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  1. Not happening. Just TO trying to bring Tanevs value down. JVR and a 1st maybe. Not just JVR
  2. Mathews is a great player as well. He could make more than McDavid when he re ups his contract. They are very close. McDavid has the edge but I have more faith in TO management to surround AM with better players.
  3. 12 year deal that started a couple of years ago ends this year? wow. cap might not go up, but it'll have more to do with CAD and less revenue due to the lower CAD, not any tv deal 30% of NHL revenue comes from the Canadian teams, lower CAD means less revenue.
  4. none of this is true. complete nonsense of a post The NHLPA used the cap escalator to increase the cap. They didn't even use all of the escalator or the cap would have gone up by at least a couple of million more. tv revenue automatically goes into the pot every year, they don't use it one year and not the next. The big TV deal with Rogers is a multi year deal and the revenue is collected as it goes, not all at once in beginning of the deal as you suggest.
  5. No one in their right mind would trade McDavid for Crosby. McDavid is the best player for the next decade, while Crosby was the best player at times for the previous decade.
  6. most top money contracts are structured bonus heavy now. This way the player is guaranteed the bonus money even in case of a lockout or work stoppage. And the player gets the bonus money at start of each season so he can invest it as he likes right away instead of waiting all year to get the money and saving it. Example from Canucks. Loui Eriksson will get 8 mill this year. Out of that 7 mill is bonus money and payable before the season starts. The remaining 1 mill will be paid in installments over the season. Loui's total contract is worth 36 mill. Out of that 28 mill is paid in bonus money.
  7. NHL max is 15 mill for next year. McDavid will only make 975k plus bonuses of less than 3 mill next year, which is about 11 mill under the max. He's still on ELC. We don't know what the cap is the following year so we don't know what the max will be. But even if it stays the same which hasn't happened yet over the length of the CBA, McDavid leaves 2.5 mill on the table. Not 1 mill.
  8. Not sure what you point is. Did someone claim Oilers would win the Cup 9 years in a row? I know I didn't. Canucks won't be good enough to compete for a cup for a very long time anyways. Maybe in 4 or 5 years they can hope to make the playoffs.
  9. 9 years. He's got 1 year left on current ELC contract, plus the 8 year extension.
  10. Not happening.
  11. Que 1 page of I wanted to make the thread, why is this thread allowed to exist, how did you get so fast, .......... CDC has been taken over by a bunch of 12 year olds. Good on Rodin signing, Id like to see if he can get over the injury and try to get a spot this year.
  12. They were both rushed to sell tickets. There is plenty of evidence. Starting with the fact they were in the NHL when clearly not ready. Two years later they're still not ready. It happens in the NHL and the players usually never recover.
  13. How about something along the lines of MTL NYR VAN in a 3 way trade involving Stepan, Tanev, Galchenyuk NYR gets top pair RHD which is what the asking price for Stepan apparently is. VAN gets the young 1C. Him and Horvat could be 1a + 1b. No superstars but that's a pretty solid top 2. MTL gets a C in his prime they need now to make a run.
  14. Juolevi hasn't impressed like Sergachev has since the draft. You wouldn't have gotten the same deal for Juolevi.