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  1. They were both rushed to sell tickets. There is plenty of evidence. Starting with the fact they were in the NHL when clearly not ready. Two years later they're still not ready. It happens in the NHL and the players usually never recover.
  2. How about something along the lines of MTL NYR VAN in a 3 way trade involving Stepan, Tanev, Galchenyuk NYR gets top pair RHD which is what the asking price for Stepan apparently is. VAN gets the young 1C. Him and Horvat could be 1a + 1b. No superstars but that's a pretty solid top 2. MTL gets a C in his prime they need now to make a run.
  3. Juolevi hasn't impressed like Sergachev has since the draft. You wouldn't have gotten the same deal for Juolevi.
  4. All humans outside of Africa have 1% to 2% neanderthal dna.
  5. fossils > pictures
  6. You don't need to be around at a place or time and witness something in person to prove or to know it happened.
  7. I wonder how long ago humans created god(s).
  8. CBC is such a Crosby homer. Seems like I'm watching Pens local TV.
  9. Wrong team. EDM will rule the Pacific for the coming few years just like it did in the 80's. OV to MTL would be nice to see. MTL needs goals and OV is the best in the world at scoring. Plus he'd look great in a Habs jersey.
  10. No news on the players' vote on escrow until after the playoffs. Hopefully it's held soon after the playoffs. It will be interesting to hear people's thoughts on which teams would lose which players if there is no escalator. Blackhawks would definitely lose some very good player(s)
  11. Sedins make 6 mill on contract but around 4.2 mill after escrow. Veterans have been moaning and groaning about the escalator for past few years. I can see them go against union head office and not initiate the escalator at all this year