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  1. Boys and Ladies.... I'M in Edmonton... for cpl more weeks.. pbbly 3 to 4 weeks minimum... .. Suggestions will be appreciated.. I'm about 15 mins from Rogers Centre.. I'M here for work often...not the type to take pics of athletes etc.. but anyone come into town beer on me... So stoked Rayhbone signing.. needed a bit of good news.. been a ruff cpl days...
  2. Are you nuts Phill... Rayhbone is equivalent of a top 5 pick....this kid is special... watch .....
  3. Man you don't even know.... This kid and Quinn.. I think O.J. going to come along very nicely.... Stacked.... EDIT .too many messages by me in this thread.... 3 in a row.. but I'm not excited....
  4. I think particularly because of cap issues due to Covid.19 this kid has a very good chance to stick with team next season... What wonderful news.. I was certain he's staying home in Boston.. So glad I was wrong. Stoked...
  5. Please. OMG Just woke up read this.. almost had a seizure I completely thought he's staying home in Boston.... Captain material this kid. I need to start having more positive thinking....
  6. Awesone Sometimes I'm too negative... so good we got this kid signed. .
  7. @73 Percent I am in bliss .. jack signed? Honest never thought would .... Man... wonderful day .... You know what 73... Sometimes we get over worked.... I do as well. We are all Canucsks For all you guys love and espect... Man this board keeps me senile.. 1972 been loving this team.. .. just one dream. A Cup... .I was so stressed .
  8. You're not so bad Let's go. GO time...
  9. Respect to @MikeBossy Was having ruff day... If i was rude appologize
  10. @Nuxfanabroad @spook007 Agreed.. the rule is a joke and should have been dealt in this new CBA. But honestly I dont blame the kid... I'M from Vancouver. Family home is approx half hour from Canucks rink.. If I had a little brother with special needs who needed me in his life I wouldn't even think twice. 100% id go ufa and sign with home town team. Live at home with my little brother who is autistic and play for my fav team.. BTW if he has to play for Bruins AHL team the Providence Bruins for a year or two it's only a 45 min drive from his house TD Garden NHL 30mins drive Providence AHL 45 mins drive Vancouver other end of North America in a different country. What would you do.. if I'm his adviser and knowing his family situation I tell him sign with Bruins.
  11. 4th round pick. Hit and miss. Benning can get atleast that after the playoffs.. pbbly more. Im sure he's still got a good relationship with mgmt in Boston. Who knew he'd end up this good.. or he would have gone in the 1st round.