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  1. Next GM will have to deal with this. I think JB will be done at end of this season. Canucks need an executive to be GM, not a scout. JB would be a very good Asst. GM. Let him handle draft and development.
  2. WPG ownership and mgmt are known to be very patient, but I think Maurice will be let go if Jets struggle and don't make the playoffs this year even though he recently signed a contract extension. I'll pick Deboer to go first.
  3. Corey Schneider 50 shots faced, most saves made in a game in his career. Devils are a very good young team. Leafs coaching staff were taking this game very seriously and said so in the media. Great young team the Devils have. Gonna be fun team to watch moving forward. Still has the Devils defense first attitude. Lots of skill, speed, and youth on this team.
  4. No it's not nothing, it's a 7th round pick. Why would you want a player that's done? Why add him onto y0ur 50 contract limit when you're close to limit already? why pay the 700k from business point of view. I can't think of one good reason to even pick him up for free rather than paying a 7th or his 700k salary from management perspective.
  5. Jersey still Jersey. Very good defensive hockey with speed. This team had lots of skill in the Cup years too. They just played defensive systems and it worked wonders.
  6. Schneider is doing just fine.. Not sure if you're even watching the game. Tell you the truth Alfie I don't take any of your posts serious. I think you're trolling most of the time and even when you might make a serious posts it's hard to know, nor do I really want to waste my time trying to figure out what you're really up to. Not being a jerk but you've developed that rep over time.
  7. What? Why would you need an almost 40 year old who is done and pay a 7th to take on someone else's mistake? Habs pay 7th if they want someone to take him off their hands.
  8. Anderson needs to make a save once in a while.
  9. Leaf are so fun to watch. Might even be more fun than Oilers. Maybe tied for best two teams to watch play. I think Matthews is already right there with McDavid. Just a very small edge to McDavid to start season but Mathews is just as likely to win the Rocket, Art Ross and Hart at end of this season. Leafs vs Oilers in the Cup Final is going to be sick and it'll happen 3 or 4 times over the next decade. Can't wait.
  10. You guys know alfie is the biggest troll on cdc right? Sometimes he does this out of boredom. He does it fun. But he does troll.
  11. I think that falls under mental issues.
  12. People who have 12 hrs to stand in line for free sauce at McDonald's probably don't have jobs or money. Or they might be mentally challenged.
  13. I don't think McDavid and Gretzky need Crosby involved in this convo. I grew up watching Gretzky, since then McDavid is the only comparable to come along.
  14. Finally in this context meant over 5he past couple of decades.. not the whole history of NHL. Are you high? Who doesn't know Gretzky played in Edmonton. Most ppl on cdc just hate the oilers and leafs. They're just canucks fans not hockey fans.
  15. Quit being butt hurt and enjoy the talent on these 2 teams. I watched Gretzky play at the old PNE. So u don't need to remind me.