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  1. Canucks have been making great at draft picks with him at the helm. I'd rather not screw up a good thing no matter who deserves credit. If its working keep it rolling. And its been working great lately.
  2. Perhaps he wants both a promotion and more autonomy. And maybe he wants more money than he's being offered too. We don't know. But hopefully it gets worked out and he signs a lengthy contract extension.
  3. You're not getting Toffoli for 3-4 years through his prime. Its going to need to be 6 - 7 years. And he's not going to be cheap. Madden will need Ahl time. Maybe 2 years.
  4. One size fits all? Does everyone have the exact same life, personal situation and family situation........?
  5. Like everyone else here I hope you're right. But I think there's a very small chance he comes here in large part due to the situation with his brother and Bruins being his favorite team and him being a Boston kid. Makes too much sense for him to stay in school 1 more year if it gets him to stay home. Vancouver is as far away as possible for another NHL team from Boston. If it was 2 more years to UFA I can see him come all the way here. But 1 more year of education at Harvard then sign with Boston vs 1 more year in Utica then to Vancouver... Even IF he has to spend a year in Providence to develop on Bruins AHL team before making NHL that's only 45 minute drive away from his house. He can live at home with his little brother and play on Providence Bruins OR Boston Bruins.. Rathbone is obviously a smart guy, that's why he's in Harvard. He has repeatedly spoken about wanting to be close to his brother.. I see no reason for him to come here.. We'll see what happens I guess, hope I'm wrong about this but chances are low.
  6. Boston area kid who wants to stay close to his family, particularly his brother. He's UFA in a year. I think he goes back to school for another year and signs with Bruins.
  7. I think JB knew exactly what was happening and how long it would take. I think he was holding his cards close to his chest for what ever reason.. could be 2 or 3 reasons to do that so close to tdl.. I highly doubt JB or his medical team was clueless and his medical staff didn't know. JB has grown and learned a lot over the years since being a GM with Canucks..
  8. That would mean Canucks medical staff doesn't have a clue.
  9. #fakenews You are talking about Trump's EX chief White house physician about his 2018 yearly medical exam report, He is no longer in that position. Dr Jackson was Obama and Trump's chief white house physician. Dr Jackson is a rear admiral in the US Navy and was working in the white house medical untit since around 2005. Obama made him his chief physician in 2013 and Trump retained him as his doctor when he moved into the Whitehouse. Dr Jackson said IF Trump ate healthy and exercised for the past 20 years he has the genetics to live 200 yrs. (Obvious exaggeration) but he was talking about Trump having great genetics. He also said Trump was over weight. No doctor at the white house said what you claim. He only listed Trumps weight and height which ppl on internet compared to athletes. Forgetting Trump is in his 70s while the athletes he was being compared to were in their 20s and 30s.
  10. Good card good fights. Oliveira reminds me of Tony Ferguson. Same build similar style ... great fighter.. very good in striking and keeps getting bettet great ground game. he's going to be fighting for a belt soon.
  11. Looks like the Italians are taking a page from Wuhan residents during lock down. Singing from balconies.. People in Wuhan sang songs from their balconies At night when they got locked down.. Breaks the monotony and provides some social contact with neighbours.
  12. if he's not butchering meat and sells only vegetables/plants then what makes him a butcher.. lol I have a nice steak sitting in my fridge for dinner tonight. Nothing replaces meat. And its not going away. I like to eat vegetarian, try to stay veggie at least couple times a week. But I'd never fully give up meat.
  13. Lots if old people being turned away from hospitals in Italy. They only have so many hospital beds. So they're prioritizing treating the younger people over the old. So the old are essentially told to go home.. It's pretty much a death sentence for many of them. In China hundreds of thousands of people have it. Likely millions. They locked in a lot of people but usually left a way to deliver food into the house. I was following this story very closely for last couple of months. Lots of videos like this.
  14. As of Thursday, 66 out of 7,869, or 0.84%, South Korean patients confirmed to have the coronavirus have died. Well under 1% die in Korea where they've tested a huge amount of people. In other counties like US not everyone with virus is being tested so the mortality rate is artificially high. When they start mass testing in US the mortality rate will drop by large margin.