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  1. Two way Dman, can move the puck, solid defensively, calm under pressure, only knock is he doesn't produce offence. Sounds like Tanev 6 or 7 years ago when he was coming up. Not saying this kid will be at Tanev level but similar game for sure. This kid has a bit more edge to him.
  2. It would be a travesty if JB gave up a top young prospect and our 1st for Duchesne, he's not elite 1C but is UFA in 2 years which means good chance he walks. Worst thing possible for this franchise. We need to continue to build thru draft. Draft high and develop.
  3. At least had the option to switch back to NFL football on Sunday against Vegas. If there's a drubbing like that tonight nothing else to watch.
  4. elite Dman meaning a guy like Karlsson, Doughty, Hedman, Josi. A true 1D which every Cup contender needs. Dahlin would be perfect at next year's draft. Wouldn't mind Boqvist either. elite C meaning McDavid, Scheifele, Mathews, Eichel, Draisaitl. Maybe Pettersson turns out to be a top tier C but we won't know for 4+ years. Horvat will be a great 2C but not top tier elite C in NHL Boeser may turn out to be an elite winger. guys like Laine, Forsberg, Kucherov, Marchand come to mind. Tkachuk would be a great pick next year's draft or the Russian kid Svechnikov. If we get a top 5 pick next year we get an elite Dman or elite winger.
  5. ya, 0-2 in NFL is extremely difficult to come back from. 0-3 you're as good as done. Anyways, Falcons vs Lions next week is a must watch for sure.
  6. Ya he didn't have a good year last year and I thought last year that he's on his way down. I think he's OK for couple of years but the problem is the contract goes for 8 more years. At 7.5+ and even if he retires his cap hit will count. They'll have to figure out a way to put him on LTIR for the rest of the contract in couple of years when he's a complete albatross.
  7. Parise and Suter contracts are going to be anchors in a couple of years. Terrible overpayments. Particularly for Parise. Suter wasn't as bad contract because he was amongst the elite Dmen in the NHL at the time. But front loaded 7.5+ cap hit for 13 years for each of those two? crazy contracts. They'll figure out a way to put them on LTIR like some of the other teams have done with their players I guess. Or trade the (NMC) contract along with a pick or prospect to someone who can take on the cap. I like Koivu this is a good extension to end his career.
  8. It's the preseason. They are conditioning the players to stay away from doing certain things while the games don't mean anything. I been watchin this game for over 3 decades it's always been like this with penalties and rules in the preseason and early part of season. Remember how many years they called clutching and grabbing early in the season, by Xmas it would be back to normal. The hand slashing did get out of hand and they'll condition the players to stay away from it in preseason, penalties will fall off in regular season and even more a month or two into the regular season. It's normal. This is what the preseason is for.
  9. Of Course they do. So did we when we were competing for the Cup. All teams management try to push the envelope as much as possible. Just like the players do on ice.
  10. fair points. He is serviceable and we do need toughness. CGY WPG EDM ANA all very heavy teams. We need more size. I've been saying for years we need size up and down the lineup, not just a couple of big guys. We need guys in top 4 D and in Top 6 forward positions who are heavy and play a physical game. Hard to find those guys. Lets see what happens at tdl. I don't think Gudbranson lasts the season especially since word is out JB tried to trade him. How does he re sign after that unless we vastly overpay.
  11. I agree. Gudbranson does bring some of that albeit he didn't too much last year. Maybe his wrist injury prevented him from laying the body more but i'm not sure about that. But we can sign a 6D for around 2+ mill to be a goon. Or a 4th line forward for similar price. Why pay 4+ mill long term just for that?
  12. Gudbranson isn't really good at either end of the ice. He is definitely a bottom pairing Dman. A 5 or 6. He's not a top 4 D in anyone's mind accept some Canucks fans who are biased because they like Gudbranson the person and they like his size and physicality. In FLD when these rumours came out not many wanted Demers traded for Gudbranson even though Guddy was their 3rd overall pick and liked in the locker room most media types don't agree with the swap. Tallon has been told by ownership to make a 10 million dollar salary cut. That's why he's getting rid of Demers and why he didn't resign a 30g scoring Marchessault instead giving him up in expansion draft to Vegas. Only reason I wouldn't do the deal is because I think JB is veering off this rebuild and trying to get better and older right away. I don't think that's a good idea, Gudbranson should be traded for younger player or pick, build thru draft. We are many many years from contending, Gudbranson will be out of the NHL by the time we contend for a Cup.
