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  1. Been saying how rediculous this offside coach's challenge for offsides is all year. Can't believe they haven't changed it yet. This is skate in the crease but worse waiting to happen. NHL copies the NFL but if they want to copy them they should go all out. NFL gets rid of dumb rules midway thru the season when they realise how stupid it is. NHL waits till the following year. If it's gonna go later why not do it now.
  2. Why didn't they rig it to give TOR McDavid then? Especially since McDavid is from there. Some people can't digest reality and have to make up conspiracies. Makes the whole fan base look looney.
  3. contender for 4 or 5 years??? Lol. This team would be lucky to make the playoffs in that time.
  4. Most of the people making those posts know it's not rigger. They're just venting. We had best odds to get the 5th and that's what we got.
  5. EDM was 3rd worst and won the lottery to get McDavid.
  6. Take a Dman. Build up a great, mobile, skilled defense. Hope for better luck at the draft next year and take a 1C then.
  7. Ummm neither Philly nor LA has the 1st overall pick. So no, you didn't call it. Good luck next year.
  8. Imagine the Islanders win the draft lottery with their .9% odds. That would be nuts.
  9. Actually the good old days were when Draper and Sakic were on the ice. Those were some wars between DET and COL.