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  1. What a beautiful goal by Horvat He does need to be more physical. Maybe throw some hits and elbow here and there
  2. No doubt.. JB will extend Tanev... He's way too smart not to. Tanev is going to get big money contract as UFA. It would be best served get him locked up..
  3. You don't trade Tanev. He's too valuable.... he'll get resigned here. Hughes is doing so well because Tanev is three to man the fort...
  4. I don't even think Lockwood his parents or his agent know where he will sign let alone reporters.. Long ways to go ....it's only November, summer is a long time away.. But if I was Lockwood I'd wait till summer to hit UFA... look for teams with least forward depth and pick one of those that fits best..
  5. Ya just because someone wants to poach him doesn't mean Leafs will trade him. What is the value of trading him. he's only 2.75 mill cap hit as COL eating half his cap. He gives them top 4 mins. Not producing offensively but what are they going to get back that's better with same cap hit.. I highly doubt he gets traded soon. It was also reported him and his agent want to try make it work in Toronto. Try to make his game turnaround. What if they ask for trade how's he going to adjust to new team so quick. He's had summer and training camp on Toronto. If it doesn't work with new team then he's really going to do bad on next contract. He's already lost millions but imagine he gets traded and same thing next team. He'll be looking at a 1 year 2 or 3 mill deal.
  6. You "work" . So you get paid for it. I posted on here in some thread about donating.... I don't have to be sad for CS in this case to be a caring person. Any how. Cheers I just highly doubt he wants anyone feeling sorry for him. He's a winner still making 17 more million still will be playing hockey . He's 33. Most ppl in his field are long gone by that age.. I think he'd want us to feel good about him and wish him luck in continuing his journey called life...maybe make it back to NHL even.. but best of luck CS
  7. Lol. C'mon. I think people pretend to feel sorry for very successful and happy people to make them selves feel better. If you are so caring go donate to single moms. Or homeless people. Go volunteer at a shelter. Feel sorry and bad for people who need it. And do something about it.. Writing a few words on a forum saying you're feeling bad for a highly successful person who's a complete winner in life is anything but caring. CS has traveled the world he's pro athlete level healthy. Multi millionaire .. plays a game for a living. Has had a long career. Longer than average in his field by many yrs... If you feel bad for his life I wonder how you feel for OJ who just suffered another injury. Did you have to call in sick to work for a week for that.. It's silly when people express crocodile tears. Feeling sorry for people they idolize and pay money to go see perform their job. I find it amusing.
  8. Fall short and fail from what.. He's been playing in the best league in the world for 10 years made 40 or 50 mill. That's a lot longer than and many million dollars more than average NHLers. Do you feel sorry for every pro athlete? All of their careers end... Most don't win championships.. you feel sorry for them all ? Because they fell short ? Have you made billions of dollars and succeeded at everything in the world ? Lol...
  9. Leafs aren't trading him right now. He's costing 2.75 mill cap and he's at his lowest point of career right now. His trade value is so low he won't return anything significant. Plus how do they replace a top 4 Dman playing 20 mins a game.. Maybe later but he's not getting traded right now when he won't return even his equal value. No point.
  10. Not sure why some of you guys feel bad for him.. He's making 6 mill USD per year for 3 more seasons playing a game for a living. Side note, I was amongst the very few who said he might get traded instead of Luongo. Good trade MG. MG made good trades but his drafting was horrible.
  11. It would cost a lot to pry Nylander out of Toronto. He's been one of their best most consistent forwards. Playing better than Boeser has for us. One of their best 5v5 players and never gives the puck away. Doesn't get 1st unit pp. We don't have what it would cost and if we did it wouldn't be worth trading. He'll get a big return if they trade him. If I'm the leafs I'd try to trade Marner for Drew Doughty. Then trade another forward for a more heavy forward who plays with pace. They need to get heavier and meaner. They're too soft. Too many pretty boys not enough grunts on that team.
  12. Makar and Byram are like EK and Doughty... It's a lot to ask for that much fortune. But if Rathbone can be a solid top 4 D I'd be happy.
  13. Wow. That speed!!! What are his plans. Is he planning on turning pro soon..