  13. On July 1, while the Vancouver Canucks were busy signing up veteran players on reasonable, short-term contracts, Pierre Lebrun of TSN reported that Jason Demers had used his limited no-trade clause to nix a trade to Vancouver. Demers's contract specified that there were eight teams he could deny a trade to. Recently, Canucks Army reported that tax rates may have been a big factor in Demers’s decision, as Florida doesn’t apply a state income tax. Some observers said the same thing when Steven Stamkos chose to stay in Tampa Bay instead of chasing a massive contract elsewhere. And while this may be true, it doesn't answer the real question: Why did the Canucks want to bring in Demers? The Panthers currently have just under $11 million in salary cap space, but still have about five players to sign, unless their younger players, like former Canuck Jared McCann, can make the jump. (Speaking of McCann, the player rumoured to be going Florida's way in a possible Demers deal is the same man who was traded for the former Canucks first rounder: Erik Gudbranson, because it's written into NHL law that at least one quarter of former Panthers need to return to Florida at some point in their careers. The salary cap was one of the reasons that Florida let promising forward Jonathan Marchessault and his 30 goals last season go to the Vegas Golden Knights for free in the expansion draft, as they worked out a deal that would see the Knights take on Reilly Smith and his five year/ $5 million contract for a 2018 fourth round draft pick. Cap space was so important to the Panthers that they gave away their third leading scorer last year. So, of course they were looking to get out of another bad contract. Jason Demers was fifth on the Panthers in ice time per game, but he ate those minutes up ineffectively. Corsi is an advanced stats tool used to measure how many shot chances a team generates when a player is on the ice, versus when he's on the bench. Demers posted the worst even-strength Corsi of any Panthers defenceman who played more than 40 games. In fact, according to another advanced statistic kept by Hockey Reference, point share — similar to baseball's 'win share' stat, where a player is measured by how many points he helped his team achieve in the standings — Demers's career is closely aligned with that of formerly maligned Canuck (and Panther) Keith Ballard. Pretty good read. https://www.straight.com/blogra/937046/why-did-canucks-try-trade-jason-demers Recently, Canucks' GM Jim Benning and his staff have been praised for embracing analytics in drafting and acquiring players. This has included drafting pint-sized Petrus Palmu and new coach Travis Green speaking about his excitement over using all the data available in the NHL, as opposed to what's offered in the AHL. But the Demers rumours don't jibe with that, and they represent a dangerous direction for the club to be headed in. While trading Gulbranson isn't the worst idea — it's likely the team won't resign him when his contract runs out at the end of this season — swapping him for Demers would be a disaster. Not only does Demers cost a million more per year against the cap at $4.5 million, he's signed for three more years than Gudbranson. Sometimes cap stability is important and acquiring a player on a longer term deal at a reasonable, cost-controlled price is a good move. This is not one of those times. Demers isn't worth $4.5 million right now, and he just turned 29. The odds that he will be worth that contract in 2020 are extremely low. It's moves like this that confound Canucks fans who have just started to get on board with the team's plan. Whether or not the rebuild ends up working out probably comes down to whether Benning is saved from himself or not. Jason Demers did him a massive favour by not coming to Vancouver. Whether Benning will acknowledge that or learn from it in the coming months remains to be seen.
  14. Do you really wanna pay 4+ mill to a 5D or 6D on a 4 or 5 year deal? Because that's what he'll ask for in VAN. Not even close to being worth it imo,. The game is getting faster and faster every year. Look at the last two Cup teams, PIT won 2 years in a row with small mobile Dmen. The game has changed. He won't be able to keep up in a few years and will need to be bought out. I'm glad we didnt' get Demers and his bad contract so JB did dodge one. But we will have to trade him at some point and I'd rather we get pick, prospect back rather than a 29 year old on a bad contract. I'd rather trade him at the tdl even for a 2nd and sign depth Dmen on July 1st via UFA. A guy like DelZotto would be better than Gudbranson at the dollars and term he came at.
  15. Yes, I think it's best to wait till trade deadline. We might be able to get a decent prospect along with a 2nd if he plays well. He's gone at end of year as UFA unless we overpay to keep him.