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  1. Awesome. Let's go blues. I think that OT hand pass blown call got the Blues back on track. They're a different team last two games.
  2. I think you gotta add Gaudette to that at 3C. Plus Stecher and Pearson. No way Pearson going anywhere. Told you guys more than once CDC would love him. He's core for sure. . He's young, big, and drives the net. That line needs a skilled winger. Zegras? I remember when Kesler came thru the system. Played hard smart two way game. Gaudette is core for that reason. Build that D up with size. Hughes has skill Stecher will be here long term. Need some size on D. That Zegras kid....I think JB wants him. He's feisty skilled tall lanky puck skills are beautiful. Develop him as Horvat and Pearson's winger. Move up in draft via trade if possible to grab Zegras.
  3. Not watching tonight's game. Officiating is a joke. Series is pretty much over. Can't get my self to watch after yesterday's game.
  4. How can 4 refs miss that hand pass.. nhl reffs are just horrible. I need a new sport to follow. Been a good 4 decades but this is way too much.
  5. I've been saying for a while BOS likely wins the cup. it looks more likely after every game played. Canes had a great run but the way rask is playing it's Bruins cup to lose.
  6. I think good chance blues make finals. But right now looks like sharks bruins. I'll wait till end of conference finals. you have a good point. That's only way to force change but I dont see a big boycott coming. Difficult to get everyone on board. I'm not saying it's a conspiracy but it definitely is a problem.
  7. Their special teams both pp and pk has been horrible all playoffs. They had 17% pp and 81% PK coming in tonight. Those are terrible numbers. And it only got worst tonight.
  8. CAR management needs to get in a meeting and think about bringing in a pk specialist coach to help out PK. Not sure whos available out there but I'm sure they can find someone better than what they have now
  9. Nhl needs to take a real hard look at officiating. It's so bad almost makes a decades long fan like me to stop watching hockey.
  10. Teravinon had time there with rask moving to left.. missed a big opportunity