... Kuz asked media in MTL I think...why don't they talk about Samsonov.. Is it because he's Russian?.. lol. Might be onto something.